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2 hrs ago | Free Republic

Obama: A Country Without Rule of Law 'Will Not Succeed'

During a town hall meeting at a summit with the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders, President Obama explained to a young African student that to succeed, a burgeoning country required a system of laws.


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Mon Jul 28, 2014

Obama's Taliban Five trade violated the law, say lawmakers

While the Obama administration was telling people the U.S. doesn't negotiate with terrorists, they were negotiating with terrorists in Qatar.


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Stars and Stripes

White House: No plans to use Gitmo tent city for Texas migrant kids

The Obama administration has no plans to use its pop-up tent city for Caribbean migrants at Guantanamo to help ameliorate the Texas border crisis of unaccompanied children crossing the border from Central America.


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Guantanamo filmed guards searching Qurans for contraband

The prison's chief of staff, Navy Capt. John A. Schoomer, confirmed that a single video record exists at the remote detention center in southeast Cuba, according to a July 15 response to a Freedom of Information Act request filed by the Miami Herald last year while more than 100 prisoners were on the hunger strike, 36 of them being force-fed.


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American Thinker

Another Dem War Hero

My reaction to the revelation that Democrat senator John Walsh, a retired brigadier general and one-time adjutant general of Montana's National Guard, had plagiarized much of his master's thesis at the Army's Command and General Staff War College was similar to that of most veterans .


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The Star

Letter: Fixing issues with immigration

Let's resolve the immigration problem once and for all. First, seal the border. If necessary, use a double row of electrified barbed wire fencing and reinforce that with the military or the national guard.


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Sun Jul 27, 2014

Ruth Ann Dailey: It's no summer of love for the flustered Left

From the Supreme Court to survey results, from primaries to prisoner swaps, the summer months have delivered nary an encouraging note for the nation's statists and progressives.


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European Court exposes illegal detention facilities linked to...

Amnesty International [official website] on Thursday reported [AI report] that the secret prison was established by the Polish Government in an effort to contribute to the US Central Intelligence Agency's [official website] extraordinary rendition program [JURIST news archive].


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The Daily Republic

Thought for the day: Political accountability

My wife and I had lunch at Texas Roadhouse. Since living in Fairfield since 1968 and being a member of the Fairfield Fire Department, I find it important to support our local businesses.

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The Nation

One of five 9/11 accused to be tried separately: judge

For news details visit : For news details Read on : One of five 9/11 accused to be tried separately: judge WASHINGTON : A US military judge at Guantanamo Bay has ruled that one of the five alleged September 11 plotters, Yemeni Ramzi Binalshibh, ... (more)


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The Daily Star

Rifi calls for security plan reforms

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi speaks during an interview with The Daily Star in Beirut, Thursday, May 8, 2014.


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Sat Jul 26, 2014

Federal judge says U.S. government can steal unlimited money from...

The Department of Defense is not obligated to return money it seized from a Guantanamo Bay detainee that was eventually released to Algeria, according to a federal judge.


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Snowden: "If I end up in chains at Guantanamo, I can live with that"

Check out this article! On July 10, Edward Snowden - possibly the biggest whistle-blower in history - gave an interview to The Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger and reporter Ewen MacAskill in Moscow.


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Free Republic

Has B. Hussein Obama Transformed Himself into the ideal...

After 6 years, all of B. Hussein's vain attempts to "Fundamentally transform the United States of America' into HIS version of a European Socialist State, has resulting in Debt, Dereliction of Duty, High Crimes and Felonies, Depravity and Scandal.


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Intellectual Conservative Politics an...

The Democrat Strategy Of Relentless Chaos

Does anyone remember the name Bowe Bergdahl these days? Only a few weeks back, Bergdahl's name rocketed to the front page of every major newspaper as a result of his release from five years of "captivity" by the Taliban.


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DEA Leadership Blasted In Report On Student Left In Cell For Days

The leadership of the Drug Enforcement Administration comes under fire in a report issued by the Justice Department Office of the Inspector General on the near-death of a college student left in a holding cell for five days.


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DNA India

Taliban says swap of five commanders for one US soldier spectacular achievement

While sending Eid greetings to Muslims, Taliban leader Omar Abdullah reportedly termed the controversial exchange of five Taliban commanders for one US soldier, a remarkable achievement for the militant outfit.


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Fri Jul 25, 2014

US phone unlocking to become legal again

TALIBAN supreme leader Mullah Omar says the exchange of five Guantanamo Bay inmates for US soldier Bowe Bergdahl was a spectacular achievement.


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Free Republic

Hollywood Anoints Obama Supreme Leader

I have to claim responsibility for the newest parody that's now starring as president of the United States on TVs everywhere.


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Government Executive

House GOP and Some Democrats Preparing to Slam Obama for Bergdahl Swap

House Republicans are set to open another front next week in their efforts to publicly repudiate President Obama - this time for his decision in May to exchange five Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay for Army Sgt.


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