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30 min ago | Star-Telegram.com

GOP chairman: Party competing for black votes

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told a national convention of black journalists on Thursday that the GOP has been working to better compete for black and minority votes as it eyes the 2016 presidential race.


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4 hrs ago | The Washington Post

Stop trying to make Mitt Romneya s foreign policy acumen happen. It isna t going to happen.

Daniel W. Drezner is a professor of international politics at Tufts University and a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.


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7 hrs ago | TheBlaze.com

Conservative author Horowitz: Progressives use minorities as...

Outspoken conservative author and frequent Blaze guest David Horowitz believes he has an answer for why Republicans lose elections: the race consciousness and prejudice in America sowed by progressives has created a "racial Teflon" that protects Democrats.


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12 hrs ago | NewsTarget.com

Over one-third of Americans now believe Obama should be impeached

It is a far cry from 2008, the era of "hope and change," when then-Sen. Barack Obama defeated the Democratic Party's heir-apparent, Hillary Clinton, to become the party's presidential nominee.


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Wed Jul 30, 2014

Washington Times

Chris Christie sidesteps Bridgegate, again tops Republican presidential field

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is once again at the top of the Republican presidential field and, while dented by the Bridgegate scandal that erupted roughly seven months ago, he remains a powerful fundraiser and popular campaigner, including here in New Hampshire, where he will appear on Thursday.


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The Daily Republic

Why 'compassionate conservatism' is still dead

Compassionate conservatism is back. That's how Peter Beinart, a contributing editor at the Atlantic, reads a number of recent developments in Republican politics, the most recent being Representative Paul Ryan's announcement of new anti-poverty proposals.


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Free Republic

The Secret Weapon to Win Over Voters: Authenticity

One of the most underappreciated attributes in politics is a candidate's authenticity.


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The Washington Post

That time a guy ran into Mitt Romney in a Utah parking lot

"Who knew that Mitt Romney and his extended family were such super hikers? " we all marveled from our desks.


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Hot Air

Survey: July Results

Cruz control, indeed. Taking 41% of the vote, Ted Cruz is your new primary leader, taking over from Scott Walker who finished in second at 15%.


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The Island Packet

Leonard Pitts Jr.: Paul Ryan breaks the silence surrounding poverty in America

This has not been a pretty picture in the recent past. Who can forget then-South Carolina Lt.


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Tue Jul 29, 2014

Real Clear Politics

Races in N.C., Iowa, Colo. Could Impact 2016

The short list of pivotal states in the race for control of the U.S. Senate invariably includes Arkansas, Louisiana, and Alaska.


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The Independent

Why Labour's 'cost of living' campaign is rooted in transatlantic experience

Both the party leader and Ed Balls are avid students of US politics - as their strategy for demonising the Conservatives suggests Andrew Grice has been Political Editor of The Independent since 1998.


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The Daily Advance

Rich Lowry: Kerry overestimates US influence in Gaza conflict

If an Israeli high-level official were caught on a hot mic candidly commenting on Secretary of State John Kerry's ill-fated act of Israel-Hamas peacemaking, he might call it "a hell of a diplomatic foray."


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The Washington Post

Hillary Clinton still hasna t found a good answer to questions about her wealth

America Rising, a Republican-aligned opposition research group, blasted out a clip this morning of Hillary Clinton being asked about her wealth for the bajillionth time .


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The Washington Post

How Mitt Romney spent his summer vacation

There were some charming side hug pics, and a few references to lessons about unspecified pioneers.


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Severe Buyers' Remorse in CNN Poll: Romney 53, Obama 44

A new CNN poll reveals that if a do-over of the 2012 presidential election were held today, Republican Mitt Romney would handily defeat President Obama.


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Mon Jul 28, 2014


The Morning Note: Who do you think should be Mitt Romney's running mate?

Will Mitt Romney's choice be Paul Ryan, Pat Toomey, Mitch Daniels, Tom Ridge, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie or someone else? Good morning .


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The Raw Story

Rachel Maddow: GOP courting 'aggrieved white vote' with Mitt Romney's failed claims

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow said on Monday that House Speaker John Boehner took a page from the desperate section of his party's 2012 playbook by making an accusation that was thoroughly debunked during Mitt Romney's presidential campaign.


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The IRS Scandal and the Politicization of Justice

If you want a good illustration of how Attorney General Eric Holder has politicized the Justice Department and its prosecutorial decision-making, all you have to do is look at what Justice has not done in just one part of the IRS scandal.


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Deseret News

Mitt Romney talks pioneers, family tradition in recent post

Former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney took to the pages of Medium.com Monday to share the story of a recent family trip to sites like Goblin Valley, Zion National Park and Lake Powell - a trip that continued a long tradition of teaching family members about the sacrifices of the pioneers and family ancestors.


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