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  1. The Protest Against Evil and the Rise of Atheism: Is Evil Really the Problem?Read the original story

    Sunday Apr 13 |

    ... that an atheist is someone who does not believe in God, which does not give due consideration to the full scope of atheism. The Council Fathers of Vatican II noted that the "word atheism is applied to phenomena which are quite distinct from one ...


  2. Dona t call it atheist church; secular communities are growingRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday Apr 11 | Religion News Service

    ... 2014 in downtown Kansas City, Mo. Religion News Service photo by Sally Morrow That model doesn't include "teaching atheism," said Lynae Vingle, who oversees the children's activities at Houston Oasis. "There's no indoctrination into anything," she ...


  3. Mathematical Proof That the Cosmos Could Have Formed Spontaneously From NothingRead the original story

    Friday Apr 11 | Slashdot

    ... universe. One that seems to defy logic. And you use it as a time to get angry at people who believe in God. Is your atheism so week, that you fall back on violence if confronted with evidence that seems to force you to realign your belief structure. ...


  4. Collin Boots | Are atheists persecuted in America?Read the original story

    Thursday Apr 10 | Daily Pennsylvanian

    ... organizations are terrorist groups. According to a 2012 report from the International Humanist and Ethical Union, atheism is a capital offense in at least 13 nations. The report also says the "overwhelming majority of countries fail to respect the ... 8 comments

  5. Opinion | Religion can no longer be used to oppress rights: Where do we draw the line?Read the original story

    Thursday Apr 10 | Miami Student

    ... for they are guilty of a capital offense." supporters saying it legitimizes discrimination of race, gender and atheism. According to MSNBC, it isn't illegal to discriminate against sexual orientation in Mississippi. Religious freedom bills are on ...


  6. Uyboco: Hide and SeekRead the original story

    Thursday Apr 10 | Sun-Star

    ... between theists and atheists -- those who believe in God and those who don't. As I walked the path from theism to atheism, I discovered a lot of material to digest. I read articles and books. I watched debates and listened to different podcasts. I ...


  7. Barbara Ehrenreich on Science vs. MysticismRead the original story

    Thursday Apr 10 | In These Times

    ... to draw easy conclusions. Ehrenreich talked with In These Times about her book and its themes of science, religion, atheism and authority. You mention several times in the book that talking about your mystical experiences seemed to be a "punishable ...


  8. The Dean and Richard DawkinsRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Apr 10 | UConn Advance

    The renowned biologist sits down for a public conversation on evolution and atheism with CLAS Dean Jeremy Teitelbaum.


  9. World famous Richard Dawkins gives a lecture at Jorgensen theaterRead the original story

    Wednesday Apr 9 | The Daily Campus

    ... the subject, including his most lauded work, "The Selfish Gene." He is also known for his heavy involvement in the atheism. He is currently the vice president of the British Humanist association and has written books on the topic, most notably "The ...


  10. Losing my religion: Is the internet killing faith in the US?Read the original story

    Wednesday Apr 9 | Mail & Guardian

    ... in similar circumstances all over the world." Both of these fit squarely into the American secularist vision of atheism as a liberation from the idiocy of rural life. But they also have obvious counter-examples. Without the internet it would be much ...


  11. Embracing Atheism After A Wild Journey To Find GodRead the original story

    Wednesday Apr 9 | WNED

    Author Barbara Ehrenreich is known for her work on poverty and other social issues. But her latest book, Living with a Wild God, reveals how she became an atheist.


  12. American Standard: Slapping The AtheistRead the original story

    Monday Apr 7 | Mobtown Shank

    ... Atheist occurs when a self-described agnostic creates a straw man version of an Atheist based on ignorance of what Atheism really is and then attacks that caricature in order to gain credibility with the religious. When I see this happen, I usually ...


  13. The Racist Problem with ConservatismRead the original story

    Tuesday Apr 8 | Daily Kos

    ... even gave the Keynote address at the Atlas Society convention. But Paul Ryan also claims to have rejected Ayn Rand's atheism. He claims that when he found out later in life that her philosophy was an "atheist


  14. Atheism 101: Response to 'can't prove God doesn't exist'Read the original story w/Photo

    Monday Apr 7 |

    ... a deity and until such evidence has come forward, the logical position to hold would be to lack belief. This is why atheism is the logical position to hold. If you enjoy this article, please consider sharing the link. For atheist news, articles, ...


  15. Probe Mind GamesRead the original story w/Photo

    Monday Apr 7 | Point of View

    ... are they? The first one is. . . ? Theism. Theism teaches what? God made all. The second one is. . .? Naturalism, or atheism: no God at all. And the third one is Pantheism, God is all. Remember all three of those. Dr. Ray Bohlin : That is why many ...


  16. Atheism, a mere 'gateway ideology' to worse convictions?Read the original story

    Monday Apr 7 | News24

    Keen writer, are we? Seems so, you have just had your 5th piece selected as an Editor's Choice article! For me, personally, atheism was a gateway ideology that lead to a far more dangerous state of mind. 21 comments

  17. Read the entire "Radical Reactionary" essayRead the original story w/Photo

    Monday Apr 7 | Breaking All The Rules

    ... central part of Fr. Dimitry's - and contemporary Russia's - message to us is that all the sufferings inflicted by atheism have a meaning - we can find Christ in them Here are a few passages of Fr. Dimitry's teaching: "In our land has occurred ...


  18. What's the biggest misconception about atheists? | FaitheistRead the original story w/Photo

    Friday Apr 4 | Religion News Service

    ... who had something bad happen to them and lost their faith in God. You see it a lot in the media. Its bullcrap. As if atheism is merely some kind of angry misdirected hissyfit. Christians use this trope all the time to take on an insulting ...


  19. Are you now the same religious/lack of religious /"belief" system of your parents?Read the original story

    Saturday Apr 5 | Daily Kos

    ... you find yourself as Christian today? If they were Atheists, do you find yourself as an Atheist today? I know that atheism/agnosticism is not a belief, so I am not trying to argue it is....I am just trying to see how one was raised vs how we turned ... 18 comments

  20. Religious wars vs. Atheist warsRead the original story w/Photo

    Saturday Apr 5 |

    ... "Apparently it was just an amazing coincidence that every Communist of historical note publicly declared his atheism a .there have been twenty-eight countries in world history that can be confirmed to have been ruled by regimes with avowed atheists ...