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4 hrs ago | The Wall Street Journal

Lawmakers Want More U.S. Pressure on Ukraine Crisis

Russia could take control of eastern Ukraine unless the U.S. takes more aggressive steps to help the young government confront pro-Russian forces that have seized control of large cities in the region, a leading Republican lawmaker warned Sunday.


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8 hrs ago | Free Republic

Obama Issues Threats To Russia And NATO [blog by Reagan official]

The Obama regime has issued simultaneous threats to the enemy it is making out of Russia and to its European NATO allies on which Washington is relying to support sanctions on Russia.


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12 hrs ago | Townhall

Maybe Russians Should Apologize for the 20th Century First

Jim Kress Wrote: There are so many grammatical mistakes in this leaflet [about Jews in Ukraine] that it could fool only non-Russian speaking people about its authenticity.


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16 hrs ago | WTVY Dothan

US News: Military Forces in Europe?; Wyoming Landslide; NASA Engineer Key in Space Travel Dies

A Western official says the United States is considering deploying about 150 soldiers for military exercises to begin in Poland and Estonia in the next few weeks.


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Sat Apr 19, 2014

The United States' 'Baltic Pivot'. How Poland Will Become NATO's Secret Weapon.

As the US debates its 21st Century "Baltic Pivot" or it will be safe to assume that this pivot will mimic that of its predecessor in during the Post WWII era of 1949 to 1990.


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Ukraine in 'pivotal period' as deal stalls, US warns Russia

Russia was under intense US pressure Saturday to convince pro-Moscow rebels in Ukraine to give up eastern towns they are occupying, after Washington said the situation in the former Soviet republic was in a "pivotal period".


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Free Republic

US to send combat troops to Poland

Poland will breathe a little easier because at the very least, American troops in Poland will be an effective trip wire and hedge against Russia making a move to reclaim the former Warsaw Pact country.


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For U.S. troops, European tours come with career, quality-of-life perks

A Slovenian soldier surveys a map as he and forces from U.S. Army plan an assault as part of a field training exercise in 2012.


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The Star Online

Putin welcomes new NATO head, says better ties with West possible

Russian President Vladimir Putin welcomed NATO's selection of former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg as its new head, saying on Saturday the pair had "very good relations" but that it was up to the West to improve ties.


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Common Dreams

US Nuclear Weapons Proliferation: We're No. 1

The corporate media is focused on the question of how or if Iran could ever break out of its promise under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty to eschew nuclear weapons to use reactors only for civilian purposes.


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Fri Apr 18, 2014

Air Force Times

U.S. military shifting gears in Europe

Top left: An F-15 lands in Lithuania in preparation for the NATO Baltic air policing mission.


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Army, National Guard ready to leverage, expand Eastern European alliances

U.S. soldiers continue to work closely alongside partner nations in Europe and leaders say they are ready for 'any contingency.'


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National Public Radio

Ukraine Crisis: Turning Points

An agreement struck by the U.S., the European Union, Russia and Ukraine has raised hopes for defusing the Ukrainian crisis, which has strained East-West ties to a degree unseen since the Cold War.


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Your chance to buy 43 ex-NATO Land Rovers: Pick up 43 Land Rover...

If you had 43 military Land Rover pickups, what country would you invade? We say Luxembourg.


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Triggering WWIII by Accident?

Wednesday, Ed Lucas of The Economist gave a frightening account of how the Ukrainian crisis could escalate into nuclear war.


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The Janesville Gazette

Con: NATO is irreplaceable, but must quickly shore up its military might

It wasn't that many weeks ago in both Europe and in the United States that meetings were being held to discuss what the agenda might be for the coming NATO summit in early September in Wales.


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Thu Apr 17, 2014

Foreign Affairs

NATO After Crimea

MICHAEL O'HANLON is Senior Fellow with the Center for 21st Century Security and Intelligence and director of research for the Foreign Policy program at the Brookings Institution, He is co-author, with Jim Steinberg, of Strategic Reassurance and Resolve: U.S.-China Relations in the 21st Century.


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The Baltimore Sun

Turkish parliament approves wider spy agency powers

Turkey's parliament on Thursday approved a law boosting the powers of the secret service , a move seen by Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan's critics as a bid to tighten his grip on the apparatus of state as he wages a bitter power struggle.


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Edmonton Journal

Six CF-18s headed to Poland to bolster NATO forces response to Ukraine

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper looks over a map with the Chief of Defence Staff General Thomas Lawson before announcing Canada will send six CF-18 fighter jets to the eastern Europe as part of a NATO mission during a press conference in Ottawa on Thursday, April 17, 2014.

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Putin hopes no need to send troops into Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday rejected claims that Russian special forces are fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine, but recognized for the first time that the troops in unmarked uniforms who had overtaken Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula before its annexation by Moscow were Russian soldiers.


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