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  1. 14 Pakistani Gitmo prisoners return homeRead the original story w/Photo

    Yesterday | The Nation

    As many as 14 Pakistani nationals, who had been languishing in Guantanamo Bay and Bagram prisons, have been brought back to Pakistan through a US C-130 plane that landed here at Noor Khan Airbase on Saturday, reliable sources revealed to The Nation. All these Pakistanis were picked up soon after 9/11 incident and had been detained first at Guantanamo Bay and later they were shifted to Bagram jail in Afghanistan, the sources added.


  2. Critics say Yemen is not a good model for anti-Islamic State plansRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Sep 16 | Washington Examiner

    Unrest and instability in Yemen are continuing to thwart President Obama 's plans to empty the Guantanamo Bay prison and send terrorism suspects there but that hasn't stopped the White House from touting it as a model for fighting the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria . Middle East experts say Yemen remains a hotbed for al Qaeda despite numerous U.S. drone strikes on the group's leaders there.


  3. Navy nurse faces expulsion after refusing to force feed Gitmo detaineesRead the original story w/Photo

    Monday Sep 15 | Russia Taday

    A US naval medic holds liquid food supplement force fed to hunger strikers at the US Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba A Navy nurse who refused to force feed hunger-striking Guantanamo detainees over the summer, once threatened with court-martial, could now lose his career. The nurse, a Navy lieutenant who has never been publicly identified, refused to force feed hunger strikers shortly before July 4 at Cuba's Guantanamo Bay prison complex. 13 comments

  4. US doesn't have to reveal cost of secret Gitmo prison, judge rulesRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Sep 11 | Stars and Stripes

    A federal judge agreed Thursday that the Pentagon does not have to reveal how much was paid to build the crumbling, secret Camp 7 at the Guantanamo Bay Detention Center, rejecting a Miami Herald bid to make the number public. U.S. District Judge Berryl Howell in Washington, D.C., said that the document that contained the figure had been properly classified and denied a request from The Herald's Carol Rosenberg that it be made public.


  5. Court won't release costs of Gitmo campRead the original story

    Thursday Sep 11 | Memeorandum

    Court won't release costs of Gitmo camp - A federal judge ruled Thursday that the Pentagon need not make public a document detailing the costs associated with a Guantanamo Bay prison camp used to house so-called high-value detainees. - In a ten-page opinion (posted here)


  6. A Visit With President MujicaRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Sep 10 |

    A group of Bay Area activists met with the progressive President of Uruguay to discuss the radical changes he has made in this small Latin American country. A Visit with President Mujica What if there was an honest politician? One whose entire life has been lived consistently and lovingly? Yeah, right.


  7. 6 Upcoming Films with a Socially Conscious MessageRead the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Sep 11 | Back Stage

    Because film is one of the best storytelling mediums, it's only right to use it as a tool to start conversations about issues our world is currently facing. Here are six films with a socially conscious backbone that may get you thinking about your position on situations from Guantanamo Bay and racism, to freedom of speech and immigration.


  8. The Islamic State Messages in the Light of the Climate CatastropheRead the original story

    Thursday Sep 11 | Indy Media

    When rainforest covers tropical land, it accumulates all that it needs in a layer of organic soil that over the centuries slowly spreads across infertile rocks and sand. This thin blanket keeps nutrients and water in small scale systems where they circulate through all stages of plant and animal life.


  9. Review: Kristen Stewart Shines In 'Camp X-Ray'Read the original story w/Photo

    Thursday Sep 11 |

    I've studied the film industry, both academically and informally, for 25 years and extensively written about it for the last five years. My outlets for film criticism, box office commentary, and film-skewing scholarship have included The Huffington Post, Salon, and Film Threat.


  10. A Mismanage-able ProblemRead the original story

    Thursday Sep 11 | Accuracy In Media

    President Obama says he intends to shrink the al-Qaeda-spawned Islamic State into a "manageable problem." Perhaps we'll learn more about how when he speaks to the nation on Wednesday evening.


  11. Military hearings open to mediaRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Sep 10 | The Miami Herald

    ... is nothing else." That was the scene for 80 minutes behind the razor wire Tuesday, a rare look of late inside Camp Delta, where the sullen Sudanese man met his Pentagon parole board in an air conditioned metal trailer -- wearing chains, a beige ...


  12. Permanent jail set for GuantanamoRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Sep 10 | The Miami Herald

    ... concrete building meant to eventually replace the rows of rugged cells fashioned from shipping containers at Camp Delta. At the same time, the Army is creating a full-time, professional guard force - a 324-member Military Police Internment and ...


  13. The jihadists' eternal planRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Sep 10 | Washington Examiner

    Here's the first and last rule of Islamic jihad : If at first you don't succeed, plot, plot again. 9/11 wasn't the first.


  14. Photojournalism Links Daily DigestRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Sep 10 | Time

    A public affairs representative opens the front gate to Camp X-Ray for a tour of the defunct facility during a media visit to the Guantanamo Bay U.S. Naval Base in Cuba, Aug. 20, 2014. Today's daily Photojournalism Links collection highlights Damon Winter's oddly beautiful and evocative monochrome images of one of the most symbolic places of the War on Terror: Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay.


  15. Andrew C. McCarthy: A Mismanage-able ProblemRead the original story w/Photo

    Wednesday Sep 10 | National Review Online

    Perhaps we'll learn more about how when he speaks to the nation on Wednesday evening. Still, the question presses: Is he the manager for the job? In answering that question, past performance is more a guarantee of future results than is any statement of newfound purpose from a president whose innate dishonesty has turned his signature phrase "Let me be clear" into notorious self-parody.


  16. Will Bergdahl exchange for 5 Taliban detainees embolden militants, or make peace more likely?Read the original story w/Photo

    Jun 16, 2014 | Nanaimo Daily News

    Despite securing the release of five top detainees from the prison at Guantanamo Bay in exchange for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, there are few indications that the Taliban will head into peace talks with the Afghan government any time soon.


  17. U.S. House formally condemns Obama for Guantanamo prisoner swapRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Sep 9 | Reuters

    The U.S. House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly on Tuesday to condemn President Barack Obama for failing to give Congress a 30-day notice before exchanging prisoner of war Bowe Bergdahl for five members of the Taliban who were being held at the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The measure has no legal clout, but it castigates Obama a day before he is due to address the American public to seek support for military action against Islamic State in Iraq and, possibly, Syria.


  18. Guantanamo hunger striker in standoff as release languishesRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Sep 9 | SFGate

    More than 70 of the 149 prisoners on the U.S. Navy base in Cuba have been cleared for release. Photo: Paul J. Richards, AFP/Getty Images At about 155 pounds, the Syrian prisoner is gaunt for a man over 6 feet tall.


  19. Schock condemns Obama's unlawful release of 5 Taliban terrorist leadersRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Sep 9 | Illinoisreview

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  20. Guantanamo prisoner in standoff as transfer stallsRead the original story w/Photo

    Tuesday Sep 9 | The Daily Star

    MIAMI: At about 155 pounds, the Syrian prisoner is gaunt for a man over 6 feet tall. He is pale and weak, so lethargic at times that one of his lawyers said he had to lie on the floor when he met with her one day this summer at the prison on the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.