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7 hrs ago | New Media Journal

Julia & Pajama Boy: A Millennials Love Story

Since 2007, Lee Cary has written hundreds of articles for several conservative websites including the American Thinker, Andrew Breitbart's Big Journalism and Big Government , for in 2013, for the Canada Free Press and American Spectator, as well as for New Media Journal.


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Mon Jul 28, 2014

Anchorage Daily News

AK Beat: Palin launches online news site

Palin launches online channel: Exhorting viewers to "live life vibrantly, purposefully and boldly" former half-term Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Sunday announced on Facebook the launch of her own online media site .


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The Brad Blog

'A Kind of Propaganda War': NBC's David Gregory Apologizes for Using Unverified Israeli Video

After U.N. denial, NBC's David Gregory apologized for use of unverified Israeli video claiming to show rockets fired from U.N. refugee shelter in Gaza where at least 15 were killed by Israel last week... Overwhelming, if largely symbolic vote in the U.S. House, directs the President to pull U.S. troops back out of Iraq.


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Media Matters for America

Limbaugh Revises Obama's Remarks To Cast Him As Apathetic On Female Genital Mutilation

Rush Limbaugh accused President Obama of refusing to rebuke the practice of female genital mutilation while speaking to a group of young African leaders, cherry-picking from his remarks to mischaracterize Obama's very clear condemnation of the practice as a "barbaric" tradition that "needs to be eliminated."


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National Post

Sarah Palin unveils the $10-a-month Sarah Palin Channel, saving...

On Sunday, Sarah Palin announced on YouTube that she is starting a new venture for those who can't get enough right-wing misinformation packaged in a chirpy Midwestern accent.


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Sarah Palin Joins the Bustling Word of Paid Conservative News Sites

On Sunday, the 2008 Republican nominee for vice president announced a new subscription video service -- just $99.95 per year for all the interviews and "fly on the wall" coverage you could want.


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American Reporter

Brasch WordsHATE and Hate Speech: What We Know

BRADENTON, Fla., Jan. 10, 2011 -- It was just about this time last Sunday night when I tuned into WFLA 970-AM here in Tampa Bay to hear George Noory and got Bill Cunningham instead.


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Sun Jul 27, 2014

ANALYSIS: Impeachment of Obama fraught with peril for Republicans, nation

GOP threats to sue and impeach President Obama are apparently bringing in big bucks to the Democratic Party in the form of supporter donations.


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The Campbell Reporter

Neel Kashkari is running the best campaign that money can't buy

As the summer wears on and the polls still show him far behind Gov. Jerry Brown, Neel Kashkari is running the most energetic and high-profile campaign for governor that money can't buy.


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Sat Jul 26, 2014


Mark Steyn channels Sam Francis - without naming him

In the post-Derbyshire era, the most talented, prolific, and ideologically sound writer at National Review - and I would argue in the entirety of the Beltway Right - was Mark Steyn.


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Bill Maher Slams The Right's Unwavering Faith In The Free Market:...

Bill Maher closed this week's "Real Time" by poking a stick at the notion that the free market is always right.


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American Thinker

Our Half-Full Cup

Conservatives ought not to be overwhelmed by what happens today in our world. Go back through newspaper headlines, and it is clear that folks thought that the world was in crisis and that the end seemed near.


Fri Jul 25, 2014

Zing! Limbaugh Aptly Compares Obama to MSNBC's Ronan Farrow

Five years and running into the Obama presidency and Rush Limbaugh may have just come up with the best analogy for it.


The Brad Blog

Bi-Partisan U.S. House Vote Directs President to Remove U.S. Forces From Iraq in 30 Days

Overwhelming, if largely symbolic vote in the U.S. House, directs the President to pull U.S. troops back out of Iraq.


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The Heartland Institute

Capitalists Shouldn't Be Afraid of Pope Francis

All over the world, advocates of the free market are looking askance at Pope Francis.


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American Thinker

Goldwater, Goldwater 2.0 and 'Smart Conservatives'

Two prominent authors from the conservative side of the aisle have recently written thought-provoking articles highlighting Barry Goldwater's particular brand of conservatism and how it relates to politics in 2014.


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Thu Jul 24, 2014


'Green News Report' - July 24, 2014

IN TODAY'S RADIO REPORT: Breaking: Sudden storm ravages campground in VA ; New rules for explosive oil trains; Big win in small Maine town over Big Oil; Sunday news shows discover global warming exists; PLUS: We're No.1! America and Rush Limbaugh lead the global warming denial ... All that and more in today's Green News Report! Got ... (more)


Your Democracy

thieves in the night ....

Tony Abbott leads the world's first Tea Party Government - something that simply does not fit into Australia's usual political spectrum, writes Cathy McQueen .


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Daily Kos

Rush Limbaugh Hates Hiroshima Memorials

On his show 7/23/14, Rush Limbaugh took time out from hating on gays, women, Black people, Latino people, Native American people, poor people, and Pope Francis , to shower some of his swill on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Memorials held around the world every August 6th to express hopes for peace, to express sorrow for the estimated 140,000 who died in ... (more)


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Wed Jul 23, 2014

Free Republic

Sudanese Cleric: "Muhammad Said it is a Duty to Fight and Target America"

In a sermon delivered on June 20, Sudanese cleric Muhammad Ali al-Jazouli told his congregation to target and kill American men, women, and children, insisting that the Prophet Muhammad had called for war on America and that those killed by American forces would receive "144 black-eyed virgins" in the afterlife.