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  1. Beam Me Up, Mars! Uwingu Will Send 90,000 Radio Messages There TodayRead the original story w/Photo

    12 hrs ago | Universe Today

    ... taken by the Mars Global Surveyor spacecraft in 2002. The white polar cap is frozen carbon dioxide. (NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems) Maybe you can't climb on a rocketship to Mars, at least yet, but at the least you can get your desire for ...


  2. 'I saw men walking on Mars in 1979': 'Former Nasa employee' claims ...Read the original story w/Photo

    13 hrs ago | Daily Mail

    ... mystery for me,' she asked the presenter. 'That old Viking rover was running around. 'Then I saw two men in space suits - not the bulky suits we normally used, but they looked protective. They came over the horizon walking to the Viking Explorer.' ...


  3. Lower-cost rockets likely to be approved in Europe, WSJ reportsRead the original story

    13 hrs ago |

    Orbital awarded contract by NASA for Pegasus rocket to launch ICON satellite Orbital Sciences Corporation announced that the National Aeronautics and Space Administration has awarded the company a contract for its Pegasus rocket to launch the space agency's Ionospheric Connection Explorer scientific satellite into low Earth orbit. With the selection of Orbital's air-launched Pegasus rocket, NASA is again turning to Orbital to provide both the satellite and launch vehicle for an important science mission based on advanced and cost-effective smaller space systems.


  4. while increasing the lively and stylish atmosphereRead the original story

    13 hrs ago | Captain Thunder's NASCAR News

    ... American astronaut extravehicular activities in Russia through the spacesuit later commented that prefer the Russian Space clothes easy to wear off, in a natural posture, wearing a Russian spacesuit feel more comfortable, but hard work and when he ...


  5. Space is bigger than sales with NASA's #BlackHoleFridayRead the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | USA Today

    Space is bigger than sales with NASA's #BlackHoleFriday Why fight the crowds on Black Friday when you could learn all about black holes? Check out this story on This handout artist's rendition illustrates a super-massive black hole with millions to billions times the mass of our sun. It's going to be a very special day, and it's got nothing do to with a killer deal on a plasma TV.


  6. Space, the final frontier for 3-D printingRead the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | WMUR-TV Manchester

    We're used to seeing manufacturer tags that read "Made in the USA," "Made in Taiwan" or "Made in..." just about anywhere on the globe. But this week, for the first time, an item can read "Made in Space."


  7. Japanese asteroid probe delayedRead the original story w/Photo

    19 hrs ago | NatureNews

    Japan's space agency has today delayed the launch of the Hayabusa-2 spacecraft after bad weather was forecast for the planned launch date of 30 November. The new launch will be no earlier than 1 December.


  8. NASA Completes Rodent Research-1 Operations on the International Space StationRead the original story w/Photo

    19 hrs ago | 24-7 Press Release

    With the successful completion of mission operations for Rodent Research-1, NASA has brought an important new biological research capability into space. HOUSTON, TX, November 28, 2014 /24-7PressRelease/ -- With the successful completion of mission operations for Rodent Research-1, NASA has brought an important new biological research capability into space.


  9. Open for Business: 3-D Printer Creates First Object in Space on International Space StationRead the original story w/Photo

    19 hrs ago | 24-7 Press Release

    The International Space Station's 3-D printer has manufactured the first 3-D printed object in space, paving the way to future long-term space expeditions. Niki Werkheiser, space station 3-D printer project manager at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, discusses the on-orbit set-up and first test run of the 3-D Printer.


  10. Satellite Spies Gargantuan Sunspots that Could Launch Solar Explosions Toward EarthRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday | Discover

    ... a coronal mass ejection, or CME, hurls a huge cloud of charged particles and bits of solar magnetic field out into space at millions of miles per hour. When struck by a CME, Earth's protective magnetic bubble - called the magnetosphere - can shake ...


  11. On this day in history - November 28th, 1983Read the original story w/Photo

    13 hrs ago | WDAM-TV Hattiesburg

    Space Shuttle Columbia successfully launches into orbit from Kennedy Space Center carrying Spacelab 1 as cargo for mission STS-9. STS-9 was the first mission to put a laboratory module of Spacelab 1 into orbit and perform experiments within its module.


  12. Rocket Remains? Video Shows 'Pieces Of Whatever' Flaming High Above BelgradeRead the original story

    13 hrs ago | Universe Today

    Just before dawn on Wednesday , a pilot in Belgrade caught this stunning video of a "huge number of glowing pieces of whatever" breaking up in the atmosphere above. You know what this is? A rocket, most likely! It's the upper stage for the Soyuz that launched three people to space on Sunday , the European Space Agency says.


  13. Earth Shots: Must-See Planet PicsRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago | How Stuff Works

    In this week's most striking images:the rainforest blazes in the Amazon basin, protests around the world offer similar scenes and city lights are seen from space. In this image, while in orbit over Papua New Guinea, astronauts aboard the International Space Station capture a large thunderhead cloud at sunset.


  14. Swiss scientists confirm extraterrestrial life can survive in outer spaceRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago |

    In surprising support of an earlier Russian discovery of microbes growing on the surface of the International Space Station , Swiss scientists have confirmed that DNA samples can survive the extremes of outer space. A November 26 report from Science Daily announced that a team of scientists from the University of Zurich attached DNA samples to the exterior of a TEXUS-49 rocket launched into space from the Esrange Space Center in Kiruna, North Sweden.


  15. Week's Best Space Pictures: A Rocket Roars, Saturn Mixes, and Titan MiRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago | National Geographic

    ... close around a Soyuz TMA-15M spacecraft in Kazakhstan in preparation for its November 24 launch to the International Space Station. The rocket will deliver a Russian cosmonaut, a U.S. astronaut, and a flight engineer from the European Space Agency ...


  16. Earthlings to send 90,000 hellos to MarsRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago | The Raw Story

    Radio telescopes on Earth will beam 90,000 messages to Mars on Friday to commemorate the launch 50 years ago of the first robotic probe to visit the planet. A U.S. space funding company called Uwingu organized the extraterrestrial shout-out to mark the 50th anniversary of NASA's Mariner 4 mission and to raise funds for its other projects.


  17. The 100-acre SpaceX launch site at Boca Chica Beach on Sept. 22, 2014Read the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | Texas Tribune

    At least that is what city, county and Texas officials were betting on when they offered millions of dollars in incentives to lure SpaceX to Brownsville. The space exploration company, founded by the billionaire investor Elon Musk, announced earlier this year that it would open a private orbital launch facility on Boca Chica Beach near Brownsville.


  18. More on the cover story: NASA's Orion is the job of a lifetime for these Lockheed engineersRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | Business Journal

    Nov. 28, 2014 - Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. engineers found it the opportunity of a lifetime to work on the Orion space capsule.


  19. Has Comet Sliding Spring changed Mars' atmosphere forever?...Read the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | Mail on Sunday

    ... into the solar system straight from the Oort Cloud. It's likely this is its first time this close to the sun,' said space scientist David Humm, of the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory (APL) in Laurel, Maryland. Oort Cloud ...


  20. Behind the cover story: Greg Avery on Colorado's giant leap into spaceRead the original story w/Photo

    16 hrs ago | Business Journal

    Nov. 28, 2014--Reporter Greg Avery talks about the significance of Orion's maiden test flight. In a test flight that NASA's chief calls the biggest mission in 40 years, the Orion capsule -- developed in Colorado -- is set to enter space for the first time next week.