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  1. Tim Lambesis: Christians got duped, Atheists got attempted murdererRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 25, 2014 |

    ... in that it was either 1) Christianity or 2) " the other point of view." Well, we know that may Atheists chose Atheism at a very, very young age; for intellectually and emotionally immature reasons which rarely are given a chance to mature. We also ...


  2. Famous Atheist Quotes WebsiteRead the original story

    Jun 20, 2014 | WireService

    ... atheists. There are very interesting debate videos such as Christopher Hitchens on Miracles, debates on Theism or Atheism, Christopher Hitchens defending Stephen Fry and many more. These debate videos provide a lot valuable information for not just ...


  3. Letter to those who are not ChristianRead the original story

    Jun 20, 2014 |

    ... has changed do not think of each of you as the same. We recognize that there are different strains of Islam, that atheism is not a simple lack of "faith," that most members of the LGBTQ community did not choose their sexuality and, most importantly, ...


  4. Reverend Reality at TedX talkRead the original story

    Jun 20, 2014 | John Dvorak

    Reverend Reality speaks at TedX about Reality Reconciles Science and Religion. Talking about the Evidential Reformation Reverend Reality lays out a common path that both Religion and Atheism can evolve into.


  5. Atheist Oleg Dei on divine hemorrhoidsRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 20, 2014 |

    ... standards. And, of course, if YHVH is to abide by our standards we would be YHVH's god. That is the whole point of Atheism ; to auto-deify, to make one's self god. The Malachi 2:2-3 text denotes hyperbolic, symbolic terminology, of course, as how ...


  6. the advice mensch | Son says he's an atheist and doesn't want a bar mitzvahRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 19, 2014 | The Jewish News Weekly

    ... that the study of science and religion are complimentary and equally necessary. If your son's identification with atheism proves intractable for the moment (and even then it may well be a phase), you might consider de-emphasizing the religious ...


  7. As I Lay Dying singer admits atheism; lied to fansRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 19, 2014 | OhNoTheyDidnt

    ... Meggan, had likewise divulged in divorce papers that Lambesis had become an atheist. Lambesis, in admitting his atheism, outlined that he turned away from Christianity as he majored in religious studies while attending college through a long ...


  8. Creation Conversion: The Turning PointRead the original story

    Jun 19, 2014 | Free Republic

    ... adult years, working as an engineer in the military space program. One day a Christian co-worker challenged me on my atheism: 'You believe in the laws of physics, don't you?' 'Then how do you reconcile them with the Big Bang?' He didn't explain what ... 2 comments

  9. In his first feature in 23 years, Alejandro Jodorowsky seeks the...Read the original story w/Photo

    Jun 19, 2014 | Nashville Scene

    ... Carlos Ibez del Campo, but the misbegotten venture results in torture and a lengthy ordeal. Jaime must challenge his atheism before he can return to his family. The Dance of Reality occupies something of the same place in Jodorowsky's filmography ...


  10. If it's Empty, it's AtheistRead the original story

    Mar 24, 2014 |

    ... but they've gone to lawyers instead. Atheists and their legal opponents are overlooking one glaringly obvious point. Atheism can obviously be represented by nothing. Therefore, anyplace you look and see nothing - perhaps a cloudless sky? - can be ... 8 comments

  11. Can An Atheist Be a Republican? Not If Evidence MattersRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 18, 2014 |

    ... identify as republicans? How does any atheist identify as republican? When evidence-based thinking leads someone to atheism , how do you then join a party that ignores evidence on all levels? Werleman takes a close look at the politics of the ... 8 comments

  12. Should the U.S. Military Allow Atheist and Humanist Chaplains?Read the original story w/Photo

    Jun 18, 2014 |

    ... open themselves up to a scenario and label they may end up regretting. "Allowing atheist chaplains recognizes atheism as a religion and would make atheists subject to the same legal restrictions they have gleefully placed on every other religion," ...


  13. 12 atheist books you may have overlooked: Part 2Read the original story w/Photo

    Jun 18, 2014 | Religion News Service

    A critical look at race and atheism. An answer to the question, "Why was I born?" An atheist response to "day-to-day unhappiness."


  14. BlacksheepRead the original story

    Jun 18, 2014 | WorthyNews

    Hi everyone, I am an Italian Atheist. I came here just to bring a different point of view, and give my humble opinions about some questions raised on atheism.


  15. Double Standards?Read the original story

    Jun 16, 2014 | News24

    ... war, civil war, and individual crime in the entire twentieth century combined. The historical record of collective atheism is thus 182,716 times worse on an annual basis than Christianity's worst and most infamous misdeed, the Spanish Inquisition. ...


  16. Joshua Ferris Takes On Atheism In 'To Rise Again'Read the original story

    Jun 17, 2014 | WNYC-AM New York

    Staring into the mouths of his patients all day, the dentist in Joshua Ferris' new novel, To Rise Again at a Decent Hour, becomes obsessed with decay and death.


  17. New Collections from Piper, Bonhoeffer, Packer, and OthersRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 17, 2014 | Logos Bible Software Blog

    ... into the Holy Land, unearths valuable proofs of the testimonies of Luke and Paul, and follows Ramsay's journey from atheism to faith. A leader in contemporary theology, Millard J. Erickson provides tightly argued theological teachings. Along with ...


  18. Morning Roundup 6/17/14Read the original story w/Photo

    Jun 17, 2014 | Christianity Today

    ... is spreading because of the contradiction between what Islamists say and what they do," he said. The perception that atheism is no longer a taboo subject - at least two Gulf-produced television talk shows recently discussed it - may explain why the ...


  19. Deepak Chopra issues a hilarious "challenge" to James Randi over...Read the original story

    Jun 15, 2014 | ScienceBlogs

    ... a better word) atheist because he has consistently said that he's all about scientific skepticism than he is about atheism, although he is an atheist. As for Randi's colleagues, one wonders whom he means besides Richard Dawkins (a man who, although ...


  20. Obviating Christian AtheismRead the original story

    Jun 15, 2014 |

    What is Christian Atheism, you ask? It is a number of things, especially a movement in Christian education in some colleges in the 1960s.