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9 hrs ago | Weekend

5 Signs Of Calcium Deficiency You Shouldn't Ignore

If you have strong bones and teeth, you can thank calcium for that. Calcium is an essential mineral that your body needs not only for bone and tooth health, but your body also uses calcium to stabilize blood pressure and regulate the heartbeat.


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19 hrs ago | Jacksonville Daily News

Some healthy options for back-to-school lunches

Lunches and snacks for back-to-school students can be very healthy and tasty. Fruits and vegetables along with nuts, raisins and dried cranberries add a nutritional value to the menu.


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Yesterday | Nerve News

Add coconut in diet for healthy you

Coconut has many nutritional benefits and now it has been revealed that this superfood can help in curing various medical problems.


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Wed Aug 27, 2014


Parents and Kids: Don't Leave Home Without Your Breakfast

As kids and parents adjust their daily routines for the new school year, breakfast is the one thing we know is essential to include.


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Business Wire

Wake up with Back to School Healthy Breakfast Ideas from Stop & Shop

It's true that kids who eat breakfast get more fiber, calcium, vitamins A and C, zinc and iron into their diets compared to breakfast skippers.


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BBC News

Tomatoes linked with fighting cancer

Men who consume more than 10 portions of tomatoes each week reduce their risk by about 20%, according to a UK study.


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Mon Aug 25, 2014

8 Essential Nutrients for a Better Night's Sleep

Tired of wondering what you can do to get a better night's sleep? A hidden trick to getting a good night's rest can be found inexpensively in your home.


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The Globe and Mail

How much healthy fat can I include in my diet without gaining weight?

There are so many healthy fat alternatives we're supposed to be eating - such as avocado, flax, chia and coconut oil.


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Dr. Oz: Weight loss diets for different body types and calcium for osteoporosis

If you can't fit into your designer jeans, should you blame your genes? Well, maybe.


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Short-Term Safety and Efficacy of Calcium Montmorillonite Clay (UPSN) in Children

Recently, an association between childhood growth stunting and aflatoxin exposure has been identified.


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3 Easy Ways To Strengthen Your Bones

Most people don't realize that the skeleton does more than anchor your muscles and protect your squishy organs.


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Sun Aug 24, 2014

Daily Monitor

Talking medicine: The benefits of taking calcium

This week, let us talk about calcium. It is an important mineral that helps in the functioning of the heart and formation of bones and teeth.


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6 Vegetables That Might Save Your Life

If there's one food that no one -- not your doctor, your nutritionist or even your mother -- will tell you to eat less of, it's leafy greens.


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Sat Aug 23, 2014

Easy homemade pancake recipe: Apple pancakes are the best ever

Pancakes used to be just pancakes, but those days are over. Although there are many fruits that can be added, it's not always easy to have them available out of season.


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Bangor Daily News

Jump Start Your Weight Loss

I write a lot of blogs about the dangers of crash dieting. I'm not changing my advice.


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Fri Aug 22, 2014

The Miami Herald

Seven ways to help kids eat healthy

Well, isn't that good timing? Right when my daughter and grandkids are here for a visit, I learn that August is Kids Eat Right Month .


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Vitamin D Insufficiency

Vitamin D, a fat-soluble steroid hormone precursor, plays an important role in the proper growth and development of healthy bones and muscles.1-4 Vitamin D can be ingested through food sources and/or supplementation, or produced endogenously when the sun's ultraviolet rays hit the skin and cause vitamin D synthesis.2 Vitamin D promotes calcium ... (more)


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Thu Aug 21, 2014

She Knows

5 "Healthy" foods that can hurt your gut

Kathryn Matthews is a New York City-based lifestyles writer, editor and Certified Holistic Health Coach.


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ABC News

Breakfast: the one meal to rule them all?

It is perhaps the most neglected meal of the day, forgotten in the morning rush to get to work or school on time.


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What do dietitians snack on?

It's mid-afternoon and your concentration is flagging. Those spreadsheets on the computer screen might be looking a bit wobbly and pretty soon the familiar pang of hunger starts to kick in.


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