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  1. Movie review: This 'Museum' entry should be closed to the publicRead the original story w/Photo

    36 min ago | PeoriaTimes-Observer

    'Night at the Museum,' the first film in this good-looking, action-packed but rather soulless series of special-effects movies, made gobs of money. The second, 'Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian,' also did well, though its profits didn't come near the heights of its predecessor.


  2. Authorize recover thousands of archaeological artifacts taken from Lake OrovilleRead the original story w/Photo

    58 min ago | Mercury-Register

    Archaelogist Leslie Steidl with California State Parks Friday inspects one of the thousands of artifacts recently seized from a man who had removed them from public land. California State Park Rangers contacted a man last month who was allegedly seen taking the items from areas at the Lake Oroville Recreation Area, said Aaron Wright, Lake Oroville sector superintendent for State Parks.


  3. Racehorse Skeleton Found At Excavation In Royal Stables Of King...Read the original story w/Photo

    1 hr ago | International Business Times

    ... Snelling described Doctor Syntax as a "good sire as well as a great racehorse." An archaeologist from Oxford Archaeology, Chris Faine, said that he was not convinced that it belonged to Doctor Syntax because of the age of the teeth of the horse. He ...


  4. Stonehenge: new discovery could be destroyed if road tunnel goes aheadRead the original story w/Photo

    1 hr ago | Sydney Morning Herald

    Experts say the discovery could rewrite the history of prehistoric Britain and are calling on the government to rethink plans to tunnel under the critically important landscape. Charcoal dug up from the Blick Mead encampment, 2.5 kilometres from Stonehenge, dates from about 4000BC.


  5. Skeleton from Greek mystery tomb to be identified next month: Officials from culture ministryRead the original story

    2 hrs ago | Art Daily

    A graphic rendition of the tomb dating back to the Alexander the Great era at the ancient Amphipolis archeological site in the northern region of Macedonia. Archaeologists have found human remains in the grave , the Culture Ministry said on November 12.The skeleton was found inside a rectangular grave with pieces from a wooden casket and bones scattered around the area.


  6. Till-Holger Borchert and Hubert De Witte appointed as new Directors of the Bruges MuseumsRead the original story

    2 hrs ago | Art Daily

    Hubert De Witte , who previously served as Deputy director to Manfred Sellink who stepped down to become the new director of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp, is the new managing director of the Bruges Museums. The trained archaeologist started his career in Bruges in 1977 by starting up the Bruges archaeological department.


  7. Video: Drone footage shows damage Greenpeace did to Nazca LinesRead the original story w/Photo

    2 hrs ago | Hot Air

    This is an update to last week's story about Greenpeace's irresponsible stunt on the Nazca Lines site in Peru. The Nazca Lines are a collection of giant, rudimentary drawings of shapes and animals meticulously drawn into a windless, rainless plateau in a Peru desert thousands of years ago.


  8. New Stonehenge Discovery Hailed As 'Most Important In 60 Years'Read the original story w/Photo

    4 hrs ago | Switched

    Archaeologists studying Stonehenge and its environs say they've unearthed the remnants of an untouched, ancient encampment that dates back 6,000 years --a find that could rewrite British prehistory. "This is the most important discovery at Stonehenge in over 60 years ," Professor Tim Darvill, a Bournemouth University archaeologist and a Stonehenge expert who was not involved in the new discovery, told the Telegraph.


  9. DCR TV Offers Interesting and Fun Educational Programs for N.C. StudentsRead the original story

    6 hrs ago | PR Log

    ... the Civil War Cannons webcast ( watch?v=muyNUHJdSFA ). Queen Anne's Revenge Underwater Archaeology is set at the N.C. Maritime Museum where archaeologists and conservators working on the wreck of Blackbeard's flagship, Queen ...


  10. Bones found at Pocklington building siteRead the original story w/Photo

    7 hrs ago | York Press

    ... to go to Beverley or Hull." Before David Wilson Homes received the green light to build the houses, the Humber Archaeology Partnership proposed a condition that fieldwork should take place and begin with a geophysical survey of the site. Aerial ...


  11. Archaeologists unearth royal entry complex at Herodian Hilltop PalaceRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday | Science Daily

    ... with painted frescoes, was also exposed. Archaeologists from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem's Institute of Archaeology have discovered a monumental entryway to the Herodian Hilltop Palace at the Herodium National Park. The unique complex was ...


  12. First free book on Qatar archaeology, heritage publishe...Read the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Dec 16 | The Peninsula

    DOHA: A new partnership highlighting archaeological research in the Middle East has been set up between University College London in Qatar and, the online academic publishing platform of Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Journals. The partnership takes the shape of a new, open access book series entitled 'UCL Qatar Series on Archaeology and Cultural Heritage' enabling anyone anywhere in the world to freely read about archaeological research and build a greater understanding of the region's fascinating history.


  13. 6,000-year-old encampment found at StonehengeRead the original story w/Photo

    6 hrs ago | Mashable

    Lead researcher David Jacques and his colleagues recently had the carbon dating results returned from their October discovery at Blick Mead, which is about 1.5 miles from the famous monument. "Charcoal dug up from the encampment has been scientifically tested, and reveals that it dates from around 4,000 BC," they said in a release .


  14. Lucia Chiavola Birnbaum Releases the Future Has an Ancient HeartRead the original story

    7 hrs ago |

    ... has an Ancient Heart" compiles Birnbaum's extensive research in the fields of feminist theory , sociology and archaeology. Through her and Wally's work, she exemplifies the theory that all origins of life began in Africa and expounds on the notion ...


  15. World's Most Ambitious Re-Creation of Prehistoric Cave Art to OpenRead the original story w/Photo

    9 hrs ago | National Geographic

    After three years of effort, a precision replica of a French cave and its 36,000-year-old art will open to the public in April. The charcoal in the Horse Panel in the Cave of Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc, in the ArdA che region of southern France, has been dated to 30,000 B.C. On a September afternoon in 2013, Gilles Tosello sat sipping a cup of American-style coffee in his Toulouse studio, pondering the talents of cave painters who lived in France 36,000 years ago.


  16. A Million Mummies found buried with care in central EgyptRead the original story

    10 hrs ago | Legacy Matters

    A cemetery containing more than a million mummified human bodies has been unearthed in central Egypt, according to archaeologists. Scientists have already excavated more than 1,700 mummies, preserved by the hot dry desert in the Faiyum region of Egypt about 60 miles south of Cairo.


  17. Greek Mystery Tomb Occupant to Be Revealed SoonRead the original story w/Photo

    10 hrs ago | How Stuff Works

    Two finely carved female figures called Caryatids have been unearthed inside the mysterious tomb-in Amphipolis, which dates from the time of Alexander the Great. BLOG: Female Sculptures Guard Mysterious Tomb in Greece Wearing a sleeved tunic and earrings, the Caryatids feature long, thick hair covering their shoulders.


  18. Loose Feathers #474Read the original story

    11 hrs ago | A DC Birding Blog

    Birds and birding news The recent spending bill cut funding for protecting sage-grouse . A study of Golden-winged Warblers documented an instance of storm avoidance when the warblers fled their breeding grounds in advance of tornadoes .


  19. The Montpelier Foundation Chooses MediaValet to Secure Its Vast Collection of Historical MaterialRead the original story w/Photo

    12 hrs ago | Market Wire

    ... the museum side which researches and collects historically significant objects and documents, to a very active archaeology program with photos, videos, and maps, to an academic center with a focus on producing high-quality online educational courses ...


  20. New life for derelict Swallow Hotel on Stockton High StreetRead the original story w/Photo

    12 hrs ago | Darlington and Stockton Times

    ... stayed there before it was eventually destroyed by Oliver Cromwell's New Model Army some time after 1647. A Tees Archaeology report in the planning application said that preparatory work in the 1960s will have caused damage to any archaeological ...