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22 min ago | The Washington Post

Marco Rubioa s anti-Rand Paul foreign policy speech, translated

Sen. Marco Rubio addresses the Faith & Freedom Coalition Road to Majority Conference Kickoff Luncheon in Washington, D.C., June 13, 2013. Sen. Marco Rubio gave a foreign policy speech on Wednesday .


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22 min ago | National Journal

Marco Rubio Flaps His Hawk Wings

In a speech Wednesday, Rubio, R-Fla., called Edward Snowden a "traitor," outlined an aggressive foreign policy platform, and took some not-so-subtle jabs at President Obama and some of his less-hawkish fellow Republicans. Rubio's speech was sponsored by the John Hay Institute, an organization that doesn't have its own website.


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4 hrs ago | The Daily Beast

The GOP's 2016 Dark House: This Guy?!By Ben Jacobs

It's that magic time before a presidential election when politicians with a ghost of a dream start visiting New Hampshire. First up: former Maryland governor Bob Ehrlich.


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8 hrs ago | Cybercast News Service

Cruz: 'It's Not Our Job to Be Social Workers in Iraq'

"Look, it's not our job to be social workers in Iraq and put them all on expanded Medicaid. It is our job to kill terrorists who have declared war on America and who have demonstrated the intention and capability to murder innocent Americans," Sen. Ted Cruz told Fox News's Sean Hannity Tuesday night.


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12 hrs ago | The Washington Post

Eyeing 2016, Rubio pushes American strength abroad

Sen. Marco Rubio is positioning himself as the leading foreign policy hawk among Republicans considering runs for the White House. The Florida senator is pushing for more military spending and greater intervention abroad as the United States confronts Islamic State extremists in Iraq and Syria.


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Tue Sep 16, 2014

National Journal

Republicans Will Need to Sweep to Hold Onto Senate Majority in 2016

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell may be happy if he becomes majority leader, but he may not be in the position for long unless the GOP wins a comfortable majority. For political strategists, the biggest question heading into Election Day has been whether Republicans can pick up the six seats needed to retake the Senate.


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The Morning Note: Who do you think should be Mitt Romney's running mate?

Will Mitt Romney's choice be Paul Ryan, Pat Toomey, Mitch Daniels, Tom Ridge, Marco Rubio, Chris Christie or someone else? Good morning . It's Thursday, May 31, 2012 .


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The Raw Story

Lindsey Graham on abortion ban: If pregnant mom sings to her fetus then it must be a person

Sen. Lindsey Graham defended his proposed abortion ban this week, saying that if a pregnant mother sings to her fetus then it must be considered a person. Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network reported on Tuesday that potential presidential candidates like former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal had written letters in support of Graham's bill that would ban abortion in the United States after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

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News Max

ISIS Debate Gives 3 Senators an Edge Over GOP Presidential Field

While the possible GOP presidential contenders don't all agree on strategy for handling the ISIS threat, one thing setting Republican senators Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio apart in a crowded field is their knowledge on foreign policy. Such inside experience working in Washington allows them to speak with authority on national security measures, giving them a timely leg up and something their gubernatorial colleagues cannot tout, The Hill reports.


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Independent Women's Forum

The Myth of the Uncaring Republican

Democratic strategists, MacDougal notes, have been so successful in popularizing the idea of the uncaring Republican that it is "dangerously close to becoming the conventional wisdom." This applies especially to minorities and suburban women.


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National Review Online

Eliana Johnson: Jindal's Gamble

Jindal's nascent 2016 campaign will be an exploration of the validity of this belief. When the Louisiana governor unveils his jobs plan at the Heritage Foundation today, he will do so under the auspices of his ambitious attempt to "articulate and sell a national policy agenda to the country."


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ABC News

NJ Gov. Chris Christie Visiting South Carolina

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the latest possible presidential contender to visit South Carolina, the home of the GOP's first presidential primary in the South. Christie was visiting Tuesday as chairman of the Republican Governors Association, attending a pair of fundraisers for Gov. Nikki Haley and a governor's association event in Charleston.


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Mon Sep 15, 2014

The Flat Hat

Solving the student debt crisis

"Crisis" may seem to be the third word out of every politician's mouth these days, but there is no substitute for describing student loan debt today. As Mark Warner discussed when visiting campus Sept.


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Roll Call

Presidential Politics and Defense, ISIS Hearings in the Week Ahead

The first order of business this week on the Hill is passing a stopgap spending bill, which is of course of interest to the defense and national security world. You could also throw a rock and hit any given Iran nuclear event in D.C., so we'll mostly focus on other things Monday: NATO Supreme Allied Commander Gen.


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'Meet the Press' Panel: Losing the Senate Would Actually Be Good for Democrats

In preparation for Democrats possibly losing control of the Senate in the midterm election, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd and his panel actually tried to preemptively spin such a defeat as a good thing for the Democratic Party. On Sunday, Todd proclaimed: "What everybody in Washington knows but won't say, and that is, secretly... I'm convinced, I think we know this, Hillary Clinton would love to see the Senate in Republican hands going into 2016, wouldn't she?" [ Listen to the audio ] Politico's Jim VandeHei agreed: "I think a lot of Democrats would.


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The Washington Post

Rubio fumbles against Hillary

Few would accuse Right Turn of going easy on Hillary Clinton's foreign policy shortcomings. However, if Republicans are to defeat her in 2016 they will have to be smart about their criticism of her.


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National Review Online

Joel Gehrke: Huck: I'm Better than the Others

In a roundtable meeting this morning with journalists in Washington, D.C., Huckabee said that he would decide next year whether or not he will run for president, but he already knows he's unlikely to support any of those freshman senators. "If not me, I would be supportive of someone who has had executive experience and who has been a governor prior to somebody having only had legislative experience, which I think is fundamentally different in the manner in which one serves," Huckabee said after describing what it takes to be a commander-in-chief.


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The Daily Caller

Senators Claim Passing NSA Reform Could Help ISIS

Senators skeptical of a proposal restraining National Security Agency bulk surveillance programs warn that passing such a bill could make it harder for the U.S. act against terrorist threats like ISIS. "If you want to take away the ability to monitor ISIS, then you eliminate the tools that are eliminated in the Leahy bill," Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss, the top Republican on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said in a weekend Hill report .


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Cybercast News Service

Rubio on Fighting ISIS: Obama Has 'Authority as Commander-in-Chief'...

In a recent interview with National Public Radio , Sen. Marco Rubio said he believes President Barack Obama has the "authority" to take military action in Syria and Iraq against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria or Levant without congressional approval. At the conclusion of the interview on Sept.


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ISIS and Us: No Way To Go To War

U.S. President Barack Obama delivers a live televised address to the nation on his plans for military action against the Islamic State, from the Cross Hall of the White House in Washington September 10, 2014 . Washington is in an ISIS frenzy.


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