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St. Paul Politics

Information about politics and local officials in St. Paul.


Mayor - H. Kyle Fletcher


Street address: PO Box 66, 16531 Russell Street, St. Paul, Virginia 24283


Phone: 276-762-5297

Do you approve of H. Kyle Fletcher as Mayor?

Acting County Administrator - Shannon C. "Skip" Scott

Do you approve of Shannon C. "Skip" Scott as Acting County Administrator?

General Registrar - Linda H. Newberry

Do you approve of Linda H. Newberry as General Registrar?

General Registrar - Tommy N. Chester

Do you approve of Tommy N. Chester as General Registrar?

Representative - Morgan Griffith

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Morgan Griffith as Representative?

State House of Delegates -- Member - Clarence Phillips

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Clarence Phillips as State House of Delegates -- Member?

State Senator - Phillip Puckett

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Phillip Puckett as State Senator?

State Senator - William Wampler

Party: Republican

Do you approve of William Wampler as State Senator?

Supervisor - Robert R. Adkins

Do you approve of Robert R. Adkins as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Steve E. Bates

Do you approve of Steve E. Bates as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Robert E. "Robby" Robbins

Do you approve of Robert E. "Robby" Robbins as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Dana G. Kilgore

Do you approve of Dana G. Kilgore as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Ronald L. Shortt

Do you approve of Ronald L. Shortt as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Fred A. Luntsford

Do you approve of Fred A. Luntsford as Supervisor?

Supervisor - Virginia Meador

Do you approve of Virginia Meador as Supervisor?

Supervisor - J.H. Rivers

Do you approve of J.H. Rivers as Supervisor?