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Chitinase is a Potential Molecular Biomarker for Detecting Resistance ...

Tropical Plant Biology In Tropical Plant Biology, Vol. 5, No. 3. , pp. 244-252, doi:10.1007/s12042-012-9108-7 The populations of Acacia koa , a tree legume native to Hawaii, are currently at risk due to infection by the wilt-inducing fungal pathogen, Fusarium oxysporum.


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Watch A Tortoise Chase Down A Remote-Controlled Truck With ALL ITS MIGHT

Mon Aug 18, 2014

Science, Industry and Business

Learning from medicine - new tools for plant research

A new chemical tool to analyze plant hormone pathways is established by Prof. Dr. Markus Kaiser, Centre for Medical Biotechnology, University of Duisburg-Essen , and Dr. Erich Kombrink, Max Planck Institute for Plant Breeding Research, Cologne.


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Sun Aug 17, 2014

Plants talk to each other by exchanging genes, study finds

A breakthrough discovery has been made in the area of botany, suggesting plants may use methods of communication with one another that involves the bidirectional transfer of genetic material.


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Fri Aug 15, 2014

Science Daily

Make your mobile device live up to its true potential: As a data collection tool

Easy Leaf Area is a new, free program that calculates leaf surface area from digital images.


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Thu Aug 14, 2014

North Texas e-News

Austin College botanist releases new book

Texas has more native ferns than any state in the continental U.S., so say the experts.


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Claim: New analysis links tree height to climate

What limits the height of trees? Is it the fraction of their photosynthetic energy they devote to productive new leaves? Or is it their ability to hoist water hundreds of feet into the air, supplying the green, solar-powered sugar factories in those leaves? Both factors - resource allocation and hydraulic limitation - might play a role, and a ... (more)


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The Arabidopsis Information Resource (TAIR): improved gene annotation and new tools.

The Arabidopsis Information Resource is a genome database for Arabidopsis thaliana, an important reference organism for many fundamental aspects of biology as well as basic and applied plant biology research.


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The Oryza bacterial artificial chromosome library resource:...

The Oryza bacterial artificial chromosome library resource: construction and analysis of 12 deep-coverage large-insert BAC libraries that represent the 10 genome types of the genus Oryza.


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CSIRO Publishing

Rhizobium-induced elevation in xylem cytokinin delivery in pigeonpea...

High nitrogen nutrition was found to inhibit onset of the syndrome which could then be induced by N-free nutrient after development of seven trifoliate leaves.


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Mon Aug 11, 2014

Voice of America

'Rock Star' Botanist Rappels Down Cliffs to Save Hawaii's Rarest Plants

Field botanist Steve Perlman has been at the forefront of protecting Hawaii's endangered species for more than 40 years.


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Ag Professional

MU agronomist: Rains restore crop yield potential just in time

August rains, after a dry July, came just in time to fill corn ears and set soybean pods, says a University of Missouri agronomist.


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Sun Aug 10, 2014

Dr. Peter Raven: Saving Plants, Saving Ourselves

UC Santa Cruz Arboretum 1156 High St, University of Calif , Santa Cruz, California 95064 Come meet sustainable visionary Dr. Peter H. Raven, one of the world's leading botanists and advocates of conservation and global biodiversity.


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Fri Aug 08, 2014

Milling Journal

University of Missouri Extension Agronomist Says Rain Restores State...

Columbia, MO-August rains, after a dry July, came just in time to fill corn ears and set soybean pods, says a University of Missouri agronomist.


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Thu Aug 07, 2014

Hispanic Business

NSF Grants Establish Regional Science and Engineering Collaborative Consortia

The three RII Track-2 consortia are tackling nationally-important scientific challenges that range from molecular level investigations of individual electrons to advanced development of materials, genomics, and biotechnology.


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Fundamental Plant Chemicals Trace Back to Bacteria

A fundamental chemical pathway that all plants use to create an essential amino acid needed by all animals to make proteins has now been traced to two groups of ancient bacteria.


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Wed Aug 06, 2014

Los Angeles Times

Scientists develop a tomato plant that can grow all night

A tomato plant showing some injury symptoms as a result of growing under continuous light.


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Tue Aug 05, 2014

Bluffton Today

Do you recognize this mystery plant?

If you're a flatlander like me, it might be quite a while between your time at home and your visits to the beautiful Alleghany Mountains of West Virginia.


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Brush News-Tribune

Morgan County is home to a plethora of native plants

Colorado Extension Agent Bruce Bosley explained some of the plants and flowers native to northeastern Colorado at the Brush Museum Sack Lunch program on August 1. Extension Agent Bruce Bosley combined botany exploration history with practical area native plant information at the Brush Museum Sack Lunch program August 1. Bosley, who is a Colorado ... (more)


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Milwaukee Journal-Sentinal

Filament Games Releases Crazy Plant Shop on Steam Store

Today's Paper, also known as the e-Edition, is an online replica of the printed newspaper.


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Mon Aug 04, 2014

PhysOrg Weblog

Lentils provide breakthrough in disease prevention

A PhD student has made a significant breakthrough in preventing a global deficiency of the essential mineral and micronutrient in humans called selenium, which has been linked to the possible incidence of some diseases, including some cancers, viral infections, suppression of HIV progression to AIDS, heart disease and male infertility.


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