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2 hrs ago | Washington Times

Atheists forgetting the meaning of freedom

Many people in this country were shocked when the U.S. Navy recently announced the removal of all Bibles from military hotels under their control.


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Jim Parsons takes the Ice Bucket Challenge (August 17, 2014)

Watch A Tortoise Chase Down A Remote-Controlled Truck With ALL ITS MIGHT

This Little Kid Is DEVASTATED When His Dad "Steals" His Ear and Nose

Critics Slam 'Ice Bucket Challenge' as 'Slacktivism' and 'Stunt Philanthropy'

Sat Aug 16, 2014

The Westerner

State-Run New Mexico Museum Scrambled to Cover Up Collaboration with Atheistic Groups

In previous articles this week we saw that New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science worked with atheist groups to put on 2014 Darwin Day events that included anti-religious lectures.


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Fri Aug 15, 2014

AlterNet Writer: Fox News Audience's Fear of Atheists Is Just Part of Its Fear of 'Everything'

When last seen in these parts about a month ago , writer CJ Werleman asserted that Jesus was a proto-Marxist.


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Religion News Service

Atheists in foxholes - and car accidents

Earlier this summer, I had a kind of near death experience. But it didn't involve a bright light or divine presence-instead, it reminded me of how atheism fuels my appreciation for being alive.


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Richard Dawkins' Twitter rape and pedophilia controversy, again

Empathy must be expressed towards those poor I just mind my business type of Atheists who pull their hair out every time that the pop-high priest of Atheism , Richard Dawkins , raises his haphazardly evolved head.


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Thu Aug 14, 2014

Hollywood Actor Reveals What He Thinks Is 'Weird' About Atheists

Actor Kevin Sorbo isn't shy about sharing his views on politics and religion, which he has candidly detailed in past interviews with TheBlaze .


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.com | My journey towards atheism

I have been following the Christian/atheist debates on News24 for a while, and I while don't think the debaters will ever find common ground, I do believe that it is a great environment for people to learn about and question their long-held beliefs.


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Tue Aug 12, 2014

Daily Kos

Atheism & Mythicism: Danger, Will Robinson

I recently caught a program on the newly launched AtheistTV that featured an interview with Richard Carrier, which got me thinking about this topic.


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Mon Aug 11, 2014


.com | Why I am not an atheist

Seeing the insults hurled at Christians here on News 24 and often times the hatred displayed by some atheists towards them I have often reflected why I believe in God and why I am not an atheist.


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Sun Aug 10, 2014

Alabama atheist gets death threats from loving Christians

Atheism just can't find acceptance in the American 'Deep South' it seems. The Raw Story reported on Sunday that Mobile woman Amanda Scott has been the target of death threats and other vitriolic comments since news affiliate WKRG aired a story about her.


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Sat Aug 09, 2014


I spent a day watching AtheistTV - and it was horrifying

The Christian right has some things figured out. These days, Christian entertainment isn't just the didactic "700 Club" - it includes spectacles as high-flying as History's miniseries "The Bible" or as wacky as GSN's "American Bible Challenge."


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Beware Established Religions: Non-Belief is Resurgent

Good heavens! Now the gods, or God if you prefer, must contend with some serious media opposition.


Fri Aug 08, 2014

Christianity Today

Evangelism Is A Core Leadership Quality

Many Christians love evangelism as long as somebody else is doing it. It's kind of a recurring theme that people want to talk about it or even bemoan the lack of evangelism, but they themselves, are unengaged in the activity.

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Tue Aug 05, 2014

Arab Times

Punishment soon for Brotherhood

LEWD, liars and murderers ... these have been the truths about the Brotherhood Movement since its establishment.


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DFW Catholic

Faith and Works in a Science Fiction Universe

SF Author John C. Wright was asked to write an essay for the new First Peter Five explaining how his faith influenced his science fiction writing.


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Ukiah Blog Live

Deconstructing Harris

I grew up in Israel and served as an IDF officer. It took me years to realize that we had been brought up on lies, myths and propaganda and that Palestinians are no different from native Americans, blacks in S. Africa and other indigenous populations who were abused and dispossessed by European colonialism.


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Mon Aug 04, 2014

Power Line

Civil War on the Left, Part 10

If there's any position sillier than confident atheism , I don't know what it is.


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Religion News Service

Philip Pullman: Atheists can learn from Jesus without believing he was the son of God

The bestselling author of the His Dark Materials trilogy and The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ , atheist Philip Pullman has received a great deal of attention-and criticism-for the religious references in his work.


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Fri Aug 01, 2014

John Dvorak

Are Atheists ripping off God by defining God as a personification of Reality?

All religions have their own God and they are all different. And every person who believes in God has a different understanding of who or what it is.


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When Atheists Talk About Rape

This was a follow-up line to an earlier assessment on the social media platform that "Mild pedophilia is bad.


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