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  1. Vitamin D deficiency can make you very sick, know all about the compoundRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 26, 2015 | The Indian Express

    The deficiency of Vitamin D can lead to serious health complications . If you mostly stay indoors, get your Vitamin D levels checked, for you might be prone to Diabetes, osteoporosis, Alzheimer's, heart disease and even cancer.


  2. Equivocal study on Finnish women doesn't dim Vitamin D's role in...Read the original story w/Photo

    Mar 25, 2015 | NutraIngredients-USA

    A new vitamin D/exercise study on falls among older women has confirmed the vitamin's role in bone health but falls short of a ringing endorsement for supplementation. But it's one data point among the many that still point to the importance of getting additional vitamin D, said Duffy McKay, ND of the Council for Responsible Nutrition.


  3. Vitamin D May Keep Low-grade Prostate Cancer From Becoming AggressiveRead the original story

    Mar 25, 2015 | Scientific Blogging

    Taking vitamin D supplements could slow or even reverse the progression of less aggressive, or low-grade, prostate tumors without the need for surgery or radiation, a scientist will report today. His team will describe the approach in one of nearly 11,000 presentations at the 249th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society , the world's largest scientific society.


  4. Why Does Prostate Cancer Affect Black Men Differently?Read the original story w/Photo

    Mar 25, 2015 | Weekend

    ... data support the linkage between diet and cancer risk. A nutritional factor related to prostate cancer risk is vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency is more common in African Americans compared to Caucasians and is believed to be due to ...


  5. Why 'eating for two' when you're pregnant could leave you at risk...Read the original story w/Photo

    Mar 25, 2015 | Daily Mail

    ... to give your baby the best start in life.' It's all about bones! You and your baby need calcium rich foods and Vitamin D to help you absorb them. Your baby is developing teeth and bones and you need to ensure your calcium stores are stocked for both ...


  6. Exercise and Vitamin D in Fall Prevention Among Older Women: A Randomized Clinical Trial.Read the original story

    Mar 25, 2015 | CiteULike

    While vitamin D supplementation and exercise are recommended for prevention of falls for older people, results regarding these 2 factors are contradictory. To determine the effectiveness of targeted exercise training and vitamin D supplementation in reducing falls and injurious falls among older women.


  7. Is being cooped up in school cause of Myopia 'epidemic'?Read the original story

    Mar 25, 2015 |

    Myopia, or short-sightedness, has assumed 'epidemic' proportions in the last 30 years, with some countries reporting prevalence of 80-90 percent - and the reason could simply be lack of adequate light in classrooms. Richard Hobday, an authority on sunlight and health, has in a new study compared myopia to bone disease rickets, caused by the lack of Vitamin D that you get from sunlight.


  8. Are our schools damaging children's eyes?Read the original story w/Photo

    Mar 24, 2015 | PhysOrg Weblog

    ... affected. The remedy proved elusive until the 1920s, when scientists found that a lack of sunlight, resulting in vitamin D deficiency, was the cause of rickets. Myopia, like rickets, is a seasonal condition which seems to get worse in the winter. ...


  9. Vitamin D vital for gene expression in developing brainsRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 24, 2015 | PhysOrg Weblog

    The study investigated the gene expression of four neurotrophic genes responsible for the production of proteins which relate to the survival, development and function of neurons . Credit: Bethany Brown Vitamin D deficiency in mothers leading up to and during pregnancy has fundamental consequences for their offspring's brain development, researchers from University of Western Australia and the Telethon Kids Institute have confirmed.


  10. Health Alert: Vitamin D may help combat chronic inflammationRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 20, 2015 | KYTX-TV News

    A new study in British Columbia suggests stem cells may show promise in reversing Type 2 diabetes. Scientists say a combination of the cells and diabetes drugs helped mice with simulated diabetes keep their blood sugar in check and lose weight.


  11. Low Vitamin D Linked with Depression in Young WomenRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 20, 2015 | PsychCentral

    Oregon State University researchers found that young women with lower levels of vitamin D were more likely to have clinically significant depressive symptoms over the course of a five-week study. The results were consistent even when other possible explanations, such as time of year, exercise and time spent outside were considered, says lead author David Kerr.


  12. Miss this eclipse and you may never see one againRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 20, 2015 | Salisbury Journal

    ... myself at how a short walk in the winter sunshine had made the world seem different. Exposure to sunlight produces Vitamin D, which in turn promotes bone growth, is essential for proper immune function, cell growth and proper nerve and muscle ...


  13. Vitamin D may help prevent and treat diseases associated with aging, Loyola study findsRead the original story

    Mar 20, 2015 | Medical News Today

    Vitamin D may play a vital role in the prevention and treatment of diseases associated with aging, according to researchers at Loyola University Chicago Marcella Niehoff School of Nursing . These findings were published in the latest issue of the Journal of Aging and Gerontology.


  14. These Are The Hard Choices That Americans Make Every Day To Keep Their Families GoingRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 19, 2015 | Switched

    ... banks are only able to provide less than one gallon of the nutrient-rich beverage -- the top source of calcium, Vitamin D and potassium in the diet -- per person, per year on average. One in three Americans with a chronic disease -- like diabetes, ...


  15. Tonsils, tonsillectomies, and the immune systemRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 19, 2015 |

    ... a year. She didn't think such a small improvement warranted the risk of surgery. She took her son to a naturopath. Vitamin D (which is essential for proper immune system function) and vitamin C resolved the problem. In the 1950s when the United ...


  16. Vitamin D deficiency during childhood can lead to atherosclerosisRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 19, 2015 |

    Just as the "cholesterol causes clogged arteries" myth is finally being put to rest, a new study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism reveals what may be a much more likely cause of modern heart disease: inadequate vitamin D intake. Researchers from Finland found that adults who had low vitamin D levels during their adolescent and teen years are much more likely to suffer artery hardening and heart disease as adults compared to others who had adequate or optimal vitamin D levels growing up.


  17. Why Getting Outside is So Good for YouRead the original story

    Mar 19, 2015 | KRMG-AM Tulsa

    ... theories as to why being in nature makes us healthier, one leading hypothesis is that being outside increases our Vitamin D intake. We just keep learning more and more about how important vitamin D is for health , including preventing cancer, ...


  18. Paleo - What Is The Paleo DietRead the original story

    Mar 19, 2015 | PR Log

    ... walk outside. Our bodies are used to some sun exposure, and actually benefit from it. Sun helps the body produce Vitamin D, which does everything from influence the immune system, improve mood to help build bones. One to two 10-15 minute exposures ...


  19. From moral guidance to national security: vitamins have always been used to sell foodRead the original story w/Photo

    Mar 19, 2015 | New Statesman

    ... "It is essential that it be replenished daily." Manufacturers of cod liver oil, which is a natural source of vitamin D, began referring to it as "bottled sunshine", came up with a mint-flavored version, and advertised its supposed ability to give ...


  20. What if Abbott and Costello were primary care physicians?Read the original story w/Photo

    Mar 19, 2015 | Kevin, M.D.

    ... get upset Costello. Let's take a look at what you did a (Bud looks at the computer screen) So I see you ordered a Vitamin D level. Why? LOU: Yeah, she said all her friends were getting them checked and she saw on the news that low Vitamin D can ...