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  1. Overkill: Taking Over [Reviews]Read the original story w/Photo

    50 min ago | Ultimate-guitar.com

    Released: Mar 1987 Genre: Thrash Metal Label: Atlantic, Megaforce Number Of Tracks: 9 This is really good album and determined 1987 along with "Among the Living" by Anthrax, "The Legacy" by Testament and "Persecution Mania" by Sodom. I am surprised that this album wasn't already reviewed: it's clearly one of Overkill 's best ones.


  2. The Morsi Death SentenceRead the original story

    1 hr ago | Counterpunch

    Yvette Carnell writes a scathing history of Lynching in America; Ajamu Baraka on Netanyahu the Rejectionist; Patrick Smith on Reinventing the Foreign Correspondent; Peter Lee on the escalating cyberwar between the US and China; Jeffrey St. Clair on the Real Israeli Defense Force: the US Congress. Plus: Mike Whitney: Getting Cured in Vietnam; JoAnn Wypijewski on Gramsci, Chick Webb and the Art of Living Well; Chris Floyd: Learning About the Rapture from Michele Bachmann and Lee Ballinger: Driving Nat King Cole.


  3. The Critic's CornerHow did this movie get made?Read the original story w/Photo

    3 hrs ago | Daily Record

    How did this movie get made? Don't get me wrong; I'm glad it did. But as the credits rolled, and as the cinematic shock treatment I'd just experienced receded to a residual tingling in my brain, all I could think was, "How did this movie get made?" "Mad Max: Fury Road" is not based on a tried-and-true comic book property.


  4. What I learned about Jesus in a Jeremiah Bible Study---New Axis of Evil-Part 2Read the original story

    5 hrs ago | Examiner.com

    As I mentioned in Part 1, God will have the final say regarding this inevitable invasion a First, because, as Jeremiah puts it, "God's plan is sovereign [and] the nations of the world do His bidding" . Secondly, because the whole world must witness God's glory and this invasion will provide the perfect opportunity to address that principle; and thirdly, because God's "chosen people, Israel, must be restored to Himself" .


  5. The Revelation of Jesus.Read the original story

    7 hrs ago | WorthyNews

    The book of Revelation is often discussed from the earthly view of `beasts, the dragon, world powers etc however I believe it will be good to focus on the Lord, Himself, as He is known in the heavenly realm & describe what we see. INTRODUCTION ch.


  6. Early Christian Apocalypse: St. Paul Gave Us Heaven And Hell Many Times OverRead the original story w/Photo

    20 hrs ago | Scientific Blogging

    Early Christian writers were fond of putting words into other people's mouths. When the apostle Paul wrote to the church in Corinth about a particularly significant religious experience, he informed them that his journey to the "third heaven" or "Paradise" resulted in his hearing "things that are not able to be told, that no mortal is permitted to speak".


  7. Open Your Eyes to the Neo-Sodom of the WestRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | Examiner.com

    ... signs around you. Open your hearts and minds; realize that we all are walking in troubled waters. Do not fear the end times, but prepare for it. Do not wait until your hear the trumpets blaring in the sky, and the angels comings with swift wings, to ...


  8. Blow Gabriel BlowRead the original story w/Photo

    Saturday | Finestkind Clinic and fish market

    DavidReneke's spaceblog has an article about people hearing loud trumpets in the sky, and then explores both the cultural interpretations of this and the possible scientific explanations for this. I'm sure that there is a scientific explanation for this .Doesn't mean it isn't God trying to wake us up, but to paraphrase the tart tongued Jesus: if they don't bother to listen to the law and the prophets, why should they pay attention to solar phenomena? Most of the reports about this are on "Coast to Coast" or other similar sites , right next to reports of BigFoot, UFO's, and the NWO conspiracies.


  9. A Bible-believing Christian in defense of Creation and the Global FloodRead the original story w/Photo

    Saturday | Examiner.com

    The apostle Peter in the Second Epistle of Peter talks about two things that will be scoffed at in the last days of the Church Age , before the Rapture of the Church. That is Creation and the global Flood of Noah's day.


  10. .com | 'Prophet' claims to change temperature, turn people into snakesRead the original story w/Photo

    Saturday | News24

    A church that claims to be able to turn people into snakes and allows a 'prophet' to jump on congregants without them feeling pain is being lambasted on Facebook. End Times Disciples Ministries in Soshanguve has been criticised following photos being published of congregants, led by one Prophet Penuel Tshepo, during "demonstrations of God's power".


  11. Bryan Fischer: It's time for social conservatives to prepare for a post-apocalyptic worldRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday May 21 | Daily Kos

    It is imminent. The end of their world . Prepare the shelterboxes for Bryan Fischer and his fellow Christian warriors who are surely going to need 'em once they arrive at the Obama FEMA camps that have been specially built just for the occasion.


  12. X-NewsRead the original story w/Photo

    Saturday | Examiner.com

    Men: Days of Future Past 'Rogue Cut' will be coming to blue ray as a steelbook and will feature more than 17 extra minutes than the original cut, including a restored action scene with Rogue breaking out of a Sentinel controlled prison camp. Other special features will include : The cast of X-men are on the set of the upcoming sequel ' Apocalypse ' The cast includes returning members, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Nicholas Hoult as Beast, James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier and Michael Fassbender as Magneto along with the return of Rose Byrne as Moira MacTaggert, Evan Peters as Quicksilver, and Lucas Till as Havok.


  13. Is Obama as naive about Iran as he claims to be?Read the original story w/Photo

    Friday | American Thinker

    Jimmy Carter did nothing when Ayatollah Khomeini's fanatics overthrew the shah of Iran forty years ago. Our U.N. representative, Andrew Young, said he thought the ayatollah was "just some kind of spiritual leader."


  14. Long-closed Melrose parish clings to its heritage as they maintain a century old churchRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday | Star Tribune

    Actually, there's no need for that "My Fair Lady" plea for Mary I. Murray Woods. This fair lady has been getting to St. Malachy Catholic Church on time twice a year since 1990.


  15. Oscar Isaac Says His X-Men Villain's Motivations Will Be Downright BiblicalRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday | Cinema Blend News

    With a title like X-Men: Apocalypse , you already know that you're not in for an easy-going, laidback time. And if what Oscar Isaac, who plays the title villain, says is true, we're about to see a superhero movie on a scale we haven't seen before, as things are going to get downright biblical.


  16. Movie review: - Mad Max Fury Road'Read the original story w/Photo

    Friday May 22 | The Lutheran Church Missouri Synod

    For a revved-up action film, "Mad Max Fury Road" is value for your money, but be warned it is rough and has surprisingly emotional moments that can take viewers by surprise. With the words "We Are Not Things" scrawled on the walls of the tyrant Immorton Joe's vault, "Mad Max Fury Road" kicks its high-octane road race into full gear.


  17. Oscar Isaac Says His 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Villain Is Positively BiblicalRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday May 22 | Hollywood Reporter

    If the title of next year's sequel to X-Men: Days of Future Past - X-Men: Apocalypse sounds a little grandiose, just wait. In a new interview, Oscar Isaac - who plays the movie's villain - has suggested the movie will operate on a scale beyond anything glimpsed yet in the superhero series.


  18. Pictures of HELL, an artist draws what she saw in HellRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday May 22 | Neowin.net

    I don't think it really belongs here as it is more lmfao peple believe dis ######.. than real but..


  19. A short discussion of authorsRead the original story

    Friday May 22 | Examiner.com

    We know that the book known as the Revelation , in the New Testament, was written by a man known as John of Patmos . We also know that Jesus had an apostle who had a special relationship to him--perhaps a cousin or even his younger brother--named John.


  20. Gentryville Church of GodRead the original story

    Friday May 22 | Douglas County Herald

    I just finished reading the eleventh book in the Left Behind series, "Armageddon." They are fiction, but based a lot on the book Revelation in the Holy Bible.