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20 hrs ago | The New Zealand Herald

Five supplements that may help with depression

Over two-thirds of Australians are thought to use complementary medicines ranging from vitamin and mineral supplements to herbal to aromatherapy and homeopathic products.


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22 hrs ago | South County Spotlight

Are you getting enough quality sleep time?

While the importance of these two practices is unquestioned, don't underestimate the power of sleep - it's as integral to your well-being as your diet and active living.


Tue Aug 26, 2014


8 Futuristic Home Improvements Now Available

Forget solar panels. Your next home will have vitamin C-infused showers and circadian-rhythm lighting.


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Mon Aug 25, 2014

Globe and Mail

Why your teen likely needs more sleep - and how you can help

Health Advisor is a regular column where contributors share their knowledge in fields ranging from fitness to psychology, pediatrics to aging.


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Start school later for older kids, pediatricians urge

U.S. high schools and middle schools should start classes later in the morning to allow kids some much-needed sleep, a leading group of pediatricians is urging.


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Jewish World Review

Mayo Clinic Medical Edge: Melatonin for children or teens is tempting. Don't do it

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Is it OK to give my teenage daughter melatonin to help her sleep better? I've read that it's a safe alternative to sleep medicines.


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Thu Aug 21, 2014

Genesee Country Express

Dr. Jeff Hersh: Calibrating your circadian rhythm

A: There are many hormones whose levels vary throughout the day, regulating many body functions and defining our circadian rhythm .


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Wed Aug 20, 2014

Insomnia and Food

In a recent article appearing in the Washington Post by Roberto A. Ferdman , Reporter for Wonkblog, the results of a study by Jawbone concluded that 21 of the major U.S. cities as well as international cities got less than seven hours of sleep on average per night.


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Tue Aug 19, 2014

Good news for (yawn) shift workers and residents

Shift workers applauded the addition to their medicine cabinets, already well-stocked with sleep aids.


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Sat Aug 16, 2014


Ways to Combat Insomnia

If you find yourself tossing and turning for hours, unable to go to sleep or stay asleep, you could be suffering from insomnia.


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Fri Aug 15, 2014


8 delicious summer foods that are good for you, too

By Caroline Kaufman Special to CNN Editor's note: Caroline Kaufman is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a Master of Science in Nutrition Communication.


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KXLY-TV Spokane

8 great summer foods that are good for you

Farmers markets are brimming with beautiful, ripe produce for the picking, local foods are flooding the supermarket, and it's finally time for juicy berries and stone fruits to take center stage.


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Deming Headlight

Pain and the connection to poor sleep

Pain, such as that associated with fibromyalgia, afflicts 15 percent of women and 10 percent of men over age 50. A research study done in the UK involving 4,326 adults over the age of 50, and published in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatology, included anxiety, physical health, cognitive issues, osteoarthritis and lack of sleep as possible sources ... (more)


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Thu Aug 14, 2014


SleepDrops' new sleep remedy

With insomnia and sleep disturbances now affecting 47 per cent of the population worldwide, and more than 80 official sleep disorders recognised in adults, the issue of sleeplessness is a widespread problem.


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Wed Aug 13, 2014


Many shift workers use drugs to sleep, stay awake

Fewer unmarried America women are having babies, with the notable exception of those who are over 35, federal health officials reported Wednesday.


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Mon Aug 11, 2014

Are cherries a superfood?

If the definition of a superfood is a food with fantastic health benefits as well as some remarkable healing properties, then cherries certainly fit the bill.


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Fri Aug 08, 2014


Nighttime Light May Interfere with Breast Cancer Drug

Exposure to dim light at night may lead breast cancer cells to become resistant to the common breast cancer drug tamoxifen, according to a new study in rats.


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Make a meal of sleeping soundly

Sleep. Oh, to sleep. A good night's sleep is often a struggle for more than half of adults.


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Wed Aug 06, 2014

Sleepless in the USA: New study finds tart cherry juice significantly increases sleep time

According to the CDC insufficient sleep is a public health epidemic. The CDC warns that people who are struggling with sleep deficiencies are at risk for serious, debilitating, chronic diseases and even death from: "hypertension, diabetes, depression, and obesity, as well as cancer, increased mortality, and reduced quality of life and ... (more)


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Tue Aug 05, 2014

KUOW-FM Seattle

MAP: Stories From The Darkest Places On Earth

A night so black you can't see your hand waving in front of your face. So dark you could just reach out and grab a star.


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