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2 hrs ago | Competitor Magazine

Eat Your Way To Recovery

Boost these nutrients: Iron and zinc to help prevent infections. Vitamin C ; vitamin A ; vitamin E and selenium act as antioxidant protectors from damage caused by training.


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Tue Jul 22, 2014

The Victoria Advocate

Dietitians Dish: Vegging Out: Tips on Switching to a Meatless Diet

People choose vegetarian diets for many reasons, including personal preference, health concerns, dislike for meat or other food from animals or belief that a plant-based diet is healthier.


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Dr. Oz and Andrew Weil: Sunscreens, vitamins, qigong for stress and weight loss

Dr. Mehmet Oz examined a range of health topics, including sunscreen safety, multivitamins, and qigong for stress and weight loss on Tuesday's episode of the Dr. Oz Show.


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Medical Daily

6 Healthy Foods That Lose Their Nutritional Value In The Microwave: To Nuke Or Not To Nuke?

Eat smart and avoid microwaving these foods - from breast milk to frozen fruit - to prevent the loss of nutrients in your meals.


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10 Reasons to eat pineapple

Pineapple is more than a delicious tropical-fruit treat. It offers exciting health benefits that can help improve many people's quality of life.


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Fox News

6 veggies you only think you don't like

Brussels sprouts, broccoli, beets-yuck! Not so fast. Using a different cooking technique can totally transform the vegetables you thought you hated into mouthwatering sides you'll want to make again and again.


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Mon Jul 21, 2014


'Reassuring': Harvard's large-scale randomized trial in men...

Vitamin E supplements did not affect cancer risk, says the new study from Brigham and Women's Hospital and Harvard Medical School Long-term use of vitamin C and E supplements do not increase the risk of cancer, while vitamin C may offer some colorectal benefits, according to a new analysis from Harvard researchers.


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WTVY Dothan

WTVY Summer Blood Drive

Patients in need don't get a vacation from needing blood or platelets during summer months.


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The Winnipeg Free Press

Sweet nothing

Three glasses of orange juice or two small containers of vanilla yogurt would set you at your daily sugar limit if Health Canada's proposal pans out.


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Best and worst foods for your sex life

There are a lot of things that can make sex better. One of them is no other than eating some foods that are proven aphrodisiacs in their own way.


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Sun Jul 20, 2014

What food you should eat and what to avoid for EVERY decade of your life

While a healthy balanced diet is always essential, your body requires specific nutrients as you get older - here's our guide from your 20s to you 60s and beyond It's the carefree, socialising decade - but it's also the time for laying down the nutritional foundations for later life, says Helen Bond, registered dietitian and spokesperson for the ... (more)


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Sat Jul 19, 2014

CBS Local

DeRusha Eats: JuicePresso

Daniel Winer drinks a glass of home-pressed vegetables every day. He has a vested interest, after all, as the CEO of JuicePresso.


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Brandon Sun

What critics won't admit about vitamins

Are vitamin supplements safe? Do vitamins work? Are they necessary? Do they contain dangerous impurities? And, is what's on the label actually in the vitamin? Lately, newspaper headlines have unleashed a rash of criticism about vitamins.


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WISH-TV Indianapolis

Chef Wendell: Farmer's Market Vegetable and Brown Rice Salad

The magnificent, beautiful body was programed to express perfect health from the day we were born.


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Eat peaches for a delicious boost to your health

Peaches , the celebrated summer fruit adored by many, are a stone fruit that come from a deciduous tree native to northwest China, where it was first domesticated and cultivated.


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Fri Jul 18, 2014

Beverly Hills plastic surgeon thinks outside PhotoShop for camera ready beauty

There's been a lot of flak lately about models and movie stars being Photos shopped into shape and beauty, but a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon has other ways, besides digital nips and tucks, to prepare celebs for the Red Carpet.


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UK charity backs 'food state' supplements

British charity-run start-up Cytoplan is working to plug nutrient gaps with 'food state' vitamin and mineral supplements that seek to mimic whole food nutrient levels.


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Thu Jul 17, 2014

The low-down on supplements

I am amazed by the wide range of sports nutrition products on sale in gyms. No matter the time of day, it seems gym-goers are always drinking nutrient shakes.


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Medical Daily

Juicy Fruit: 6 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Grapefruit

Grapefruit provides us with benefits other than vitamin C - from protecting us against certain cancers to boosting our metabolism - keeping us in good health.


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A healthy exotic fruit

This summer is the ideal time to try a healthy exotic fruit. If you live in Hawaii, you'll find this delicious fruit easily available since it grows here.


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