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2US Politics

Obama on Ebola fight: US can't seal itself off

President Barack Obama says the United States can't hermetically seal itself off from the world in the fight against Ebola. Obama says doctors and nurses from the United States who have volunteered to fight Ebola in West Africa are American heroes who must be treated with dignity and respect.


3Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico judge upholds gay marriage ban

Gay marriage may be sweeping the nation, but in Puerto Rico it remains against the law. A federal district judge late Tuesday said his hands were tied by a 1972 Supreme Court ruling.



Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I'm proud to be gay'

Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly confirmed he is gay in an opinion piece published Thursday advocating for human rights and equality. In the essay published by Businessweek, Cook says he was inspired by Dr. Martin Apple CEO Tim Cook: 'I'm proud to be gay' Apple CEO Tim Cook publicly confirmed he is gay in an opinion piece published Thursday advocating for human rights and equality.



California gay rights group to push for blood donor rule change

A California gay rights group has launched a "mobilization campaign" to step up the pressure on federal officials to change blood donor policy to admit gay and bisexual men as donors. The new campaign, called "Every Drop Counts," will ask the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and its allies, including elected officials and community leaders, to advocate for the end of the ban through public advocacy.


6South America

Falklands War 2? Argentina's new fighters a serious threat

Argentina's announcement that it plans to acquire 24 Saab Gripen fighter-bombers caused scarcely a ripple in the headlines last week, and so far has produced no reaction from Whitehall. It should.


7Skopje, Macedonia

Serbia and Macedonia strengthen military, diplomatic ties

Macedonia Defence Minister Zoran Jolevski and Serbia Defence Minister Bratislav Gasic view an honour guard in Belgrade. [Nikola Barbutov/SETimes] The defence ministers of Serbia and Macedonia agreed to intensify military education and military-to-military co-operation in order to respond to current security risks as citizens of both countries increasingly participate in foreign wars.


8Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses to hold annual convention next month

Members of the Jehovah's Witnesses religious ministry are inviting their neighbors to attend their annual convention set here next month. People of many faiths pray for God's Kingdom and this convention is aimed to explain what that Kingdom is and how it can be a positive influence in our lives.



Indians drag Pak farmer across border, shoot him dead

Indian Border Security Force on Wednesday opened unprovoked firing across the LoC near Shakargarh Sector's border village, injured an elderly farmer, dragged him into its territory and shot him dead there. According to the senior officials of the Chenab Rangers, some local farmers were working in their fields at zero line near Shakargarh Sector's Ajlaala village along the Sialkot Working Boundary here.


10Karen Armstrong

Religion Isn't Responsible for Violence

Karen Armstrong's Fields of Blood eviscerates the notion that religion is behind most of the world's violence and oppression. A few years ago, in my hometown of Toronto, a debate took place between Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair about whether or not religion was a force for good in the world.