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  1. Microsoft outlines plan to bridge Xbox and PC video gamingRead the original story w/Photo

    6 min ago | San Jose Mercury News

    Phil Spencer, head of the company's video game division, detailed Microsoft's plan for game makers to create universal apps that can run on both Xbox One consoles and PCs with Windows 10, as well as smartphones, tablets and other devices running the forthcoming version of Windows. That includes HoloLens, Microsoft's wearable headset that gives wearers the ability to interact with three-dimensional images.


  2. Microsoft's Vision for Games: Unifying Xbox and Windows 10Read the original story w/Photo

    1 hr ago | Wired

    Xbox head Phil Spencer laid out that plan at the Game Developer's Conference in San Francisco, where he conceded Windows lost the plot with gamers. The time has come, he said, to change course.


  3. Kim K goes blonde; 'Rock Band 4'; Hall & Oates sue 'Haulin' Oats' granola: PM BuzzRead the original story w/Photo

    13 min ago | The Post-Standard

    Kim Kardashian leaves Balmain's ready-to-wear Fall-Winter 2015/2016 fashion collection, part of the Paris Fashion Week, Thursday March 5, 2015 in Paris, France. , prompting some fans to speculate his Joker in "Suicide Squad" will be very different from Heath Ledger's in "The Dark Knight."


  4. Hands-on: Nvidia Shield console looks to sidestep the console warsRead the original story

    16 min ago | Polygon

    At this week's GDC, Nvidia held an event where CEO Jen-Hsun Huang presented the hardware maker's newest attempt to move beyond its GPU bread and butter. This time, Nvidia has its sights set on the living room with a set top box simply called Shield.


  5. Microsoft outlines plan to bridge Xbox and PC video gamingRead the original story w/Photo

    18 min ago | KIMA

    Microsoft is attempting to break down the walls surrounding console gaming. Phil Spencer, head of the company's video game division, detailed Microsoft's plan for game makers to create universal apps that can run on both Xbox One consoles and PCs with Windows 10, as well as smartphones, tablets and other devices running the forthcoming version of Windows.


  6. ThatGameCompany considering move to a multi-project studioRead the original story w/Photo

    18 min ago |

    Next week marks the third anniversary of ThatGameCompany's Journey. Since that time, the studio has staffed up considerably, going from just three people in the wake of Journey's completion to 15. They're hard at work on a still-unannounced game and planning to add even more headcount, but studio manager Sunni Pavlovic said during a GDC roundtable discussion today that TGC's growth in recent years presents the studio with a choice to make once that game is finished.


  7. Hands on: Without apps, Intel's RealSense camera is a puzzleRead the original story w/Photo

    21 min ago | PC World

    That's the reaction I had after playing around with-or trying to-Intel's RealSense camera, which Intel provided PCWorld and other journalists on Wednesday night. Intel's RealSense is actually a family of different products: there's the RealSense "Snapshot," a camera mounted into tablets like the Dell Venue Pro 8000, which can be used for real-world distance measuring .


  8. Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode Two: Contemplation is Now Available for XboxRead the original story

    22 min ago | Major

    Game Description : Resident Evil Revelations 2 follows two interwoven stories of terror across 4 episodes of intense survival horror. In Episode Two, Claire and Moira have escaped the detention facility and joined up with other Terra Save members, only to learn they are infected with a deadly virus.


  9. Microsoft Attempts to Bridge Xbox and PC Gaming With New PlanRead the original story w/Photo

    22 min ago |

    Your browser is not supported. Please upgrade to one of the following browsers: Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox Apple Safari Microsoft Internet Explorer 8+ You may proceed to the site by clicking here , however some pages might not work correctly.


  10. Wheel of Fortune is coming to Austin - and you could be a contestantRead the original story w/Photo

    24 min ago | CultureMap

    For the past 40 years, Wheel of Fortune has pitted Americans against their television sets. Sitting in the comfort of our homes, we've all felt good enough to compete ... but do you actually have what it takes to spin the wheel? Later this month, Austinites will get a chance to become a contestant on Wheel of Fortune .


  11. Grafton: 2nd Annual NHS Video-Game-A-Thon at Grafton LibraryRead the original story

    26 min ago | Community Advocate Newspaper

    Saturday, March 21, from 6-11 p.m., youth ages 12-18 are invited to the 2nd Annual NHS Video-Game-A-Thon at Grafton Public Library, 35 Grafton Common. A variety of consoles/video games will be available for play throughout the library.


  12. The band is back: Rock Band 4 heading to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this yearRead the original story w/Photo

    27 min ago | TechSpot

    Harmonix Music Systems and Mad Catz Interactive are bringing the band back together. The duo announced that a new Rock Band game is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year.


  13. Sorry fans, Dylan O'Brien isn't prepping his Spider-Man suitRead the original story w/Photo

    28 min ago |

    Slow down, Internet. It turns out fans' pleas for Sony to make Dylan O'Brien the next masked web head hasn't pushed the studio to reach out to him with the role.


  14. EA shuts down studio responsible for The Sims, SimCityRead the original story w/Photo

    29 min ago |

    Today is a sad day for young adults in America. The games that we dedicated a very large chunk of our childhoods to have been dealt a serious blow.


  15. Etrian Mystery Dungeon introduces the NinjaRead the original story w/Photo

    31 min ago | Gaming Age

    Today, Atlus unveiled a new trailer and new screens showcasing the Ninja class for their upcoming Etrian Mystery Dungeon on Nintendo 3DS, launching April 7th via retail outlets and the Nintendo eShop. The quick trailer showcases the Ninja ability to inflict ailments, along with the quick attack option the class is equipped with.


  16. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Ascendence DLC Early Weapon Access trailerRead the original story

    33 min ago | Gaming Nexus

    Now that the guns have gone all futuristic in the Call of Duty franchise with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare , I just have one question: How do all those fancy guns work? That futuristic weapon you start with, for example, just sort of spins its chamber when you reload it. What is that about? Oh well.


  17. Nintendo is hosting New 3DS demos at select Best Buy locationsRead the original story w/Photo

    33 min ago | Gaming Nexus

    The New 3DS XL has been out for a couple weeks in America, but Nintendo isn't letting the hype train slow down just yet. At select Best Buy locations throughout the country, they'll be hosting demos of current games like Majora's Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate .


  18. Escape from The Walking DeadRead the original story w/Photo

    34 min ago |

    In all the zombie flicks I have seen, it's always intrigued me about where the safest places are when being set upon by the undead. When they rise from the grave where the hell do you head for safety? Abandoned farm houses, shopping malls, even penitentiaries with double thick concrete walls and electrified razor studded fences aren't safe.


  19. Do Our Physical Actions Influence Our Opinions?Read the original story w/Photo

    34 min ago | Psychology Today

    A while back, one of us and his daughters were going through some old toys, with the intention of donating some unwanted items to charity. During this exercise, the girls came across a doll that sometimes wobbled its head from side-to-side.


  20. Snow day waivers considered for Tennessee districtsRead the original story

    37 min ago | District Administration

    School districts might be able to ask for relief in scheduling a number of snow makeup days after the recent storm that prompted a statewide Level 2 state of emergency. Tennessee Education Commissioner Candice McQueen announced in a memo to school leaders that the education department will determine on a case-by-case basis lifting a district's requirement of teaching 180 instructional days because of the recent winter storm.