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  1. On Native GroundWHAT If Global Warming is Happening Even Faster Than the Scientists Say?Read the original story

    Dec 26, 2013 | American Reporter

    I only got one Christmas card this year, from a cousin. Usually, I get 10 or so.


  2. Ar InvestigatesA Florida County's Unbroken Circle of CorruptionRead the original story

    Apr 11, 2013 | American Reporter

    Remember when President Obama was supposed to destroy the American economy with his nefarious, radical, tax-heavy, over-regulated, anti-business economic policies? Well, if the President is bent on bringing our nation to its knees, he's doing an awful job of it.


  3. Brasch WordsAMERICAM Education is Signing on the Dotted LineRead the original story

    Mar 24, 2013 | American Reporter

    Walmart is in an advanced state of freakout right now. Why? Because sales have been way down at the nation's largest purveyor of cheap Chinese crap.


  4. On Native GroundHOW to Bring Equity Back to Our EconomyRead the original story

    Feb 7, 2013 | American Reporter

    The weight of history was unavoidable. The first African-American to be elected twice to the presidency.


  5. On Native GroundIF You Can't Win, Cheat: the Gop Plan for the Electoral CollegeRead the original story

    Jan 31, 2013 | American Reporter

    Some conservatives in Congress are outraged over the idea that the Obama Administration could thwart their plans to threaten blow up the economy if the President doesn't approve steep cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.


  6. On Native GroundWHAT Did the 'Fiscal Cliff' Actually Accomplish?Read the original story

    Jan 4, 2013 | American Reporter

    Inflation, long overrated, hasn't materialized. Other painfully obvious problems, like joblessness, have spent months on the back burner.


  7. The WilliesJERUSALEM Plank Vote May Derail Democratic CampaignRead the original story

    Sep 5, 2012 | American Reporter

    Almost every conservative political columnist, pundit, commentator, blogger, and freelance bloviator has written about the decline and forthcoming death of the labor movement.


  8. On Native GroundBIPARTISAN Madness and the Need to Cut Military SpendingRead the original story

    Aug 30, 2012 | American Reporter

    Mitt Romney's speech to the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa was not among the great ones that conventions of both parties have heard in recent decades, but it did accomplish two important things: It enlarged the mental portrait most of us have of this quintessentially corporate man, and it made it seem possible that he could pull this ... (more)


  9. On Native GroundA Phony Postal Crisis Threatens Rural Mail ServiceRead the original story

    Apr 26, 2012 | American Reporter

    DUMMERSTON, Vt. -- A few weeks ago, Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives approved what Nobel-winning economist Paul Krugman called "the most fraudulent budget in American history."


  10. The WilliesG.O.P. Convention in Tampa Will have 'Negative' Impact, Economist SaysRead the original story

    Jan 24, 2012 | American Reporter

    It is one thing when a revelation stirs the electorate against certain presidential candidates, but it is another when voters give their very impressive imprimatur - their sovereign approval - to a change in political strategy, which is what they did in South Carolina today.


  11. Brasch WordsTHE High Cost of Freedom from Fossil FuelsRead the original story

    Nov 16, 2011 | American Reporter

    That was illustrated last week in Greece, when Prime Minister George Papandreou asked for a public referendum on the Oct. 27 bailout engineered by the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund.


  12. Campaign 2012SPEECHES We Didn't Hear at the RNCRead the original story

    Aug 29, 2011 | American Reporter

    Republicans can be thankful for one thing this week. With all the fuss over the comments of Missouri Congressman Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin, and his exposure of the party's retrograde position on abortion, no one is talking about Medicare.


  13. Ar OpinionS&P Makes Me MadRead the original story

    Aug 8, 2011 | American Reporter

    As I write this on Wednesday night, I am in utter disbelief at how completely messed up things are in Washington.


  14. Market MoverMARKETS: What Now, Mr. President?Read the original story

    Aug 8, 2011 | American Reporter

    After watching the dispiriting spectacle over the past few weeks in Washington of grown men and women acting like petulant children, instead of acting like our elected officials, it just makes me want to ask a few questions.


  15. Brasch WordsOUR Hope for Change is Still UnfulfilledRead the original story

    Jul 15, 2011 | American Reporter

    Social Security is part of a generational compact that has been in existence since 1935.


  16. Brasch WordsOBAMA'S Missing in Action in Labor StruggleRead the original story

    Mar 31, 2011 | American Reporter

    All across the nation, the states are the battleground for conflicts on public pensions.


  17. Tech ReviewNO Suicide in the Hho Car-CarRead the original story

    Mar 11, 2011 | American Reporter

    BLOOMSBURG, Pa. -- Historian and satirist Thomas Carlyle said "a lie cannot live."


  18. Passings: David Sanchez-JuliaoWISDOM of the StreetRead the original story

    Feb 27, 2011 | American Reporter

    Gov. Rick Scott of Florida, a very rich Republican who ran as an outsider promising to cut government and spur the creation of 700,000 jobs, tapped into a rich vein of controversy recently when he declared that the state would reject $2.4-billion the Obama Administration offered as a down payment on a high-speed rail system linking Tampa to ... (more)


  19. Reporting: Rep. Giffords ShootingA Tough Democrat Has Always Faced Tough ChoicesRead the original story

    Jan 9, 2011 | American Reporter

    One question among many that will arise from the Tucson rampage is why U.S. District Court Chief Judge John McCarthy Roll of Arizona was at the event.


  20. American EssayIGNORANCE, not Malice, Compels the Right's Demand for Budget CutsRead the original story

    Jan 5, 2011 | American Reporter

    Tax relief for the middle class came at the price of extended tax cuts for the wealthy and a cut in Social Security payroll taxes that may ultimately threaten the long-term survival of the program.