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39 min ago | Live Science

'Clever Editing' Warps Scientists' Words in New Geocentrism Film

Four prominent cosmologists say they were misquoted in a documentary trailer promoting a claim debunked more than 450 years ago: that the Earth is in a privileged spot in the universe.


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4 hrs ago | Scientific Computing/Instrument.

Cosmic Slurp: Using Supercomputers to Predict Black Holes Swallowing Stars

Somewhere out in the cosmos an ordinary galaxy spins, seemingly at slumber. Then all of a sudden, WHAM! A flash of light explodes from the galaxy's center.


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Tue Apr 15, 2014

Government Executive

Algorithm May Enable Common X-Rays to Identify Tiny Amounts of Uranium and Plutonium

Los Angeles International Airport Enforcement Special Unit police officers use a bomb-sniffing dog to check baggage.


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Lansing State Journal

MSU physics professors to hold Q&A after 'Particle Fever' showing at Studio C

The universe seems to tuck its details into distant, hard-to-find places. So does CERN, the international project designed to find those details.


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Christian Science Monitor

Exotic hadron particles detected at CERN: Bizarre matter defies known physics

Exotic hadron particles: Scientists at CERN have confirmed the detection of exotic hadrons, a type of matter whose existence is not predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics.


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Business Journal

Learn physics with an app a at an art museum?

A new iPad app created by a Drexel University professor is hoping to change the way we think about art.


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William Floyd Science Students Participate in International Physics Masterclass

In a partnership with area high schools and Brookhaven National Laboratory , William Floyd AP Physics students recently had the opportunity to participate in an ... Mastic Beach & Upton, NY, April 15, 2014 In a partnership with area high schools and Brookhaven National Laboratory , William Floyd AP Physics students recently had the opportunity to ... (more)


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Sensitive Detection Method May Help Impede Illicit Nuclear Trafficking

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency the greatest danger to nuclear security comes from terrorists acquiring sufficient quantities of plutonium or highly enriched uranium to construct a crude nuclear explosive device.


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Science Daily

New 'tunable' semiconductors will allow better detectors, solar cells

Researchers have discovered a way to use existing semiconductors to detect a far wider range of light than is now possible, well into the infrared range.


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Probing the physics of narrow-line regions of Seyfert galaxies I: The case of NGC 5427

We have used the Wide Field Spectrograph on the ANU 2.3m telescope at Siding Spring to observe the nearby, nearly face-on, Seyfert 2 galaxy, NGC 5427.


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Mon Apr 14, 2014

Silver Bullet Comics

Advance Review: 'Solar: Man of the Atom #1' A ultra powerful myth...

Advance Review: 'Solar: Man of the Atom #1' A ultra powerful myth bending the laws of physics to his will Magnus: Robot Fighter .


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Live Science

Beyond the Higgs: 4 Weird Facts About Other Bosons

In 2012, scientists at the world's largest atom smasher came across evidence of what they believe is the Higgs boson, a long-sought particle that gives other matter the property of mass.


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Introducing Meqanic - A new kind of Puzzle Game for iOS

Tareso announces today the release of Meqanic , a revolutionary new puzzle game for iOS.


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Novel technique developed by NUS scientists opens door to better solar cells

A team of scientists, led by Assistant Professor Andrivo Rusydi from the Department of Physics at the National University of Singapore's Faculty of Science, has successfully developed a technique to study the interface between materials, shedding light on the new properties that arise when two materials are put together.


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Daily Kos

Connect! Unite! Act! What Performance Do You Wish You Could Have Seen? 'The Physical Revue'

A daily series, Connect! Unite! Act! seeks to create face-to-face networks in each congressional district.


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UConn Advance

UConn's First Female Physics Professor Reaches 45-year Milestone

Cynthia Peterson, professor of physics, outside the Planetarium on North Eagleville Road.


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TG Daily

Testing boundaries of 'new physics' with discovery of 4-quark hadron

Their finding is the subject of a forthcoming article, prepared by the Large Hadron Collider beauty Collaboration at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.


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TG Daily

BOSS quasars track the expanding universe

The Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey , the largest component of the third Sloan Digital Sky Survey , pioneered the use of quasars to map density variations in intergalactic gas at high redshifts, tracing the structure of the young universe.


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Sun Apr 13, 2014

The Sietch Blog

Cosmic slurp

The evolution of a white dwarf star as it is being disrupted by a massive black hole.


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Ars Technica

The physics of water drops and lift-off

The flow of fluids is one of the most complex, beautiful, and amazing things in physics.


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