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  1. Ron Paul: Scotland's secessionist movement should inspire U.S.Read the original story w/Photo

    1 hr ago | CBS News

    Republican presidential candidate, Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas speaks at a campaign stop, Friday, Jan. 27, 2012, at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. Former Rep. Ron Paul, the Texas Republican who became a libertarian icon after two presidential runs, wrote on his website this week that Scotland's failed bid for independence should encourage secessionist movements in the United States and around the globe.


  2. What Does Rand Paul Really Believe?Read the original story w/Photo

    Aug 8, 2014 | The Washington Monthly

    I suppose this week's must-read is Ryan Lizza's long New Yorker piece on Rand Paul , which fills in some of the man's history while meditating extensively on the relationship between Ron Paul's "Revolution" and whatever it is Paul the Younger can be said to represent. Lizza confirms the impression that Rand was from a very early age the old man's chief political strategist, forever coming up with ways to better popularize The Cause .


  3. A tough-on-Wall Street replacement for Holder?Read the original story w/Photo

    3 hrs ago | MarketWatch

    ... of housing and urban development - is widely seen as a potential Clinton running mate. Paul pleased: Former Rep. Ron Paul told National Journal he's "real pleased" with American secessionist groups and thinks there should be more of them. Here's ...


  4. Roberts, Brownback a " two sides of same coin?Read the original story w/Photo

    5 hrs ago | The Wichita Eagle

    "The sun is shining in Kansas," Gov. Sam Brownback says in a television ad. "And don't let anybody tell you any different."


  5. Ron Paul Thinks There Should Be More Secessionist Movements in the U.S.Read the original story w/Photo

    7 hrs ago | National Journal

    The former U.S. congressman and perennial presidential candidate tells National Journal that he's "real pleased" with American secessionist groups. Ron Paul speaks during a town hall meeting at the University of Maryland on March 28, 2012 in College Park, Maryland.


  6. Campaign 2012THURSDAY'S Fox News Debate Could Change the Campaign PictureRead the original story

    13 hrs ago | American Reporter

    LOS ANGELES, Calif., Sept. 17, 2011, 11:05pm ET -- Rep. Ron Paul may have won the presidential straw poll at the California GOP 2011 Fall Convention pulling away, but at a party dinner Friday evening, where Rep. Michele Bachmann was the principal speaker, the Minnesota congresswoman won the reception.


  7. Ted Cruz and Rand Paul's Daddy IssuesRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago | National Journal

    ... cast even more of a spotlight on his tight-knit, sometimes-fraught relationship with his father, former Rep. Ron Paul. (A spokesperson for Rand Paul declined to comment for this story.) The Rev. Rafael Cruz is a pastor who has a direct line to ...


  8. Rand Paul's become acceptably hawkish for a prospective GOP nominee, says a John McCainRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | Hot Air

    ... lately about destroying ISIS and standing up to Russia, there's little daylight on foreign policy between him and Ron Paul. No matter how hawkish Rand gets during the primaries, that's the trump card that rivals like Rubio and Cruz can and will play ...


  9. Seven Takeaways from the New Yorker's Profile on Rand PaulRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago |

    ... voters," the New Yorker said. "The Republican National Committee, which in 2008 refused to allow his father, Ron Paul, to speak at its convention, recently solicited donations by offering supporters a chance to have lunch with Rand Paul." Sen. Rand ...


  10. Rand Paul, moderate centristRead the original story

    17 hrs ago | Wilson's Almanac

    ... to winning." -- Paul family strategist Jesse Benton This gets to the core of the difference between Rand and Ron Paul. It's not -- as Lizza correctly notes in his piece -- fundamentally about their policy views on which there is considerable ...


  11. Strip Club Controversy in Kansas Gov. Race Could Help Trailing GOP IncumbentRead the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | Townhall

    In the past thirteen presidential elections, the state of Kansas has given all of its electoral votes to the Republican nominee. The state's House of Representatives is comprised of a GOP super-majority at 73.6 percent and both U.S. Senators are red.


  12. Is Rand Paul a True Believer or a Flip-Flopper?Read the original story w/Photo

    21 hrs ago | The Atlantic

    ... things more difficult, there are the rather more extreme positions taken by his father, former Representative Ron Paul. Rand Paul owes his boost into politics and much of his political organization to his father, but he differs from him on some key ...


  13. Hillary Clinton Is the 'Anti-Christ' and Other Wisdom From Incoming GOPersRead the original story w/Photo

    21 hrs ago | US News & World Report

    It's never hard to find crackpot rhetoric in either party's fringe - collecting outrageous pronouncements and proposals as a demonstration of the other party's departure from common sense is a fairly standard political commentator trope. But the dirty little secret is that the pols quoted are often also-rans or state level backbenchers.


  14. On Native GroundTHE High Cost of Low Wages: the Bill is Coming DueRead the original story

    Nov 30, 2013 | American Reporter

    ... I have met more than a few of the men who wanted to be President. Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, Ron Paul, John Edwards and more. I a;so heard Obama at the 1964 National Democratic Convention and was upset that he had (in my view) ...


  15. Make My DayTHE Sportswriters' Slumber PartyRead the original story

    Feb 2, 2012 | American Reporter

    ... Republican" and "I have some progressive views" know that his claim to the mantle of Ronald Reagan is false. And Ron Paul is of a political variety that does better in the shade and cannot survive bright light and the extreme logic of human ...


  16. Campaign 2012THE White ObamaRead the original story

    Jan 3, 2012 | American Reporter

    ... Wikipedia Most recently, her state campaign chair, a State Sen. named Thompson, showed up at a rally for Rep. Ron Paul and endorsed Paul over her for the presidency. I heard on the radio on the way back from church Sunday evening that other campaign ...


  17. Campaign 2012RECKLESS Advice for Rick PerryRead the original story

    Sep 24, 2011 | American Reporter

    ... blamed limited resources, and neither was willing to risk a top-tier perception with a poor showing. Texas Rep. Ron Paul, now in his third presidential campaign, continues to vex the to- tier candidates, easily beating them all in last Saturday's ...


  18. On Native GroundHUNGRY, Broke and Angry People are the Fuel of RevolutionsRead the original story

    Feb 10, 2011 | American Reporter

    ... are former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.), former Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.), who had been a U.S. attorney, Rep. Ron Paul (R-Tex) and Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.). Among conservative organizations that oppose the PATRIOT Act are the American Conservative ...


  19. Hoyer: 'Atlas Shrugged' No Way to Run a CountryRead the original story

    20 hrs ago | Roll Call

    Five weeks and one day before the midterm elections, Minority Whip Steny H. Hoyer made the case for Democrats to retake control of the House, delivering a scathing takedown of Republican leadership in the process. In a Monday morning speech at the National Press Club, the House's No.


  20. Long a target of Texas lawmakers, the Fed shown as timid in secret secret Goldman Sachs tapesRead the original story

    22 hrs ago | Dallas Morning News

    ... Lawmakers from Texas have long singed the Fed - but their criticism have usually come from a different angle. From Ron Paul's crusade on behalf of the gold standard to former Sen. Phil Gramm criticism of the bank's so-called loose money policies, ...