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1 hr ago | Hispanic Business

Researchers from Department of Medical Physics Discuss Findings in...

Editor at Health & Medicine Week -- Investigators publish new report on Amino Acids.


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Madden 15 Gameplay! (So Much Rage!!)

Should the U.S. Capitol Have a POW/MIA Memorial?

LAPD Cop: If You Don't Want To Get Shot, Don't Challenge Me

This Woman Looks Like She's Wearing Makeup. She's Not.

5 hrs ago | RedOrbit

Unexpected Electric Polarizations In Promising...

Image Caption: Scientists and study coauthors from Brookhaven Lab's Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science Department stand beside a transmission electron microscope capable of capturing nanoscale structures.


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7 hrs ago | OUPblog

The 150th anniversary of Newlands' discovery of the periodic system

The discovery of the periodic system of the elements and the associated periodic table is generally attributed to the great Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev.


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9 hrs ago | Science Daily

Scientists unveil new technology to better understand small clusters of atoms

Physicists have developed new technology to study atomic vibration in small particles, revealing a more accurate picture of the structure of atomic clusters where surface atoms vibrate more intensively than internal atoms.


9 hrs ago | Science Daily

A new wireless energy transfer device can charge any device without using cables

Researchers at the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia have designed a new device for wireless energy transfer that will, for example, charge mobile phones or laptops without needing wires.


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9 hrs ago |

Letter: Some scientists cool off

A climate realists' article by John O'Sullivan reports that "50 IPCC Experts Expose Washington Post Global Warming Lies."


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Tue Aug 19, 2014

Ecology Global Network

The Physics of Falling Icebergs

For thousands of years, the massive glaciers of Earth's polar regions have remained relatively stable, the ice locked into mountainous shapes that ebbed in warmer months but gained back their bulk in winter.


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Not Even Wrong

Grand Unification of Mathematics and Physics

I'm not sure whether this slogan is likely to annoy physicists or mathematicians more, but in any case Edward Frenkel deserves some of the blame for this, since he describes the Langlands program as a Grand Unified Theory of mathematics, which further is unified with gauge field theories similar to the Standard Model.


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Lorry driver over the moon after landing job with Nasa

Co Down man Ryan Milligan applied for a grant to study space weather and is now setting up office at Queen's University Belfast, but still plans to drive trucks to relax.


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Hispanic Business

KACST scientist wins US physics award

"APS, the world's second largest organization for physicists with a non-profit membership, has chosen Dr. Badhrees as the first non-American woman-physicist to be granted the 'Woman Physicist of the Month' for for her enriching role and positive impact on the physics community," an official at KACST media department said on Tuesday.


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Mementos on Europe's Last Space Freighter Honor Scientist Namesakes

It is not the most important payload onboard the "Georges Lematre" - the name that the European Space Agency gave its fifth and last Automated Transfer Vehicle - but the box's contents represent the history that was made and the science that was advanced by the fleet of five spacecraft and their namesakes.


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Herwig++ Physics and Manual

The European Physical Journal C , Vol. 58, No. 4. , pp. 639-707, doi:10.1140/epjc/s10052-008-0798-9 In this paper we describe Herwig++ version 2.3, a general-purpose Monte Carlo event generator for the simulation of hard lepton-lepton, lepton-hadron and hadron-hadron collisions.


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Organic photovoltaic cells of the future

WASHINGTON D.C., Aug. 19, 2014 - Organic photovoltaic cells -- a type of solar cell that uses polymeric materials to capture sunlight -- show tremendous promise as energy conversion devices, thanks to key attributes such as flexibility and low-cost production.


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How Do Monster Black Holes Form? New Find May Provide 'Missing Link'

Black holes are some of the strangest objects in the universe, and they typically fall into one of two size extremes: "small" ones that are dozens of times more massive than the sun and other "supermassive" black holes that are billions of times larger than our nearest star.


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R & D

First indirect evidence of so-far undetected strange baryons

New supercomputing calculations provide the first evidence that particles predicted by the theory of quark-gluon interactions but never before observed are being produced in heavy-ion collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider , a facility that is dedicated to studying nuclear physics.


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Using physics to design better drugs: Albert Einstein College of...

The National Institutes of Health has awarded $9 million to renew a grant headed by Robert Callender, Ph.D. , professor of biochemistry at Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University.


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New Algorithm Gives Credit Where Credit Is Due

Image Caption: Albert-LA szlA3 BarabA si, the Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science and a Distinguished University Professor at Northeastern, co-authored a paper with visiting scholar Hua-Wei Shen that presented a new algorithm to determine how credit should be allocated among multiple authors of one research paper.


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5 Famous Inventors Who Were Killed By Their Own Inventions

Marie Curie was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity.


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Domoguen: The 'Unified Field'

ALBERT Einstein was certainly the most "influential physicist of the 20th century."


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Mon Aug 18, 2014

Scientific Blogging

MRI For A Quantum Simulation

Magnetic resonance imaging is the medical application of nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and a powerful diagnostic tool.


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