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34 min ago | The Jackson Sun

Don't do stupid stuffDon't do stupid stuffDon't do stupid stuff' is...

Don't do stupid stuff Don't do stupid stuff' is not an organizing principle Check out this story on jacksonsun.com: http://www.jacksonsun.com/story/opinion/columnists/2014/08/19/stupid-stuff/14307413/ If you are the last person in America wondering whether Hillary Clinton is running for president, her recent interview with The Atlantic should ... (more)


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Jim Parsons takes the Ice Bucket Challenge (August 17, 2014)

This Woman Looks Like She's Wearing Makeup. She's Not.

Critics Slam 'Ice Bucket Challenge' as 'Slacktivism' and 'Stunt Philanthropy'

Should the U.S. Capitol Have a POW/MIA Memorial?

4 hrs ago | KOLO-TV Reno

Tahoe Summit: Progress, But New Challenges

When then President Clinton and Vice President Al Gore came to Tahoe for the very first summit in 1997, they brought with them the attention of the nation.


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4 hrs ago | Politico

Stumbling into the 'marriage gap'

One afternoon following the muddled 2000 presidential election, Page Gardner sat in her basement home office, poring over the returns and hunting for clues in who voted for whom, and why.


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8 hrs ago | Wall Street Journal

Uber Hires Obama Adviser Amid Regulatory Fight

Uber has hired David Plouffe, the campaign manager for Barack Obama 's two presidential wins, to help the taxi-hailing app win battles with regulators and soften its image in the public sphere.

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9 hrs ago | Forbes.com

Exit Strategies: How To Avoid Troublesome Earn-Out Problems

The sale of Al Gore's cable television operation, Current TV, to Al Jazeera for $500 million is very old news: the deal closed in early 2013, allowing the former vice president to monetize his investment and giving the upstart Al Jazeera's U.S. operation access to viewers in tens of millions of homes.


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15 hrs ago | The New York Observer

The Observer Interviews Naomi Wolf on the War in Israel and Gaza

The Observer has been publishing a dialogue between the author-activist Naomi Wolf and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the subject of the war in Israel and Gaza.


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21 hrs ago | American Reporter

MomentumREADY for My Close-Up, Mr. Lee

Those were President Bush's parting words to his fellow leaders as he left a private meeting during the Group of Eight summit in Japan earlier this month.


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Mon Aug 18, 2014


Al Gore suit against Al Jazeera the height of hypocrisy

When Al Jazeera bought Current TV for $500 million in January 2013, former Vice President and Current co-founder Al Gore praised the deal.


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The Washington Post

One lawmaker, one vote and the force of a political storm

In the late afternoon of May 22, 2001, an apocalyptic set of thunderstorms rolled across the Mall, with bolts of lightning striking just outside the Capitol dome.


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Washington Times

Going down in flames in the war on fossil fuels

It's been a bad year for Al Gore and his global warming buddies. The president of the United States complains that the water off Martha's Vineyard is too cold; New Yorkers are suffering through the coldest summer in memory; and to top it off, recent data contradict that global warming can be countered in any significant way by a domestic war on ... (more)


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The Hill

Al Gore enlists youth for new climate campaign

Al Gore is calling on young people to help make climate change a wedge issue in elections and build momentum for an international treaty.


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Sun Aug 17, 2014


Susan Estrich: Don't Do Stupid Stuff Applies to Hillary Clinton, Too

If you are the last person in America wondering whether Hillary Clinton is running for president, her recent interview with The Atlantic should vanquish any doubts.


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Al Gore hits Al Jazeera with 'Current TV' writ

Bloomberg TV is reporting that former US vice-president Al Gore, along with business partner Joel Hyatt is suing Qatar-based news channel Al Jazeera for fraud, breach of contract, failure to meet obligations to pay Gore and Hyatt some $65 million, and damages.


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WLNE-TV Providence

"The Sunday Political Brunch" - by Mark Curtis August 17, 2014

There is a flurry of last minute campaign ads - many of them negative - and, as always, lots of endorsements.


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Sat Aug 16, 2014

Intellectual Conservative Politics an...

not Approved by Al Gore - an Anti-Global-Warming Video Definitely Worth Watching

And here's the very enlightening & convincing proof that Al Gore was a fraud, and that the planet earth is becoming a colder & colder place: PLEASE CLICK ON THE WEB LINK IMMEDIATELY BELOW AND THEN WATCH THE NARRATOR OF THIS VIDEO EVISCERATE AL GORE & HIS POLITICALLY/FINANCIALLY MOTIVATED PRONOUNCEMENTS ON THE THREAT OF GLOBAL WARMING: He was a ... (more)


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Star Tribune

The phone call no candidate wants to make

A lifelong resident of Minnesota, Michael Brodkorb is an experienced communications, social media, public affairs & research consultant and is an observer of all things political.


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Michelle Malkin

Al Gore sues Al Jazeera for fair share of Big Oil cash so he can keep ...

Former Vice President Al Gore has filed a lawsuit against the Middle Eastern media group Al Jazeera, accusing it of fraud and breach of contract in its $500 million purchase of Mr. Gore's Current TV cable channel.


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Accuracy In Media

Obama's Airstrikes Can't Stop ISIS Beheadings, Executions

The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant has gone by several acronyms, ISIS, ISIL and recently IS, but the result is the same: beheadings and executions.


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The Island Packet

Take time to search for non-partisan facts

Here's a message for President Obama: If scientists ever reveal a threat to life on the planet, say a giant asteroid hurtling toward Earth, get someone else to make the announcement.


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Ann Compton Retiring After 41 Years at the White House - Chuck Todd ...

ANN COMPTON, who has covered seven presidents as a White House correspondent for ABC News, will retire Sept.


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