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2 hrs ago | Science Daily

Judging a fish by its color: For female bluefin killifish, love is a yellow mate

Researchers used male replicas of bluefin killifish and controlled their movement with robotic arms to improve repeatability in experiments designed to determine how fertile female fish would respond to male courtship. The surprising result: The females preferred males with yellow fins, contrary to existing research that indicated a preference to blue and red.


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Tue Sep 16, 2014


This squishy tentacle robot may haunt your dreams, but it could also help you in a disaster

Soft robots can fit in especially tight corners and tunnels, which could be useful in a search and rescue operation. MIT researchers decided to build a bot that has no hard parts at all, further expanding its abilities.


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WPTV Local News

Video: MIT's robot cheetah unleashed

Modeled after the fastest land animal on Earth, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's latest update to its robotic cheetah put it one step closer to becoming one of the fastest robo-animals out there. Funded partly by a military defense agency, MIT researchers began the project in 2013 to compare its running capabilities with the way many world-class sprinters run.


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CBC News

Soft robots slither into reality

That could result in robots that are more durable, and require less power to move. Brooklyn-based designer Matthew Borgatti has released a proof-of-concept for his own soft robot, which he calls the "Glaucus" after a blue sea slug.


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Wireless Design & Development

Exploring 'Graveyard of Ships' Near San Francisco with Remote-Controlled Robots

Federal researchers are exploring several underwater sites where ships sank while navigating in the treacherous waters west of San Francisco in the decades following the Gold Rush. Over the past week, a team from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration used a remote-controlled underwater vehicle, equipped with sonar and video cameras, to examine and record the historic shipwrecks.


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SF Signal

eBook Deal: Get Robots have No Tails and the Best of Henry Kuttner for Only $2.99

Starting now, SF Signal readers can get 2 of Henry Kuttner's sf classics in eBook format for one low price! Read on to see how you can get Robots Have No Tails and The Best of Henry Kuttner for only $2.99! In this complete collection, Kuttner is back with Galloway Gallegher, his most beloved character in the stories that helped make him famous. Gallegher is a binge-drinking scientist who's a genius when drunk and totally clueless sober.


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WKXW-FM Trenton

Admit it, you want a robot lawn mower

Here's a cool article on robot technology to make our lives easier. The one that caught my eye was the Robomow.


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Federal Robotics Commission could accelerate arrival of self-driving cars

Back when investigators from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration first probed reports of unintended accelerations in Toyota vehicles, they ran into a serious internal roadblock. They lacked the expertise to examine the problem.


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Social robots designed to interact with you

We see technology taking over almost every aspect of day-to-day life. So what about the realization of even more extra electronic help? WE SEE TECHNOLOGY TAKING OVER ALMOST EVERY ASPECT OF DAY TO DAY LIFE..


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National Provisioner

Next-generation robotics for meat manufacturers

According to a recent study from PMMI, The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies, the number of manufacturing locations using robots has more than tripled since 2008. Providing cost savings, improved performance, greater safety and enhanced sanitation, automation is revolutionizing food manufacturing - including the processing and packaging of meat products.


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Criminal Report Daily

Squishy Robot Jumps, Jumps, Jumps Around

A spark ignites a chemical mixture that causes an explosion, which launches the robot 0.6 meter into the air. 'Selfies' are all the rage these days.


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Laughing Squid

Creepy Quadrupedal Soft Robot Wiggles Its Way Across Fire and Gets Run Over by a Car

Harvard University scientists have taken their quadrupedal soft robot out for some field tests to demonstrate just how resilient the admittedly somewhat creepy walking robot can be. Tests show the robot traversing flames, crawling over heavy snow, and getting run over by a car, all while using an onboard camera to observe its environment.


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This Cheetah Robot Runs Like A Real Animal, Will Likely Haunt Your Dreams

If the thought of a large robot running straight at you freaks you out, here's one video you might want to miss. It shows a robotic cheetah that can almost run like the real thing.


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MIT lets its robotic cheetah off the leash

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have announced the latest developments in their robotic cheetah project. The project aims to provide insights into how cheetahs can move so quickly.


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Christian Science Monitor

MIT scientists build stealthy robot 'cheetah'

Robots are likely not the first thing you think of when you hear the word "speed," but one group of researchers is trying to quell the stereotype of a lumbering robot with a machine built to move more like one of nature's quickest creatures - the cheetah. Clocking in at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour , the robotic cheetah isn't quite ready to compete with its wild cousins, who can accelerate to 60 mph in just a few seconds.


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Business Journal

Robot scientist-turned-food entrepreneur doubles down on RTP

Hudson, CEO of Durham-based Panacea Biomatx, just picked up the keys of a new Davis Drive location, a space formerly occupied by Advanced Liquid Logic. Add in a new acquisition - that of Next Generation Snacks, a British manufacturer of Smooch-branded "super-food" snacks, and the ten-man team is readying to manufacture.


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Robotics Birds Fly Around and Terrorize Real Birds

Today, there are a variety of tools and technologies for spooking unwanted birds-we've graduated from scarecrows to flash-bang grenades and other sophisticated armaments-but Nico Nijenhuis is undoubtedly working on the coolest. He's building robot hawks that trick lingering critters into thinking they're about to get snacked on.


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Hide! MIT's speedy robotic cheetah no longer needs a leash

Watch out...the cheetah-bot has evolved and it no longer needs a leash. MIT's big-cat-inspired robot has gotten some serious upgrades as researchers continue to improve its skills.


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Mon Sep 15, 2014

MLM Business Opportunities Blog

Pumped Over Tire-Inflating Robot

Carter, who developed the Photon laser-tag game in 1984, says he realized 20 years ago that the problem of underinflated tires would only worsen with the disappearance of full-service gas stations - and he, of course, began mulling over solutions. "Even if someone realizes their tires are low, 75 percent of people don't know how to determine the proper pressure - if they can even find an air pump," said Carter, a Lucas resident who also invented and patented a forerunner of today's personal watercraft and the Trakvak system used to dry racetracks.


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New Robot Cheetah Can Run (And Jump) Without a Tether

'Our robot can be silent and as efficient as animals. The only things you hear are the feet hitting the ground,' says researcher.


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