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  1. Students learn responsible credit card useRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 30, 2014 | WAFB-TV Baton Rouge

    ... nts listened carefully as Dodd stressed the importance of creating budgets, good credit scores and avoiding credit card debt.


  2. Warren Buffett's Best Money AdviceRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 30, 2014 | Lifehacker

    ... and timeless. Here's some of Buffett's best money advice. Buffett warns against excessive borrowing. Credit card debt or unnecessary loans can quickly get you into lots of financial trouble: I've seen more people fail because of liquor and ...


  3. How Much Gold Should Someone Own? Where and How To Own It?Read the original story

    Jun 30, 2014 | Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

    ... over fluctuations, in my assessment, 20% is a reasonable starting point. Finally, for those with a lot of credit card debt or other high interest debt, I suggest paying off all that debt before making any investments. As to the second question: How ...


  4. 5 Tips to Liberate Yourself From Credit Card DebtRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 30, 2014 | US News & World Report

    ... of freedom from British rule? Unfortunately, many Americans are suffering under a new kind of oppression: credit card debt. According to a NerdWallet analysis, the average U.S. household credit card debt stood at $15,191 as of April. This is a ...


  5. U.S. Bancorp reaches settlement with U.S. Department of JusticeRead the original story

    Jun 16, 2014 |

    ... in a "nationwide pattern or practice of discrimination by excluding Hispanic borrowers from two of its credit card debt-repayment programs." The settlement resolves claims by the department and the CFPB that GE Capital violated the Equal Credit ...


  6. spending growthRead the original story

    Jun 30, 2014 | Watersblogged

    ... system every Friday as of Wednesday the previous week. Current data is for the June 4 week. It shows credit card debt up by 1.77% year over year. Whoop dee doo. That's in nominal terms. Adjusted for inflation, that's a big fat zero, zilch, nada. So ...


  7. Five Do's And Don'ts For Financial SecurityRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 29, 2014 | El Observador

    ... surveyed felt they have too much debt, regardless of income. The best way to avoid an endless cycle of credit card debt is to try to pay your credit cards in full and on time. If you have credit card debt, pay it off as quickly as possible. If ...


  8. Post-crisis drop in consumer card use reversingRead the original story

    Jun 29, 2014 | NAFCU

    June 30, 2014 - Credit card debt is on the rise again, reversing a trend that pushed consumers' use of revolving debt down more than 15 percent in the wake of the financial crisis, American Banker reported Friday.


  9. Ana Veciana-Suarez: Student-loan debt puts graduates behind, not aheadRead the original story

    Jun 21, 2014 |

    Those of us who have managed to see our children graduate from college without student loans should consider ourselves as lucky as a Powerball jackpot winner.


  10. 10 sneaky tricks banks use to make you payRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 29, 2014 |

    ... telling you. Money experts David Koch, John Rolfe and Kirsty Lamont share their top tips on how to manage credit card debt. BANKS are tricky buggers. There are many ways that big financial institutions can pull a swiftie on their customers and lock ...


  11. Americans should look at their own backyard before bagging ThaisRead the original story

    Jun 29, 2014 | The Nation

    ... with their qualifications and experience. That is why poor Thais, refugees and migrants are not buried in credit card debt and the Thai government is not $16 trillion in debt like America is. How a country and many of its famous citizens can run ...


  12. How You Can Get the Lowest Mortgage Rates PossibleRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 29, 2014 | The Motley Fool

    ... on the amount of available credit you use. By simply paying down a considerable amount of your outstanding credit card debt, you could possibly jump into the next "tier" of credit scores. Credit inquiries can lower your score, but only the last two ...


  13. Mum's death leaves siblings strugglingRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 29, 2014 |

    ... their fathers and have few family members. Cockroft also left outstanding utility bills and about $7000 in credit card debt. And then there are her funeral costs of $8500. Cockroft's best friend and the siblings' godmother, Linda Newsome, has set up ...


  14. Plan you education financesRead the original story

    Jun 28, 2014 | El Observador

    ... student loans to pay for their education. Student loan debt amounts to $1.2 trillion which exceeds national credit card debt. Therefore , it is important that an individual aspiring to attend college realize that he/she needs a customized ...


  15. Debt load could send Andy's retirement plans off trackRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 27, 2014 | The Globe and Mail

    ... burden is the mortgage he took on for the house he just bought. He also has a line of credit, high-interest credit card debt and a boat loan. Andy's short-term goals are to buy a "new" used car to replace his current vehicle, pay off his debts and ...


  16. FTC Settlement with Payment Processor Highlights Importance of...Read the original story

    Jun 24, 2014 | JD Supra

    ... for a fee, IWB could reduce the interest rates the customers were correctly paying on their outstanding credit card debt. In reality, no such program existed. As alleged in the complaint, Independent Resources ignored several indicators of potential ...


  17. Make My DayTHE Birds and Bees are Out to Get MeRead the original story

    Jun 22, 2014 | American Reporter

    ... exchange for selling us - the taxpayers - a boatload of mortgages foreclosed upon before last March 31, and credit card debt that borrowers defaulted on last year. If there is an underlying home, some day someone is going to buy it from a bank that ...


  18. The Most Important Money Decisions 20-Somethings MakeRead the original story w/Photo

    Jun 22, 2014 |

    ... to save for retirement and emergencies, make a debt map. How much will you need to pay off short-term debt (credit card debt) and long-term debt (student loans)? Even if you are enjoying a grace period before loan repayment starts, make that ...


  19. Where is your money really going?Read the original story w/Photo

    Jun 22, 2014 |

    ... back $428 a month. However, ING Direct's research found people who said they had an uncomfortable level of credit card debt also spent a higher than average amount on the essentials. ING Direct treasurer Michael Witts suggested some Australians may ...


  20. Can you inherit your deceased parent's debts?Read the original story w/Photo

    Jun 22, 2014 | KFOR-TV Oklahoma City

    ... said Steve Hartnett, associate director of education at the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. Credit card debt: Unless you're a cosigner on your parent's credit card, his or her Visa bills are not your problem. But they're only allowed ...