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  1. Atheists won't have booth at conservative conference after allRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 25, 2014 | CNN

    ... religiously unaffiliated. While that does not mean they are atheists, Silverman believes learning more about atheism will make it more likely conservatives will choose to identify with those who believe there is no God. "Just as there are many ...


  2. Guest at ISUvexed by Biblecould have leftit in drawerRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 25, 2014 | The Des Moines Register

    ... of moral cowardice, the university caved like a house of cards to this organization, which aggressively evangelizes atheism throughout the country. Since it took but a single offended person to precipitate Iowa State's knee-jerk reaction, I offer ... 4 comments

  3. Thomas Wells on Why He Doesn't Like the New AtheismRead the original story

    Feb 25, 2014 | News24

    Wheels24 reader REYNARD GELDERBLOM had a field day at the International Passion For Speed event at Killarney race circuit in February.


  4. Imagined meeting packs theatrical punch in Theaterworks' 'Freud's Last Session'Read the original story

    Jan 28, 2014 |

    ... of the era's most intellectual Christian apologists, even though he, ironically, was a convert from his own avowed atheism to the Church of England. This play is based on a work by Harvard professor, Armand M. Nicholi, Jr., "The Question of God: ...


  5. Atheist Documentaries, Atheist Debates, and Atheist News - DevoutNone.comRead the original story

    Feb 24, 2014 |

    Looking for documentaries on atheism? has that. Need to catch up on the latest religious debate? as that too! Over the last few years DevoutNone has provided some of the best content in the atheist community.


  6. Divine Sister: Get thee to this nunneryRead the original story

    Feb 11, 2014 | Creative Loafing Tampa

    ... part panther and part Pomeranian. Then there's Georgia Mallory Guy as Mrs. Levinson, a fashion-obsessed matron whose atheism is so deep, she finds agnostics repulsively irresolute. Guy is also unexpectedly tender as handicapped Timmy, who ...


  7. Searching for answer to how we should liveRead the original story

    Feb 21, 2014 | Sunday Herald

    ... many sides are there, exactly, in this running battle? Watson is honest enough, in this fine intellectual history of atheism, to admit that the godless have often enough included disreputable types you wouldn't necessarily want on your team. Faith ...


  8. If there is no God . . .Read the original story

    Feb 20, 2014 | Cape Cod Times

    ... Ben still believed in God. He needed to because he was angry ... felt betrayed. Hatred requires an object; real atheism wouldn't have been half as satisfying. I believe that's where Mark Twain ended up, too, by the end of his life. For many of us, ...


  9. Atheist trust - not faithRead the original story

    Feb 20, 2014 | News24

    ... Let's start with the most obvious gap in reasoning - if one could call it reasoning in the first place - that of Atheism being a religion. You'll find that what all religions share is an adherence to the belief that the "supernatural" is a real and ...


  10. The stigma of being an American atheistRead the original story

    Feb 20, 2014 |

    Which, at face value, isn't surprising. Life is a lot easier for nonbelievers who keep their mouths shut in the United States, where 50 percent of the population find atheism "threatening," seven states have laws against atheists holding office, and a 2003 American Mosaic Project survey determined they were the least desirable group for a son- or ... (more)


  11. Bill Rake of The ABCs Of Whatever Podcast Interviews Me About AtheismRead the original story

    Feb 20, 2014 | O'Flaherty Blog

    ... to the shows I'm normally involved in, but that proved a great opportunity to have a friendly discussion about Atheism, agnosticism and all things religion. This audio I am posting here is from my backup recording and features just the interview ...


  12. Another Atheist gives up the ghost: on the "Atheism just is" approachRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 15, 2014 |

    For some time now a certain sect of Atheists have grown increasingly, and refreshingly, tired of the New Atheism prompted definition of Atheism as a "lack of belief in god ."


  13. Letter: Abortion and atheismRead the original story

    Feb 20, 2014 | Naples Daily News

    Frank Englund, NaplesAbortion and atheismRegarding atheist Don Dunn's guest commentary:The Bible tells us you will know the tree by the fruit it bears; history has shown this to be true, and our own eyes have been witness to this fact. 5 comments

  14. Christian and Atheist Release Film Giving a Rare Glimpse Into a Very Complicated FriendshipRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 19, 2014 |

    Christians and atheists couldn't be further apart when it comes to theological worldviews, which is what makes " My Week in Atheism ," a documentary that captures the unique friendship between a devout Christian and an avid secularist so rare.


  15. COMMENTARY: The rise of the diminished, ordinary GodRead the original story

    Feb 19, 2014 | Religion News Service

    ... ns, a professor of journalism at New York University, is the author of the new book: "Imagine There's No Heaven: How Atheism Helped Create the Modern World.")


  16. The Mystery That Binds Us AllRead the original story

    Feb 19, 2014 | WNYC-AM New York

    ... preaching to the choir, people will disagree on matters of faith. Coyne rebukes Gopnik for not understanding modern atheism enough and Douthat rebukes Gopnik for not understanding modern faith enough. Both Coyne and Douthat have a point, as their ...


  17. Meet the new atheists, same as the old atheists- well almostRead the original story

    Feb 18, 2014 | News24

    ... afterward setting their sights on Christianity and to a lesser extent, Judaism. It is clear this is a proselytising atheism, actively campaigning against religion in the public arena, in sync with countries such as China, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, and ...


  18. Secular group formed at PisgahRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 18, 2014 | The Mountaineer Publishing Company

    ... try to get some Christian groups to come to one of the meetings, and I would designate that meeting to teaching what atheism is and who we are as people, and teach them it's not a devil-worshipping lifestyle. I think they'll accept it at some point. ...


  19. The Logical Tension of Atheistic MaterialismRead the original story w/Photo

    Feb 18, 2014 | Intellectual Conservative Politics and Philosophy

    ... no atheist can actually live according to that manifesto, which in turn reflects heavily on the probability that atheism actually mirrors reality. My initial reaction to Mr. R's remark was that the cat had been let out of the bag. But, I quickly ...


  20. As atheist TV characters increase, here are 5 of the best | FaitheistRead the original story

    Feb 17, 2014 | Religion News Service

    ... The Good Wife- including protagonist Alicia Florrick, played by Julianna Margulies-made waves after declaring their atheism . Others in recent years have included Patrick Jane in The Mentalist , Gregory House in House , and Sheldon Cooper in The Big ...