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1US Politics

Official resigns after insulting Obama, Holder, Sharpton

A Norwalk Board of Education member is resigning in response to criticism of a Facebook posting that featured obscenity-laced invective against the Rev. Al Sharpton and insults targeted at President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder.


2Mitch Daniels

Indiana's Pence to sign bill allowing businesses to reject gay customers

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence is set to sign into law a measure that allows businesses to turn away gay and lesbian customers in the name of "religious freedom." The move comes as Pence considers a bid for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination -- and just a year after Pence and socially conservative lawmakers lost their first policy battle against gay Hoosiers.


3Senator Ted Cruz

How Ted Cruz wound up on Obamacare

Cruz said Tuesday he'll now sign up for the health insurance program he's promised to "repeal every word of" because he's no longer on his wife's Goldman Sachs plan. His wife, Heidi, is taking a leave of absence from Goldman Sachs during her husband's newly unveiled presidential campaign, meaning the Cruzes will need to find health insurance elsewhere.


4Glasgow, Scotland

Vandals target Muslim graveyard in Glasgow

One visitor spotted the graffiti, claiming to be by Britain First, sprayed over the Muslim graveyard sign at Cathcart Cemetery on Tuesday. Amjid Bashir, an entrepreneur from East Kilbride , is one of the organisers of Islam Awareness Week and has been sickened by the act of hatred.



Will Warren-mania hurt progressive Democrats?

Martin O'Malley says he wants to bring "fundamental change to the culture of Wall Street." Jim Webb is lashing out against the "greed and irresponsibility in the financial sector."


6Sex Scandal

Sex For Sale In The Shenandoah: Will The Trafficking Scandal Turn...

Of course, Lynch should be blocked to protest Obama's unconstitutional executive Amnesty -but it is significant that sex trafficking has become such a big issue, at least partly because of one big reason: illegal aliens. Helpfully, it's spilling into the district of one key Republican who is in a position to do something about it: Bob Goodlatte, VA-6, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.


7Jehovah's Witnesses

Jehovah's Witnesses Have 19 Applications Against Azerbaijan Pending...

JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES HAVE 19 APPLICATIONS AGAINST AZERBAIJAN PENDING WITH EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS 15:05 24/03/2015 >> SOCIETY Religious intolerance is escalating in Azerbaijan as law-enforcement authorities impose heavy fines on Jehovah's Witnesses and imprison them. Authorities are criminally prosecuting the Witnesses for meeting together for worship and for talking to others about their beliefs, the site Jehovah's Witnesses reports.



Indiana declares emergency over HIV outbreak

The governor of Indiana declared a public health emergency Thursday in a county shaken by a recent outbreak of HIV infections . Gov. Mike Pence also authorized a short-term needle exchange program to help contain the outbreak in Scott County, in the southern part of the state about 30 miles north of Louisville, Kentucky.


10US Senate

Harry Reid to retire, will not be seeking re-election

Sen. Harry Reid announced Friday morning he will retire at the end of this Congress, ending a tremendously influential career that has reshaped the Senate he served for five terms. Mr. Reid faced a tricky re-election in Nevada, where he barely survived five years ago, and said he feared another battle would suck up so much money and attention from Democratic candidates in other states that it could harm his party's chances of retaking control of the Senate.