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35 min ago |

Graphic Novel Review: 'The Remaining'

Christian comic book publisher Kingstone Media has stepped out of its comfort zone recently with their release of the graphic novel version of faith-based horror film " The Remaining ." Although the company has printed original stories before outside of its historical and Biblical accounts, the move pushes the proverbial envelope even further.


4 hrs ago | New York Daily News

TV evangelist Jim Bakker sells survivalist kits after jail time

Bakker's website sells everything from bulk 'End of the World Gravy,' 'Extreme Survival Bottles' and extreme cold-weather apparel. The evangelist, who considers himself one of today's experts on the Book of Revelation, appears motivated by prophetic scriptures in the Bible which warn of the end of days.


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8 hrs ago | Best of New Orleans

Preview: Earth and The Afghan Whigs

It's nitpicking, but the rock gods got the order of this preternatural, purgatorial double feature wrong: In heaven, as it is on Ani DiFranco albums, the hedonistic reveling of an Afghan Whigs reunion comes before the inevitable reckoning of Earth, not after. Or maybe God passed altogether on this match made in hell, Greg Dulli's twilight sinners having their long-awaited come-to-Satan at the sludgy cracks of Dylan Carlson's Judgement Day gavel.


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12 hrs ago |

Love is the Commitment is Released

Authors Kathe S. Rumsey and Roberta M. Wong prepare the church for the return of heaven's bridegroom, Jesus Christ, in their new guidebook "Love Is the Commitment: Protocol Guidelines for God's Royal Wedding" . "Love Is the Commitment" is a relationship guide for readers looking to strengthen their relationships with others as well as Jesus Christ.


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16 hrs ago | The Times of Israel

Official: 'Zombie apocalypse possible'

A senior defense official warned Monday that while there was no imminent danger of zombie hordes overrunning Israel and gorging on millions of delicious Jewish brains, the military's latest assessments showed that the threat of an eventual zombie apocalypse should not be taken lightly. "The situation is quiet; we don't assume we're headed toward an all-out zombie pandemic," said the official, who provided his assessment on condition of anonymity due to the highly classified intelligence material on which it was based.


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Sun Sep 14, 2014

Character comes first in the mature zombie movie 'The Battery' on DVD

Join as we count down our top 10 favorite zombie movies, from [Rec] to Shaun of the Dead. This video contains mature content: Viewer discretion is advised.


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The Independent

Paisley's decision to make peace with IRA enemies might remind the Arabs of Sadat

I once turned up in Belfast from Beirut, to challenge Ian Paisley about the Middle East. As Belfast correspondent for The Times in the 1970s, I knew the vicious old rogue well, and he always treated me with the same humour, disdain and repugnance that he visited upon most journalists.


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Tomgram: Bautista, Crisp-Sauray, and McKibben, A Future to March For

My hope is that anyone who can get here will help make it impressively so, if for no other reason -- and there are plenty -- than because it feels good once in a while to know that you're not alone. You'll find all the information you need about the timing and logistics of the march by clicking here .


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Middle East Christians, ISIS & the Beast of Revelation

The radical Islamic group ISIS released a video of them killing and beheading a third civilian , humanitarian worker David Haines, from a Western nation this week. This comes as thousands of Christians, as well as other religious minority groups in Syria and Iraq, have been slaughtered, raped, sold as slaves or a combination of the three in the past few months at the hands of ISIS members.


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Sat Sep 13, 2014

Jerusalem Post

The meaning of black flags over Jerusalem

THE FUNERAL of Muhammad Abu Khdeir in Jerusalem featured many black flags, and commentators have been asking whether this portends a religious and political change of attitudes.. After a lengthy trip abroad, I returned to my Jerusalem home with great pleasure.


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National Review Online

Transhumanism's Dictatorship of AI Machines

Transhumanists, being mostly materialists, desperately yearn for something more ; immortality, biotech that grants super-human powers and capacities, a life beyond being human. Many look to machine artificial intelligence-AI-as the means of fulfilling their eschatology of post-human greatness.


Fri Sep 12, 2014

Surviving the zombie apocalypse: Get a cell phone signal booster in your hands

Call them survivalists. Call them "emergency preparedness experts" with underground bunkers full of freeze-dried foods.



How the West Created the Islamic State

Jonathan Cook reports from the West Bank on How the Media and Human Rights Groups Cover for Israel's War Crimes; Jeffrey St. Clair on Why Israel is Losing; Nick Alexandrov on Honduras Five Years After the Coup; Joshua Frank on California's Water Crisis; Ismael Hossein-Zadeh on Finance Capital and Inequality; Kathy Deacon on The Center for the Whole Person; Kim Nicolini on the Aesthetics of Jim Jarmusch. PLUS: Mike Whitney on the Faltering Economic Recovery; Chris Floyd on Being Trapped in a Mad World; and Kristin Kolb on Cancer Without Melodrama.


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Thu Sep 11, 2014

Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch

'Supernatural' First Look: It's Demon Dean

In the world of Supernatural , there's very little the Winchester brothers haven't done. After nine seasons, they've died for each other ; they've been possessed; they've been to Hell and back; and they've even stopped the apocalypse.



These 14 WTF Scenes In Thundercat's 'Tron Song' Video Will Make You Hide In A Corner

Thundercat is a weird dude, that much we know. The sometime sideman for everyone from Erykah Badu to Flying Lotus and punk thrashers Suicidal Tendencies knows his way around a six-string electric bass.


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Ukiah Blog Live

Sleepwalking Toward Armageddon

In his speech responding to the horrific murder of journalist James Foley by a British jihadist, President Obama delivered the following rebuke : ISIL speaks for no religiona and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents. No just God would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day.


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Wed Sep 10, 2014

International Business Times

ISIS Uses One-Eyed Baby For Apocalyptic Propaganda [Video]

ISIS is spreading apocalyptic warnings by using a picture of a one-eyed baby depicted as the Dajjal or the Islamic Antichrist. The propaganda is aimed at spreading fear about the coming end of the world and that Muslims are the only people to be saved.


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Understanding ISIS's Apocalyptic Appeal

Militant Islamist fighters associated with ISIS take part in a military parade along the streets of northern Raqqa province June 30, 2014 . President Barack Obama's expected announcement today of a long-term military campaign against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria follows an unusually grizzly few months of territorial conquest and seemingly barbaric behavior.


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Apocalypse Chapter 12, as Interpreted in 'The Mystical City of God'

In The Mystical City of God , Venerable Mary of Agreda gives an interpretation of the twelfth chapter of the Apocalypse , which is far different from those offered by most protestants and evangelicals. The following excerpt has been shortened as much as possible, without losing the central message.



5 reasons why new sci-fi show The Leftovers will be unmissable

New US HBO science fiction series The Leftovers has already taken the US by storm and on Tuesday September 16 it will be making its UK debut on Sky Atlantic. Here are five reasons, why you won't want to miss it.


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