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Friday | WTVR Richmond

Legality NSA surveillance could go before Supreme Court

A Supreme Court justice Thursday night suggested the legality of National Security Agency activities could be decided by the court.


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Friday | US News & World Report

Justice Ginsburg: Make Equal Rights Amendment Part of the Constitution

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg would like to see an amendment guaranteeing equal rights for women tacked onto the Constitution.


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Friday | Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

A.M. Links: Obama Urges Democrats to Defend Obamacare, Pro-Russian...

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Thu Apr 17, 2014

WTOP-FM Washington

Watch live: Scalia, Bader Ginsburg to talk First Amendment

Two members of the U.S. Supreme Court will discuss the court's role in interpreting the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment.


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Wed Apr 16, 2014

The Washington Post

FTC Commissioner Josh Wrighta s dissent on the antitrust analysis of mergers

Via Geoff Manne at Truth on the Market , I see that FTC Commissioner Josh Wright has an important discussion of the burden of proof in merger analysis in his dissent In the Matter of Ardagh Group .


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Tue Apr 15, 2014

Hollywood Reporter

Aereo to Face Uphill Battle in Supreme Court, Experts Say

With broadcasters on one side and the cloud computing business on the other, the stakes are high - and the case could go either way.


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Fri Apr 11, 2014

Daily Kos

Should Justice Ginsburg Go?

American democracy is slowly drowning in money. If the country has any chance of reversing the current Gilded Age, it needs judicial lifeguards willing, able and available to throw out the lifeline to the citizenry.


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Tue Apr 08, 2014

City Paper

Elevator Repair Service's Arguendo at Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company, Reviewed

Weeknight tickets to Arguendo , an inventive but frivolous bit of comic theater derived from a 1991 Supreme Court case, start at $70, which works out to about a dollar per minute.


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Mother Jones

The Supreme Court Gutted the Voting Rights Act. What Happened Next in ...

When his court weakened the civil-rights-era law last year, Chief Justice Roberts wrote that "our country has changed."


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Justices reject gay marriage photography case

The justices of the U.S. Supreme Court sit for their official photograph on October 8, 2010, at the Supreme Court.


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Mon Apr 07, 2014

The Huffington Post

Americans Don't Think Donation Limits Hurt Free Speech, Poll Shows

Most Americans support campaign finance laws limiting both donations to individual candidates and the total amount one person can donate to candidates, according to a new HuffPost/YouGov poll conducted after the Supreme Court struck down limits on total donations last week.


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Fri Apr 04, 2014

BWW Reviews: Woolly Mammoth's ARGUENDO Stumbles in its Attempt to Please the Court

"Mr. Chief Justice, may it please the court," is the opening every lawyer states before presenting oral arguments.


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Roberts Court: Easier to donate, harder to vote

Through a series of rulings, the court's conservative majority's rulings have instead made it easier for big-money donors to influence elections - while making it harder for many Americans to use the only political influence they have: their vote.


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Thu Apr 03, 2014

Wall Street Journal

Opinion: Best of the Web Today: Welcome to the Collective

In his plurality opinion in yesterday's free-speech case, McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission , Chief Justice John Roberts notes an anomaly in contemporary "liberal" First Amendment jurisprudence: "If the First Amendment protects flag burning, funeral protests, and Nazi parades--despite the profound offense such spectacles cause--it surely ... (more)


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Wed Apr 02, 2014

ABA Journal

Supreme Court strikes down aggregate campaign contribution limits; dissent says law is eviscerated

Citing a First Amendment right to political association, the U.S. Supreme Court has struck down aggregate limits on direct contributions from individuals to federal political candidates and committees.


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Toledo Blade

Supreme Court rejects campaign funding limits

The U.S. Supreme Court today struck down a key pillar of federal campaign finance law by allowing donors to give money to as many political candidates, parties and committees as they wish.


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Hobby Lobby should not impose religious beliefs on its employees

It is hard to imagine anyone, from conservative to liberal, who would want their employer's religious beliefs imposed on their workforce or insurance coverage.


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Silicon Alley Insider

The Supreme Court's Liberal Justices Think Campaign Finance Reform Is Dead

The Supreme Court's decision Wednesday to do away with two-year caps on the total amount of money individuals can give to candidates or political parties will let rich people channel millions of dollars to a single candidate, liberal justice Stephen Breyer warned in a foreboding dissent .


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Tue Apr 01, 2014

JD Supra

Help Wanted: Supreme Court Looking for Expert to Fill In The Right Words for Patent Eligibility Test

Job Description: Complete test of patent eligiblity sketched out by this Court's decisions in Bilski v.


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JD Supra

Whistleblower Claims The Wave Continues

"The cover-up is often worse than the crime" - an apt mantra for employers who are being increasingly forced to defend retaliation and/or whistleblower claims brought in myriad industries under a broad spectrum of federal and state laws.


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