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52 min ago | BBC News

Police investigate man's death

Officers said they were alerted to concern for a man in the Coronation Road area at about 22:00 on Monday. In an opinion piece titled "Scotland: An enviable example" the Barcelona-based paper says: "The Scottish process must from now on serve as a universal model to follow by other nations with similar aspirations.


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5 hrs ago | Glasgow South and East Wood Today

Referendum countdown: Campaigners in final push for votes

Independence would bring either a "golden opportunity" or "separation and risk" rival campaigners will argue with just 48 hours until voters go to the polls to decide Scotland's future. Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon will call on Scots to seize the "amazing chance" offered by a Yes vote while Labour leader Ed Miliband will deliver the message that backing No "will be a vote for change".


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9 hrs ago | BBC News

Redwood leads English Parliament call

The House of Commons could double up as an English Parliament as part of a future devolution settlement for the entire UK, a Conservative MP has urged. John Redwood said English MPs should meet to decide English-only issues, while the existing UK Parliament of all MPs would focus on "Union" matters.


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Mon Sep 15, 2014

'Think very carefully about the future': Queen finally breaks silence over Scottish independence

A 'no' vote supporter holds a sticker depicting an image of Queen Elizabeth II ahead of the Grand Orange Lodge of Scotland march in Edinburgh, on Sept. 13, 2014.


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Clyde 2

Emotional Tug Of Freedom Against Economic Risk

Facing a friendly audience of Scottish pensioners, oil executives, and Conservatives, the Prime Minister pleaded with Scots to reject independence in the too-close-to-call referendum on Thursday. Arriving to a slick marketing video featuring three centuries of historic achievements of the Union - from Pankhurst to Wilberforce and Darwin to the British Lions - an emotional PM told the audience: "We want you to stay.


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National Post

Last-ditch appeal from U.K. Prime Minister as history hangs in the balance

British Prime Minister David Cameron used his last visit to Scotland before a historic independence referendum this week to implore Scots to remain part of the United Kingdom, warning on Monday that a breakaway vote would be irreversible. With opinion polls suggesting the referendum remains too close to call, Cameron, the leader of the ruling Conservative party, which draws most of its support from England, pleaded with voters not to use the referendum as a protest vote.


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Fox News

Generation gap: Young Scots tend to favor independence; older ones say keep things as they are

In this image taken Tuesday Sept. 9, 2014 six month old Caitlin Tierney chews a YES banner is held by her mother Emma Connell as Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond meets with Scots and other European citizens to celebrate European citizenship and "Scotland's continued EU membership with a Yes vote" at Parliament Square in Edinburgh.


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Financial Times

A very bad time to break up Britain

Until recently, I thought I did not much care if Scotland voted for independence. But, now, as the prospect becomes very real, I am surprised by how upset I feel.


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Man detained after woman stabbed

The truth is that the one thing on which the polls vary quite a lot is how many Don't Knows they find. There are essentially a couple of reasons for this.


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Morning news headlines: Bid for anti-IS coalition steps up, Cameron in last-ditch Scotland trip

The brutal murder of one British aid worker and threat to kill a second will add urgency to efforts today to form a substantial international coalition to mount an assault on Islamic State extremists. Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond will attend a summit in Paris as Washington seeks military commitments from more regional and global allies for the fight to push back the jihadist advance.


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Sun Sep 14, 2014

BBC News

What would happen to EU membership?

As the people of Scotland weigh up how to vote in the independence referendum, they are asking questions on a range of topics. In this series, we are looking at those major questions and by using statistics, analysis and expert views shining a light on some of the possible answers.


Ilkley Gazette

Attacks on frontline workers 'rife'

A totoal of 65,970 workers in the health, emergency service and transport sectors were attacked on duty in the last three years, figures show More than 400 frontline workers in the health, emergency service and transport sectors are attacked on duty each week across the UK, fresh figures have revealed. Freedom of Information data from hospital trusts, emergency services, the transport sector and Government departments show 65,970 workers were attacked on duty in the last three years, equal to around 420 incidents a week.


Brian Monteith: Uncivilised descent into threats

Yes, independence could work, but not on the spurious terms and empty promises we've been harangued with, writes Brian Monteith This is my last column before Scotland's momentous decision about its future direction as either a partner with England, Wales and Northern Ireland - as we face the many challenges that this century is going to throw at us - or in direct competition with them, making those challenges even more difficult for all of us. I would have liked to have been able to write about a civilised and dignified referendum campaign that engaged the people of Scotland and laid out the facts for them to make a decision.



MPs to debate more Scotland powers

Former prime minister Gordon Brown will lead a House of Commons backbench debate on increasing the powers of the Scottish Parliament, he has said. Mr Brown, who was campaigning in Glenrothes and later at a rally in Glasgow, said: "Last Monday I proposed a timetable for new powers for a stronger Scottish Parliament within the UK, which all the pro-devolution parties in Westminster and Holyrood agreed with."


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David Haines beheading: Cameron says Britain will "take whatever ...

In a statement the Prime Minister said Britain would "hunt down those responsible [for David's murder] and bring them to justice no matter how long it takes" David Cameron said Britain "will take whatever steps are necessary" to confront ISIS, following the murder of aid worker David Haines. In a statement from Downing Street the Prime Minister described David Haines as a "British hero" and laid out his strategy for beating the militants.


Hindustan Times

A to Z of Scottish independence referendum

As Scots prepare to vote for or against independence on Thursday, here is an A to Z of the referendum, including some of the key issues at stake: A for ANTHEM: Scotland has no official national anthem. The pro-independence prospectus says one would be established following public consultation.


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Sat Sep 13, 2014

This is Local London

Vintage Kingston: Councillors approve New Malden pub - six years after opening

After a final burst of rubber-stamping, New Malden 's Woodies pavilion was definitely, finally, incontrovertibly and irrefutably to become a pub again. The fact that it had been a pub for the preceding six years did not appear to trouble members of Kingston's development committee, who took the decision.


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Tories want to sell NHS to American firms under trade deal planned by ministers

American health giants could end up running crucial parts of the service in a move which could prove to be irreversible American health giants could end up running crucial sections of the NHS, under a deal planned by Tory ministers to let them bid on huge A government contracts. But campaigners say it means that if a future government tries to wrest back control of the health service from multinationals, it would face being sued by profiteering firms.


Scottish independence referendum: Union Street residents are just as divided as rest of country

The Sunday Mirror's Ben Glaze went to two streets named after the union but found that didn't necessarily mean the residents and workers were voting No next week People in two roads called Union Street are as divided as any in Scotland about next week's independence referendum - even though many have close ties to England just a few miles away. In the town of Hawick, Debra Falcone of Phase 2 hairdressing salon has made up her mind.


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The Raw Story

Thousands march for UK as Scotland vote nears

Thousands of members of the Protestant Orange order marched through Edinburgh on Saturday in a show of strength against Scottish independence, as the final weekend of campaigning for the referendum got underway with everything to play for. bitter rhetoric Up to 15,000 supporters of retaining the United Kingdom were expected to join the march, which has sparked fears of clashes with nationalists as tensions rise ahead of Thursday's vote.


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