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Washington, DC Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Washington, DC.


Mayor - Vincent Gray


Street address: 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 316, Washington DC 20004


Phone: (202) 727-6300


Washingtonians were hit with a stunner Tuesday when it was released embattled D.C. mayor, Vincent Gray, rejected a plea deal offered by federal investigators after a lengthy review of alleged misdeeds related to his 2010 mayoral campaign. Cleveland Park neighborhood resident Kathy Hawthorne is surprised.
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City Administrator - Allen Y. Lew

With a cadre of lawmakers deeply uneasy about trading away valuable property to fund a new stadium for the D.C. United soccer franchise, District officials are considering options for the proposed $287 million project that don't involve selling a city office building. A deal negotiated last year by Mayor Vincent C. Gray and City Administrator Allen Y. Lew calls for the sale of the city's Frank D. Reeves Center, at the corner of 14th and U streets NW, for cash and stadium land on Buzzard Point in Southwest Washington.
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Council Member - Yvette M. Alexander

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Council Member - Harry Thomas

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Council Member - Marion Barry

Marion Barry did a lot of great things in his lifetime, but he was human, with challenges like everyone else. It's too bad that his drug addiction led to so much notoriety that overshadowed all the good he had done.
While most of the articles on the death of Marion Barry have discussed his personal and professional failures, the articles also highlighted his early efforts to achieve Home Rule for the City of Washington, as well as successes from his first administration. Although the articles also attribute the success of U Street and H Street today to moving DC government agencies to those locations during his mayoralty, which is an assertion that I have disagreed with for a long time .
If there was one man, one politician, who in the annals of home rule in the District of Columbia personified the struggles and human makeup of this city, it was Marion Barry. Through all the turbulent years of his public life in the city he seemed to love with a great passion, as school board member, city council member and four-time Mayor of the District of Columbia Through his triumphs of which there many, and through his troubles, of which there were an equal amount, Barry remained, up and down but not always all around the town, the most indelible, inspiring, divisive and unforgettable political figure of this town, the town inhabited in its neighborhoods, not its federal presence as capital city of the United States of America.
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Council Member - Muriel Bowser

D.C. Mayor-elect Muriel Bowser recently announced she'll take the Reeves Center off the land swap table, which was part of the agreed land deal in getting the DCU stadium built in the first place. Some speculate pulling the Reeves Center out of an almost agreed deal puts the entire measure in doubt.
Muriel Bowser went on NewsTalk with Bruce DePuyt to talk about a whole slew of issues, and one of the first issues brought up was the proposed D.C. United soccer stadium at Buzzard Point. In it she said that she was very optimistic about getting a deal done, that she is committed to D.C. United and soccer in Washington, and that she is committed to using public funds to help with that process.
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Council Member - Michael A. Brown

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Council Member - Kwame R. Brown

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Council Member - Phil Mendelson

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Council Member - David Catania

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Council Member - Vincent Orange

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Council Member - James Graham

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Council Member - Jack Evans

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Council Member - Mary Cheh

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Council Member - Tommy Wells

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