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  1. Helmut SchmidtRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 22, 2014 | The Free Dictionary

    ... his service in World War II Schmidt was awarded the Iron Cross . Schmidt joined the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) in 1946, and from 1947 to 1948 was leader of the Socialist German Student League , the student organisation of the SPD. Upon ...


  2. Letter from Paris: The Magic of MerkelRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 22, 2014 |

    She has been the German chancellor for 13 years, longer than any of her predecessors since the creation of the country in 1949. Forbes magazine puts her #1 on the world's list of powerful women. 1 comment

  3. Turkey welcomes limited dual citizenship in Germany, demands moreRead the original story w/Photo

    Sep 13, 2011 | Turkish Daily News

    Turkey has welcomed new German legislation that partially removes the citizenship "option model," which affects approximately 3.5 million Turkish immigrants living in Germany, the largest ethnic minority in the country. A written statement by the Turkish Foreign Ministry on Dec. 22 welcomed the adoption of the new law, but also said a "fair and final solution" to the issue would be enabling dual citizenship for Turks in Germany.


  4. Berlin district joins wave of opposition to Germany's policy of welcoming refugeesRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 21, 2014 | South China Morning Post

    As Germany becomes a haven for refugees, rising far-right populism fuels opposition to asylum seekers in the former communist east Thousands take part in a rally this month in Dresden, eastern Germany. The banner says: "Non-violent and united against faith wars in Germany".Photo: AP There is little to break the monotony of communist-era apartment blocks stretching across Marzahn-Hellersdorf, an east Berlin satellite district that has gained national notoriety for a spate of anti-foreigner protests. 1 comment

  5. Uzbekistan parliamentary poll amid human rights criticismRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 21, 2014 | Deutsche Welle

    Polls have opened in Uzbekistan for parliamentary elections in the former Soviet state where all four competing parties support the long-time President. The country has been criticized for its human rights record.


  6. Denmark tries rehabilitation, not incarceration, for jihadisRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 19, 2014 | Seattle Times

    Frydenlund, a middle-class residential area on the outskirts of Aarhus, Denmark, is home to a number of men who fought for the Islamic State group in Syria and returned. So far, none of the 16 have caused problems.


  7. European leaders warn against too much economic pain on RussiaRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 19, 2014 | Stars and Stripes

    The European Union's unanimous resolve to punish Russia for its aggression in Ukraine appeared to be cracking as French, German, Austrian and Italian leaders voiced concern at an alliance summit of inflicting too much pain on Moscow as its economy tumbles. French President Francois Hollande was the first to step out of the 28-nation bloc's collective drive for further sanctions on Russia when they were discussed at a summit in Brussels on Thursday night.


  8. German ethics body rejects organized assisted suicideRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 19, 2014 | Deutsche Welle

    The German Ethics Council says it in principle rejects medically assisted suicide in the case of terminally ill patients. But its recognition of some exceptions to this principle has caused contention.


  9. Dual citizenship law takes effect in GermanyRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 12, 2014 | Deutsche Welle

    Children of foreign parents living in Germany no longer have to choose a citizenship before they turn 23. But remaining a dual citizen is not automatic, as new legislation sets conditions that must be fulfilled. On Musa Cakilli's 18th birthday, a thick letter arrived at his home in RA1 4sselsheim.


  10. OPINION: Europe Has Lost Its CompassRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 13, 2014 | Inter Press Service

    In this column, Roberto Savio, founder and president emeritus of the Inter Press Service news agency and publisher of Other News, argues that, with the fall of the Swedish government orchestrated by the far-right and centre-right opposition, a symbol of civic-mindedness and democracy in Europe has fallen, and the grip of an irrational fear of immigrants tightens as Europe's politicians seek a scapegoat. - The Swedish Social Democrat government, which took office only two months ago, has just resigned.


  11. The Edathy affair: dynamite for the German governmentRead the original story w/Photo

    Nov 14, 2014 | Deutsche Welle

    Sebastian Edathy testified today before the Bundestag's investigation committee. The main question is whether the former SPD member of the German parliament knew he was being investigated.


  12. German development policy 'lacks coherence' before landmark yearRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 17, 2014 |

    With its 2015 European Year for Development, the EU hopes to inspire citizens to fight global hunger and poverty. But as ambitious targets threaten to remain unfulfilled, experts warn that a lack of collaboration among political actors is to blame.


  13. German Chancellor Merkel Won't Let Ukraine Get in the Way of BusinessRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 17, 2014 | Safehaven

    The Ukraine crisis has moderated for now, but it should have awakened the world to the new "great game" being played in Eastern Europe. Vladimir Putin is positioning Russia to control the global energy trade, knowing that he holds the trump card: Europe's dependence on Russian oil and gas.


  14. The Berlin Wall is still intact! : December 17, 2014,Read the original story

    Dec 16, 2014 | Daily Times

    If Germans are so keen to preserve their racial oneness in their country, why do they tend to make other countries pluralistic? On November 9 this year, Germany celebrated the 25th anniversary of the demolition of the Berlin Wall. The wall was constructed in 1961 to divide Germany into two halves: East Germany, allied to the former Soviet Union, and West Germany, in the western Allied camp.


  15. Germany sees 'visible rise' in support for far-right...Read the original story

    Dec 15, 2014 | The Independent

    Note: We do not store your email address but your IP address will be logged to prevent abuse of this feature. Please read our Legal Terms & Policies Their leaders have been dismissed as "Nazis in pinstripes", they have been dismissed by Angela Merkel as having "no place in Germany" - but on Monday night, thousands will march through the city of Dresden in protest against the "Islamisation of the West".


  16. Marsh on Monday: 6 lessons for Yellen & Draghi from the life of Karl Otto PohlRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 15, 2014 | MarketWatch

    Karl Otto PA hl, who died last week, was a legendary central banker who could teach today's crop a few lessons. Karl Otto PA hl, president of the German Bundesbank for 11 1/2 years between 1980 and 1991, who died last week, deserved the epithet "legendary."


  17. Merkel in dilemma as German anti-Islam marches gain supportRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 14, 2014 | Reuters

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel faces challenges from allies and rivals to confront a rising tide of anti-immigrant sentiment driving increasingly popular anti-Islam marches in the city of Dresden every Monday. With thousands expected at the next march, Merkel is in a dilemma. 1 comment

  18. Former German politician, Ernst Albrecht, diesRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 26, 2014 | Deutsche Welle

    Former German politician, Ernst Albrecht, has died aged 84. His daughter, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen announced his death during an official visit to Afghanistan. His daughter, German Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen, confirmed he had died whilst she was on an official visit in Afghanistan.


  19. PEGIDA determining political debate in GermanyRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 12, 2014 | Deutsche Welle

    The PEGIDA demonstrations are taking to the streets of Dresden every week to protest against the 'Islamization' of Europe. Their aims may be muddled, but they shouldn't be ignored, says at least one political analyst.


  20. After 13 years in office 'the Wowi factor' can't save gay mayorRead the original story w/Photo

    Dec 11, 2014 | The Independent

    Note: We do not store your email address but your IP address will be logged to prevent abuse of this feature. Please read our Legal Terms & Policies As Berlin's 61-year-old flamboyant and openly gay "party" mayor stepped down after a record 13 years in office, the German capital suddenly assumed a strange, almost North Korean air, yesterday.