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4 hrs ago | Kotaku

Cheer Up Dude, Elder Scrolls Online Is Alright

Alessandro Baldasseroni is lead cinematic artist at Blur , which means he's contributed to the amazing trailers for games like *deep breath* Mass Effect 2, Batman: Arkham Origins, Halo Wars, The Force Unleashed, Far Cry 3, The Elder Scrolls Online... To see the larger pics in all their glory , click on the "expand" button in the bottom-right ... (more)


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12 hrs ago | Kotaku

Mod Makes Mass Effect's Climactic Space Battle Playable In Homeworld

As a fan of space combat sims, my gut twisted as I watched the massive battle between the Reapers and everyone else play out via cut scene in Mass Effect 3. I wanted to control it.


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14 hrs ago | Kotaku

Titanfall Was Almost Destroyed By Lawsuits

Before Titanfall was Titanfall , the mech-heavy shooter went through years of development hell.


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Tue Apr 15, 2014

The Daily Campus

Gamer's Piece: Videogames: A superior art form

Video games are the supreme art form of the 21st century because their very DNA is comprised of all other great expressions of art that have come before it.


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Sun Apr 13, 2014

CBC News

Edmonton gamers: learn to write your own adventure

The award-winning writers behind Mass Effect 2 and 3 and the upcoming Dragon Age: Inquisition talked about what it takes to become a game writer, and offered practical tips for those hoping to learn the ropes.


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Sat Apr 12, 2014

Gamer builds Lego life-sized EVA-8 shotgun from video game Titanfall

A 20-something avid Xbox player and Lego fan has just unveiled his newest creation: a life-sized Lego replica of the EVA-8 shotgun featured in Titanfall.


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Fri Apr 11, 2014

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra Announces 2014 Summer Season

The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra today announced its Summer 2014 concert season.


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The Escapist

It's Commander Shepard's Birthday

On April 11, 2154, the famous Commander Shepard, Systems Alliance N7 graduate, first human Spectre and commanding officer of the SSV Normandy, will be born.


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Dragon Age: Inquisition to have Kinect voice commands

"We're expecting that Xbox 360 and Xbox One editions will ship with a Kinect-enabled voice command feature, just like Mass Effect 3 did," creative director Mike Laidlaw told Total Xbox .


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'Mass Effect' panels are coming to PAX East this week from Bioware

While not much has been revealed about the next Mass Effect game, Bioware plans to give a detailed look at the franchise during panel discussions to come later this weekend.


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Fri Apr 04, 2014


Minecraft on Xbox 360 Approaching PC Version's Sales Total

Minecraft continues to sell phenomenally well on every platform it comes to, with the latest milestone for the sandbox game being the 12-million-unit mark on Xbox 360.


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Thu Apr 03, 2014

USA Today

'Uncharted' writer joins EA for Star Wars project

The writer and creative director behind Sony's successful video game series Uncharted will join Electronic Arts studio Visceral Games to work on a project tied to Star Wars.


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NEWGames Inbox: Mario Kart 8 retro, Amazon Fire TV, and XIII: The TV Show

The evening Inbox wants more games in the style of Die Hard Trilogy, as one reader imagines Star Wars: X-Wing on Oculus Rift.


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Tue Apr 01, 2014

Ars Technica

Hands-on with Bioware's Garrus Vakarian body pillow-very, very hands-on

It's no secret that I love Bioware's Mass Effect -last year I wrote a 10,000 word piece on why the series is so great , and I've played the games through more times and written more fan fiction and obsessively edited more Mass Effect music videos than anyone else on staff.


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Sat Mar 29, 2014

'Mass Effect 4' developer talks 'Mass Effect 3' multiplayer weapon balance

Corey Gaspur has commented on the multiplayer weapon balance procedure in " Mass Effect 3 ."


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Fri Mar 28, 2014

Giving a next-gen look to 'Mass Effect,' assets are ported into Unreal Engine 4

Bioware hasn't revealed any details regarding the next Mass Effect game other than that they are currently working on the title and that it will introduce a new series' protagonist, but it is almost certain that the game will release on next-gen consoles.


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Thu Mar 27, 2014


A Look at Characters with Disabilities in Video Games

Recently there has been a lot of discussions about the need for diversity in video games.


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Tue Mar 25, 2014

Before 'Mass Effect 4,' Bioware reveals early concept art from the series

While Bioware is currently at work on the fourth installment to the Mass Effect franchise, the developer gave fans a glimpse back at the beginning of the series after releasing an early piece of concept art on March 24 which served as one of the first visual references that was used to design the architecture of the Citadel in the first Mass Effect ... (more)


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Mon Mar 24, 2014

Mass Effect Designer is Tired of Stereotypes in Games

Should video games do away with stereotypes? Manveer Heir, BioWare's gameplay designer for the next Mass Effect, thinks so, and he used the Game Developers Conference to express his feelings on the topic.


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Sun Mar 23, 2014

3D Gamers

Male Shepard Save Files

This Mass Effect 2 save features a Male Vanguard Shepard who followed the Mixed alignment path.


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