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  1. Get Thee Behind Me in Line, SatanRead the original story w/Photo

    33 min ago | KFBZ-FM Wichita

    Nicholas Cage has a new movie coming out on Friday called Left Behind . It's about the people who aren't taken up in The Rapture.


  2. Creators of New 'Left Behind' Movie Share Common Misconception About the RaptureRead the original story w/Photo

    9 hrs ago | TheBlaze.com

    Jerry Jenkins, co-author of the wildly successful "Left Behind" series - which has been turned into a movie starring Nicolas Cage - said Monday that there is a common misconception about end times and the rapture. "People often say, you know, 'Is this a deal where the good people go and the bad people stay?' And I have to say, having been a Christian most of my life, there are some people that will go that are worse than the people who stay," Jenkins said on The Glenn Beck Program .


  3. Is the Rapture Biblical - and Will Non-Christians Really Be...Read the original story w/Photo

    12 hrs ago | TheBlaze.com

    ... not unique to contemporary times, but which continues to rage - is a factor that leads Rhodes to conclude that the end times could be approaching. "First of all, I believe that the days we are living in, we are witnessing certain signs of the times. ...


  4. Why many in the Islamic Republic of Iran pray for war with Israel, United StatesRead the original story w/Photo

    13 hrs ago | Examiner.com

    ... it clear that war with Israel and/or the United States would be a fulfillment of Shi'ite Islamic eschatology, or " End Times " theology. Not only do Iran's strongmen believe in the eventual return of Imam Mahdi, the same leaders believe if they ...


  5. Here's What You Should Watch on TV TonightRead the original story w/Photo

    14 hrs ago | Gawker

    How was your weekend? We watched Transparent and let me tell you, by episode five you will not want to stop. It is a damned killer.


  6. Brasch WordsTHE Civilian and the General: Behind the McCHRYSTAL Interview FalloutRead the original story

    Jun 29, 2010 | American Reporter

    The banks wrecked our economy, and they are still raking in record profits while escaping all accountability for their misdeeds. The Taliban still control Afghanistan, and after nearly nine years of our soldiers waging a increasingly futile war, little has changed in the "graveyard of empires."


  7. Slider What Did They Say Now 2Read the original story w/Photo

    13 hrs ago | Moody Radio

    Life on earth is like reading the end of a book first, and then going back and reading from the beginning without knowing the length of the book. Do the end times make you anxious or excited? Tell us @whatnowpodcast .


  8. Pope Francis: Satan Seeks to Destroy UsRead the original story w/Photo

    15 hrs ago | Breitbart.com

    "Satan always seeks to destroy man," said Pope Francis this morning during the homily at Mass , on a day when the Catholic church celebrates the feast of the archangels: Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. "He looks to destroy humanity, all of us."


  9. Ten Of The Most Dependable Cars You Can Buy On eBay For Less Than $5,000Read the original story w/Photo

    17 hrs ago | Jalopnik

    Here are the most reliable and dependable cars on eBay for less than $5,000. I recently laid out reasons why you shouldn't finance new cars, and hundreds of you replied that used cars are a headache that most peoplea Reada After I asked you thrifty, frugal, and dare I say, cheap lot to give me the most dependable cars for less than the price of a new car's down payment , you answered with some astonishingly solid examples.


  10. Republicans Do Not Drive PriusesRead the original story w/Photo

    18 hrs ago | The Daily Caller

    " Republicans Are People Too " is the most flaccid political advertisement since Bob Dole praised the virtues of Viagra. Its author is Vinny Manchillo, a GOP adman and former media adviser to Mitt Romney, and the campaign's first commercial packs all the punch you'd expect of a Romney 2012 alum.


  11. Dark Dreams: We Scare Because We CareRead the original story w/Photo

    18 hrs ago | The Escapist

    Devan spills the details about his new horror anthology, At Hell's Gates , and how the book will help the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. We all know zombies, vampires, witches, ghosts and demons can be used to thrill and excite, but can they also be used for good? It's a question I posed in my writers group shortly after I began looking for authors interested in collaborating on a new anthology.


  12. Canadian-produced film 'Left Behind' opens nationwide October 3, 2014Read the original story

    19 hrs ago | Hispanic Business

    LEFT BEHIND is produced and distributed by ) who is piloting a commercial airliner just hours after the Rapture when millions of people on the plane and around the globe suddenly vanish. Thirty thousand feet over the Atlantic, Rayford is faced with a damaged plane, terrified passengers, and a desperate desire to get back to his family.


  13. New movie releases this week: 'Gone Girl,' 'Annabelle'Read the original story w/Photo

    May 26, 2014 | The Arizona Republic

    New movie releases this week: 'Gone Girl,' 'Annabelle' "Gone Girl," "Annabelle," "Left Behind" and more new movies hitting theaters. Check out this story on azcentral.com: http://azc.cc/1k8NAwa Gillian Flynn's best-selling book "Gone Girl" gets a killer-looking adaptation starring Ben Affleck, the creepy doll from "The Conjuring" gets its own spin-off and the "Left Behind" Rapture series gets new life with Nicolas Cage.


  14. Canadian-produced film "Left Behind" opens nationwide October 3, 2014Read the original story

    19 hrs ago | Canada NewsWire

    The movie stars Academy Award winner , widely renowned for directing action sequences. LEFT BEHIND is produced and distributed by Stoney Lake Entertainment, with the national release slated for ) who is piloting a commercial airliner just hours after the Rapture when millions of people on the plane and around the globe suddenly vanish.


  15. I'm Seriously Looking For Love - Adjoa SmartRead the original story w/Photo

    23 hrs ago | Ghanamma.com

    Veteran actress, Belinda Naa Ode Oku popularly known as 'Adwoa Smart' in the entertainment fraternity has said she is looking for a partner who is willing to love and respect her just as she is. She said that even though previous relationships have not worked out like she expected, she will not give up on finding a man who truly cherishes her.


  16. Yom Kippur -the day of reckoningRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | Arutz Sheva Israel News

    If only those who are blinding themselves to the reality of the possibility of erasing the hatred of the Arabs for the Jews- perhaps especially for the Israelis - would return to reality and stop finding excuses for the hatred, incitement to murder by blaming Israel for not affording the Arabs the fulfillment of their desires! Our entire history is full of accusations against the Jewish people- both before the establishment of the State of Israel and after.


  17. The Great Deception Code: i i i i 'i 3i 3Read the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | CNN

    The crafty demon had me going for awhile. He was behind 9/11. He had an elaborate scheme and made an offensive against my home.


  18. 25 Txt Msgs You Can Send To Your StudentsRead the original story

    Yesterday | Youth Specialties

    Our good friend, author, and incredible youth worker Steve Case shared 25 text messages that he has sent out to his students for a bit of encouragement. He wanted to share them as a FREE resource so that you can easily copy and paste them as a text for your students.


  19. The Ministry of Small TalkRead the original story w/Photo

    Sunday | Christianity Today

    My pastor, during my adolescent years, came often to our home. After a brief and awkward interval, he always said, "And how are things in your SOUL today?" .


  20. Book Spotlight: Black Atonement by Sasha HibbsRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | Examiner.com

    The burden of Dave's girlfriend's death pushes Brandi, the Seraph of Love, to abduct David Howels in hopes of protecting Dave from his murderous father. Will Brandi be able to show Dave that all in life is not lost in death? Twists and turns abound as Brandi discovers her own shocking revelation-that Dave has been her soul mate all along.