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  1. Welcome to my blogRead the original story

    Thursday Apr 17 | Whitney Tilson's School Reform Blog

    ... at . The idea for this came to me after watching An Inconvenient Truth , Al Gore's documentary about global warming. After seeing it, I thought to myself, "That's exactly what school reformers need as well!" ...


  2. The 20 Best Cities For Solar Power As America Prepares For An Energy 'Revolution'Read the original story

    Thursday Apr 17 | Switched

    In a speech this week at the University of Hawaii, former Vice President Al Gore called one key factor a "game changer" in the fight against climate change.


  3. The shameful hypocrisy of the modern green movementRead the original story

    Thursday Apr 17 | The Daily Caller

    ... not a qualified climatologist. But if a science degree is a prerequisite for commenting on global warming, why are Al Gore and David Suzuki considered respected voices on the matter? In fact, at least one-third of IPCC members have no hard science ...


  4. Fixing the Electoral College: New York Joins Pact to Elect President by Popular VoteRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Apr 17 | Democracy Now

    ... goes to the candidate with the most votes nationwide. This would prevent scenarios like what happened in 2000, when Al Gore won the popular vote, but still lost the election to George W. Bush. The compact will kick in only when enough states have ...


  5. Communications firm Alza Strategies adds LA officeRead the original story

    Thursday Apr 17 | Business Journal

    ... Salazar while the two worked for the Clinton administration. Salazar is a former spokesman to former Vice President Al Gore; Martinez served in the office of the White House Cabinet Secretary under former President Bill Clinton. Martinez has ...


  6. In Larchmont: Meet New York Times Bestselling Author, Elizabeth KolbertRead the original story

    Thursday Apr 17 |

    ... come to recognize our role in it... An invaluable contribution to our understanding of present circumstances." -Al Gore, The New York Times Book Review "Arresting... Ms. Kolbert shows in these pages that she can write with elegiac poetry about the ...


  7. Global Warming: A Convenient FictionRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Apr 16 | Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

    In 2008 Al Gore prophesized that the North Pole would be ice free within 5 years because of man-made global warming.


  8. Camden's Thomas Mullikin Tackling World's Top SummitsRead the original story

    Wednesday Apr 16 | Free Times

    ... global warming issues. Mullikin says he was having discussions about climate change and carbon footprints with Al Gore in the '80s. "When we first started talking about carbon, you couldn't fill a phone booth with people interested," he quips. ...


  9. Former US Vice President Al Gore speaks about climate change during...Read the original story

    Thursday Apr 17 | National Journal

    ... votes. The distinction between the popular vote and the Electoral College was never more clear than in 2000, when Al Gore won the popular vote but still lost the presidency to George W. Bush. Gore earned 500,000 more votes than Bush, yet Bush was ...


  10. ARCHIVESRead the original story

    Wednesday Apr 16 | American Reporter

    ... operators and tax cheats launder their money. SAN DIEGO, Calif., Dec. 16, 2000 -- Listening to George Bush and Al Gore both give the speeches of their lives on Wednesday night, I was struck deeply by one of the quotes. It was not the words of ...


  11. On Native GroundCONSERVATIVES Put Politics Ahead of the Good of the NationRead the original story

    Apr 5, 2012 | American Reporter

    ... as a Department of Ethnic Studies at Bob Jones University. By the time the 2000 primary rolled into Pennsylvania, Al Gore and George W. Bush each had 65 percent of the delegate vote needed for their parties' nomination. In 2004, Bush and Sen. John ...


  12. Campaign 2012ROMNEY Goofs at Critical MomentRead the original story

    Jan 9, 2012 | American Reporter

    ... with, ultimately, so little correlation with the rest of the country or the campaign. When I arrived in Des Moines, Al Gore's flunkies had just leaked the "report" that former NBA star and New Jersey U.S. Sen. Bill Bradley - an opponent that year - ...


  13. Doherty announces team for governor campaignRead the original story w/Photo

    Sep 18, 2009 | The Times-Tribune

    Tad Devine and Julian Mulvey, media consultants. Mr. Devine served as a senior advisor and strategist to Sen. John Kerry's 2004 presidential campaign and Vice President Al Gore's in 2000.


  14. A vote for optimismRead the original story

    Wednesday Apr 16 | Rock Hill Herald

    ... was preferable to the dour Jimmy Carter. George W. Bush was the guy people wanted to have a beer with, not the stiff Al Gore or the pompous John Kerry. Maybe in 2016 it will be the candidate without rancor, not the candidate carrying around the ...


  15. BANGKOK: Law's sanctity must be respected if we are to avoid Blood Moon prophecyRead the original story

    Wednesday Apr 16 | Asia News Network

    ... Supreme Court, not the people, elected the president. The case involved the 2000 presidential elections contested by Al Gore and George W Bush. The infamous "hanging chads" in Florida - where the number of votes was decisive - made the country more ...


  16. Slogging forward on climate changeRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Apr 16 | Free Republic

    ... as a viable economic model the Left embraced environmentalism as the last chance to usher in totalitarianism. Al Gore is responsible for "hyper-politicization" of the issue. All women who are pregnant shall be ordered to abort and surviving fetal ...


  17. Jones Grows Into Legislative CareerRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Apr 16 | The Daily News

    ... she went on to work on several council races, as well as in a congressional office and for former Vice President Al Gore. All along the way, her focus was on helping everyone else as a candidate. "I thought I could do a better job than he was, and ...


  18. Clinton White House records on Nixon, Oprah, Russert due outRead the original story

    Wednesday Apr 16 | Politico

    ... - a handover that occurred amid hard feelings over court rulings that many Democrats believed cost Vice President Al Gore the presidency. Also due out are documents from several sets of records pertaining to then-first lady Hillary Clinton. They ...


  19. Jenna McGuinness wins PETA's Britain's sexiest vegan competitionRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Apr 16 | Daily Mail

    ... this year and there's definitely been more interest in veganism in the UK,' said 'Bill Clinton, Jared Leto and Al Gore are all vegan, as well as other celebrities, which may have an influence.' 'There are not only ethical but environmental benefits ...


  20. Paul Krugman could receive $25,000 per month for income inequality initiativeRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Apr 16 | Washington Examiner

    ... what Krugman will earn -- for teaching just four courses. But I guess the ends justify the means, right? That's why Al Gore is allowed to fly on private jets to bemoan global warming , right?