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  1. Magic, masks and master swordsRead the original story

    Feb 18, 2015 | Waterloo Chronicle

    Link, the hero of The Legend of Zelda, has secured a special place in my heart for nearly three decades, ever since the video game series debuted in Japan back in 1986. My wife and I have been gamers since the early days of Nintendo - owning every generation of the Nintendo game console from the NES to the GameCube to the Wii U. The long-lasting Zelda franchise is our favourite, and now our two daughters are avid fans too .


  2. Sonic AdvanceRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 18, 2015 |

    ... Tiny Chao Garden featured linkability with Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Adventure DX , both for the Nintendo Gamecube. this allowed the trading of Chao, rings obtained in both games and items for use in either the tiny Chao garden featured in ...


  3. GameCube Adapter OOS but Bundle with GC Controller, In stock at GamestopRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 17, 2015 | Cheap Ass Gamer

    Coming Soon: All Pre-orders are coming soon and if it is a hard to obtain pre-order its thread is helpful to people MSRP: A deal does not mean it saves you money off MSRP. It means it gets you what you want for a good price.


  4. Capcom and Sega taking Luigi's Mansion to the arcadesRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 17, 2015 | Gaming Nexus

    I knew from the moment that I played the original Gamecube release that Nintendo was onto something with the Luigi's Mansion IP. It was something completely new and different for the Mario universe.


  5. Remember, Last Generation Had Plenty Of Ports, TooRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 17, 2015 | Kotaku

    The announcement of Darksiders II: Definitive Edition coming to PlayStation 4 later this year got Kotaku wondering if we're seeing way more direct ports this generation. While it sure feels that way, I've compiled a list of them from last generation, and it doesn't seem all that different! The ports in question are from the previous generation to the current generation.


  6. GameCube Adapter Coming SOON to GamestopRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 17, 2015 | Cheap Ass Gamer

    In a email about Nintendo products it said that the adapters would be back soon. When clicked it brings to the GameStop link for the adapter.


  7. Review: Resident Evil HD RemasterRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 17, 2015 |

    You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to get surgery that removes the part of my brain that's responsible for nostalgia - or failing that, I'll get some diagrams off the Internet and give the general area a few cracks with a hammer in the hope I can permanently stave off nostalgia-based purchases. Why, you ask? Because I bought the HD re-release of the 2002 GameCube remake of Resident Evil , that's why.


  8. A remake of a remake? With the new 'Resident Evil' horror gaming reaches new levelsRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 16, 2015 | Weekender

    Over the last few years there have been many HD remakes of older games. For the first time, we are seeing a remake of a remake with "Resident Evil HD Remaster."


  9. What's So Great About Metroid PrimeRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 16, 2015 | Kotaku

    The Metroid Prime trilogy, arguably the best gaming trilogy ever, has just been re-issued as a $20 download on the Wii U. That's a good reason for Kirk "never played a Metroid Prime " Hamilton to try them out. I had to see how that went.


  10. Wii, System Overview and First Impressions - Game PreviewRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 16, 2015 |

    Three years. Three long years since the first whispers of Nintendo's "Project Revolution".


  11. Resident Evil Remastered makes the dead look deaderRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 13, 2015 |

    Ian Cooper finds that Capcom's sensational update of their seminal zombie thriller breathes - ironically enough - fresh life into the experience. I'm loving these remakes.


  12. Review of Resident EvilRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 10, 2015 | MobyGames

    Obviously this game is a retelling of all the events that took place in the original Resident Evil, with some minor additions to the storyline. For example, players are introduced to the Trevor family - a family that was unfortunately involved with Umbrella's experiments at the mansion - through various diaries and memos found throughout the game.


  13. 'Resident Evil HD Remaster' Breaks Sales Records On PSNRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 10, 2015 | International Business Times

    ... analogue as well as legacy tank controls for those seeking a more authentic gameplay experience. Like the Nintendo Gamecube remake, the story and level design is largely unchanged. You can expect the familiar adventure of playing as the special ...


  14. The 'Harry Potter' Nintendo game that almost wasRead the original story

    Feb 10, 2015 |

    The rights for the " Harry Potter " series almost went to Nintendo--which would have given the company the rights for all adaptations--when writer J.K. Rowling was considering selling the rights in 1998. The game company's pitch was to release third-person adventure games for Nintendo 64, Gameboy, and Gamecube coinciding with the release of each new book, as well as a Quidditch game, the fictional sport in the series.


  15. Cheap Games, Or, Nintendo's New Comeback PlanRead the original story

    Feb 10, 2015 | TMCnet

    The video game industry has gone from a mole hill to a mountain in no time flat, Chris DiMarco is your Sherpa as you endeavor to scale Mount "Everquest" There will be some who object to that headline, noting that - as LL Cool J was once famously heard to remark - Nintendo can't have a comeback, as it's been here for years. In that sense, they would have a point, but Nintendo also hasn't been top of the heap for quite some time, either, and nowadays that's no exception.


  16. Resident Evil HD Sets PSN RecordRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 10, 2015 | Cinema Blend News

    Capcom still has the magic touch. The recent re-release of the original Resident Evil in the form of Resident Evil HD Remaster has managed to set a record for the opening day sales on the PlayStation Network.


  17. Opinion: Netflix will be challenged by Zeldaa s magic; new ABC sitcom a breath of fresh airRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 9, 2015 | The Lantern

    Netflix and Nintendo are currently in talks to bring about a live-action adaptation of "The Legend of Zelda" Credit: Courtesy of TNS. While the Grammys hogged a majority of the headlines this past week, there were a couple of television-related happenings that, in my opinion, have yet to receive their fair share of media attention.


  18. Nintendo reportedly once tried to make Harry Potter gamesRead the original story

    Feb 9, 2015 | Polygon

    Before J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter books were adapted for film - and in turn adapted into a series of video games - Nintendo took a stab at securing the license and pitched a pair of games based on the fantasy novels, according to a report from Unseen64 . Nintendo of America's internal development team, Nintendo Software Technology, was reportedly tasked with pitching concepts for Harry Potter back in 1998, according to Unseen64.


  19. What Nintendo's Harry Potter Game Could Have Looked LikeRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 9, 2015 | IGN

    In the late 90s, Nintendo tried to secure the exclusive rights for the Harry Potter series. The game maker only had plans to develop video games with the license even though the deal would have included movies and television, according to a report from Unseen64 .


  20. VIDEO: Teens Struggle to Work a Nintendo Power GloveRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 9, 2015 | PC Magazine

    Most teens are familiar with Nintendo's gaming technology-the Wii and 3DS consoles, maybe even the GameCube. But only the most seasoned gamers recognize the Power Glove.