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Livonia Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Livonia.


Mayor - Jack Kirksey


Street address: 33000 Civic Center Drive Livonia, Michigan 48154

Email: mayor@ci.livonia

Phone: (734) 466-2200

After a renovation and update that added 40 beer taps to its existing 30, One Under Craft Beer and Eats in Livonia is reopening Wednesday, July 23 at 6 p.m. Local officials including Livonia Mayor Jack Kirksey, Wayne County Commissioner Laura Cox, Livonia Chamber of Commerce President Dan West and members of City Council will be on hand for a ... (more)
And once again, the mayor of Livonia is calling for residents to contact state officials so something can be done regarding aerial fireworks that were shot off during the Independence Day holiday weekend, causing headaches to police and residents.
Do you approve of Jack Kirksey as Mayor?

City Clerk - Linda Grimsby

Do you approve of Linda Grimsby as City Clerk?

City Treasurer - Dennis Wright

Do you approve of Dennis Wright as City Treasurer?
Do you approve of Laura Cox as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Burton Leland

Do you approve of Burton Leland as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Bernard Parker

Do you approve of Bernard Parker as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Keith Williams

Do you approve of Keith Williams as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jewel C. Ware

Do you approve of Jewel C. Ware as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Moe Blackwell

Do you approve of Moe Blackwell as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Diane Webb

Do you approve of Diane Webb as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Tim Killeen

Do you approve of Tim Killeen as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Kevin McNamara

Do you approve of Kevin McNamara as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Edward A. Boike

Do you approve of Edward A. Boike as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Gary Woronchak

Do you approve of Gary Woronchak as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Joseph Palamara

Do you approve of Joseph Palamara as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Joan Gebhardt

Do you approve of Joan Gebhardt as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ilona Varga

Do you approve of Ilona Varga as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Alisha Bell

Do you approve of Alisha Bell as Commissioner?

Council Member - Terry A. Godfroid-Marecki

Do you approve of Terry A. Godfroid-Marecki as Council Member?

Council Member - Don Knapp

Do you approve of Don Knapp as Council Member?

Council Member - Thomas Robinson

Do you approve of Thomas Robinson as Council Member?

Council Member - James C. McCann

Do you approve of James C. McCann as Council Member?

Council Member - Laura M. Toy

Do you approve of Laura M. Toy as Council Member?

Council Member - Brian Meakin

Do you approve of Brian Meakin as Council Member?

Council Member - Joe Laura

Do you approve of Joe Laura as Council Member?

County Clerk - Cathy Marie Garrett

Do you approve of Cathy Marie Garrett as County Clerk?

County Executive Officer - Robert Ficano

Do you approve of Robert Ficano as County Executive Officer?

Representative - Thaddeus McCotter

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Thaddeus McCotter as Representative?

Representative - Gary Peters

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Gary Peters as Representative?

State Representative - Phil Cavanagh

Party: Democratic

Wayne County Executive candidates, from left, State Rep. Phil Cavanagh, D-Redford Township, former Wayne County Sheriff Warren Evans, incumbent Robert Ficano, Wayne County Commissioner Kevin McNamara and Westland Mayor Bill Wild.
Do you approve of Phil Cavanagh as State Representative?

State Representative - Vicki Barnett

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Vicki Barnett as State Representative?

State Representative - Kurt Heise

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Kurt Heise as State Representative?

State Representative - John Walsh

Party: Republican

The winner will face Democrat Stacey Dogonski in the November general election. The 19th District State House seat is currently held by John Walsh, who is term-limited.
State Rep. John Walsh knew there was positive vibe in the hearing room in Lansing as several of the Detroit 'grand bargain' bills were discussed earlier this spring.
Livonia voters will be electing someone to replace John Walsh as their representative in the state House since Walsh is term-limited after six years in that office.
Do you approve of John Walsh as State Representative?

State Senator - Glenn Anderson

Party: Democratic

State Sen. Glenn Anderson says his constituents have had enough, and he is introducing a bill to change the state's fireworks law back to the way it was.
Do you approve of Glenn Anderson as State Senator?

State Senator - Vincent Gregory

Party: Democratic

Do you approve of Vincent Gregory as State Senator?

State Senator - Patrick Colbeck

Party: Republican

We believe the incumbent, state Sen. Patrick Colbeck of Canton, deserves the GOP nomination over political newcomer Matthew Edwards of Plymouth Township.
Do you approve of Patrick Colbeck as State Senator?