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3 hrs ago | NewsFactor

NSA Plans To Map Entire Internet

The National Security Agency is hacking into corporate servers and attacking global ISPs as part of its effort to map off the entire Internet according to a report Sunday in Der Spiegel, a German daily, citing new documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. The spy agency is also placing under surveillance the CEOs and other employees at telecom companies it considers vital to the infrastructure of the Internet, the documents reportedly reveal.


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7 hrs ago | Ars Technica

Hacker exploits printer Web interface to install, run Doom

Doom on a printer's menu screen! Personally, we can't wait until someone makes Descent playable on a toaster. On Friday, a hacker presenting at the 44CON Information Security Conference in London picked at the vulnerability of Web-accessible devices and demonstrated how to run unsigned code on a Canon printer via its default Web interface.


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8 hrs ago | The Daily Caller

Docs: Obama Admin Knew Was Vulnerable To Malicioius Attacks And Launched Anyway

Top Obama administration officials knew just how vulnerable was to malicious security breaches when it launched, leaving data at risk to hackers that have already breached the website at least once. According to documents obtained by government oversight nonprofit Judicial Watch, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services officials knew about the depth of's security problems but didn't stop to fix them before the launch, as many reports have previously indicated.


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11 hrs ago | Information Technology

Belden Research Reveals Dragonfly Malware Likely Targets Pharmaceutical Companies

Belden Inc. , a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, today releases new research that shows the recently revealed Dragonfly malware is likely targeting the pharmaceutical sector, not the energy sector as previously believed. Until now, advanced cyberattacks against industry have focused on the critical energy and chemical sectors.


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15 hrs ago | Insurance Journal West

How Cybercriminals Attack Small Businesses - and 10 Ways to Stop Them

At a recent "Hacker Lab" event, "white hat" hackers revealed how cybercriminals work - and what businesses can do to protect themselves. The multimedia presentation used a simulated small business system to demonstrate how hackers choose their targets, how they enter the system and what they do post-infiltration.


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15 hrs ago | Finextra Research news

Nigerian bank falls victim to $40 million insider cyber-heist

Nigerian police are on the hunt for an IT staffer at Skye Bank who hacked into the bank's systems and transferred $40 million to a raft of bogus accounts before going on the run. Thirty-eight year old Isoko resident Godswill Oyegwa Uyoyou is alleged to have conspired with a criminal gang to access the bank's computer system and inflate the balances of various accounts.


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19 hrs ago | ABC News

3 Ways Your Kids Can Get You Hacked

Last month a story in the Wall Street Journal article sent a shudder down our collective parental spine. Google is planning to open Gmail and YouTube to kids under the age of 13. While the company will restrict this king's ransom of new clicks to kid-friendly content, hackers could well have a field day.


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Sun Sep 14, 2014

Here's What Hackers Can Do With Your CRM Data

It is obvious, if not pathetic, why hackers break into the cloud to find and publish private nude photos of celebrities. CRM data may not seem to be the low hanging fruit of, say, a nationwide sweep of Home Depot customer accounts, but a closer look suggests it is - and possibly even more lucrative for hackers.


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Finextra Research news

6 Ways to Protect your Internet of Things from Hackers - community blog from Robert Siciliano

Everything seems like it is connected to the Internet, just about, including TVs, home thermostats, sprinkler controls, door locks, egg trays , tooth brushes , and more. A study by HP shows that 70 percent of devices have vulnerabilities.

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Stunning model Joy Corrigan's anger at nude pics being hacked before Jennifer Lawrence scandal

Before Jennifer Lawrence's nude pics were hacked, model Joy says her private photographs were stolen despite her raising concerns with Apple Glamour model Joy Corrigan has hit out at Apple after she says she warned them about a threat to her private pictures. Joy, 20, who posts some pretty racy pictures on her own Instagram page, is not happy that her privacy has been violated by hackers.


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The Columbus Dispatch

How to keep your private photos safe from hackers

The E-Edition includes all of the news, comics, classifieds and advertisements of the newspaper. And it's available to subscribers before 6 a.m. every day.


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Hackers Crack has been hacked. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has confirmed that part of the site was breached in July by hackers who uploaded malware to a test server.


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Sat Sep 13, 2014


Exosyphen Studios Hacker Evolution v3.12-OUTLAWS

You play the role of a former intelligence agent, specializing in computer security. When a chain of events sets off worldwide, leaving critical service disabled, you assume the role a computer hacker to find out what happened and attempt to stop it.


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Vallejo Times-Herald

Apple's new products ratchet up need for privacy protections

Apple's release of the Apple Watch and iPhone6 makes it clear that Silicon Valley's future will be directly tied to its ability to protect tech users' privacy. Securing Americans' personal information in an increasingly tech-dominated world has to be a higher priority for tech leaders and the valley's congressional and legislative delegations.


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Cinema Blend News

Steam Malware Wipes Out Your Steam Wallet Account

What's the most devastating thing you can tell an avid Steam user? No, not that Electronic Arts has somehow miraculously bought out Valve . The most devastating thing you can tell a Steam user is that a hacker has gained access to their Steam account and all their goods could be in danger.


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InformationWeek Customers: Heed This Advice

Beyond making sure all employees have up-to-date anit-virus software, the key advice from this article for SFDC customers: Salesforce offers... a powerful multi-factor authentication feature, which is offered by just 16% of cloud providers. When you have multi-factor authentication turned on, the first time a user accesses from a computer using his username and password, he receives an SMS message with a code he must enter to gain access.


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Shanghai civil service rolls out non-Apple smartphone programme

Thousands of Shanghai civil servants were given a new work smartphone last week as part of a municipal government effort to bolster information security and spread home-grown brands. The workers received a device made by Coolpad, which was ranked third in the mainland smartphone market by tech research firm IDC.


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Should You Trust a Site to Check If Your Gmail Password Was Leaked?

In the wake of the latest leak involving 5 million Gmail addresses and passwords, the advice was the same one we give in every situation like this: Change your password - especially if you re-use it on multiple services and websites. But if you're checking to see if your email address and password is on the leaked list, beware of how you do it.


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Fri Sep 12, 2014


JPMorgan says no cyber attack-related customer fraud seen

JPMorgan Chase & Co said it had not seen any unusual customer fraud related to a recent cyber attack on the bank. Chase customers will not be liable for unauthorized transactions on their account provided they promptly alerted the bank, it said in a filing.


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KHQA-TV Quincy

Google falls victims to hackers

The Director of Information Technology at Quincy University said we should all become more aware as these attacks become more frequent. "I get my homework through Gmail and like our PowerPoint notes, our grades kind of sometimes go through that because if you send a paper, if you email a paper to our teacher, and it gets emailed back you us that's our grade," Caitlin Rotunda, a sophomore at QU, said.


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