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Kalamazoo Politics

Information about politics and local officials in Kalamazoo.


Mayor - Bobby J. Hopewell


Street address: City Commission 241 W. South Street Kalamazoo , MI 49007 (


Phone: 269) 337-8046 (269) 337-8182 fax

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City Manager - Kenneth P. Collard

Do you approve of Kenneth P. Collard as City Manager?

City Clerk - Scott A. Borling

Do you approve of Scott A. Borling as City Clerk?

Clerk and Registrar - Timothy A. Snow

Do you approve of Timothy A. Snow as Clerk and Registrar?

Commissioner - John Patrick Taylor

Do you approve of John Patrick Taylor as Commissioner?

Commissioner - M. Jeff Heppler

Do you approve of M. Jeff Heppler as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Susan Hammond

Do you approve of Susan Hammond as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John Zull

Do you approve of John Zull as Commissioner?

Commissioner - John A. Nieuwenhuis

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Commissioner - Carolyn Alford

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Commissioner - Sean McCann

State Rep. Sean McCann conceded the Michigan Senate 20th District election to state Rep. Margaret O'Brien shortly after the Kalamazoo County Board of Canvassers announced Wednesday that a recount confirmed O'Brien was victorious in the race. "I am confident now that, to the greatest extent possible, every vote has been counted, the results are as accurate as can be, and the outcome of the race is decided," McCann, D-Kalamazoo, said in a prepared statement.
A recount has confirmed state Rep. Margaret O'Brien has been elected as the next state Senator for Kalamazoo County. After three days spent recounting nearly 81,000 votes cast in the state Senate 20th District, the Kalamazoo County Clerk Tim Snow announced shortly after X p.m. that O'Brien, R-Portage, defeated state Rep. Sean McCann, D-Kalamazoo, who requested the recount last month after both the county and state boards of canvassers ruled O'Brien victorious by 59 votes.
More than a month after the conclusion of the Nov. 4 election, Kalamazoo County residents are expected to learn the result of a recount from the state Senate 20th District race on Wednesday. With 156 of 212 precincts counted at the end of the day Tuesday, State Rep. Margaret O'Brien, R-Portage, maintained her 59-vote lead over State Rep. Sean McCann, D-Kalamazoo.
Do you approve of Sean McCann as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Barbara Hamilton-Miller

Do you approve of Barbara Hamilton-Miller as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Stephanie L. Moore

Do you approve of Stephanie L. Moore as Commissioner?

Commissioner - David Anderson

Do you approve of David Anderson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Hannah J. McKinney

Do you approve of Hannah J. McKinney as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Don Cooney

Do you approve of Don Cooney as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Ann Niewenhuis

Do you approve of Ann Niewenhuis as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Donald Hanson

Do you approve of Donald Hanson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Brian Johnson

Do you approve of Brian Johnson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Michael D. Quinn

Do you approve of Michael D. Quinn as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Mike Toth

Do you approve of Mike Toth as Commissioner?

Commissioner - James Ray

Do you approve of James Ray as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Deb Buchholtz-Hiemstra

Do you approve of Deb Buchholtz-Hiemstra as Commissioner?

Commissioner - David Buskirk

Do you approve of David Buskirk as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Thomas Erdmann

Do you approve of Thomas Erdmann as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Robert Barnard

Do you approve of Robert Barnard as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Nasim H. Ansari

Do you approve of Nasim H. Ansari as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Grady Biby

Do you approve of Grady Biby as Commissioner?

Commissioner - David Maturen

Do you approve of David Maturen as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Franklin C. Thompson

Do you approve of Franklin C. Thompson as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Richard Freestone

Do you approve of Richard Freestone as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jack C. Urban

Do you approve of Jack C. Urban as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Chris Randall

Do you approve of Chris Randall as Commissioner?

Commissioner - Jeff Balkema

Do you approve of Jeff Balkema as Commissioner?

Controller and County Administrator - Peter Battani

Do you approve of Peter Battani as Controller and County Administrator?

County Administrator - Doug Cultra

Do you approve of Doug Cultra as County Administrator?

County Clerk - Tina Leary

Do you approve of Tina Leary as County Clerk?

Representative - Fred Upton

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Fred Upton as Representative?

State Representative - James Bolger

Party: Republican

Do you approve of James Bolger as State Representative?

State Representative - Margaret O'Brien

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Margaret O'Brien as State Representative?

State Representative - Aric Nesbitt

Party: Republican

Do you approve of Aric Nesbitt as State Representative?

State Senator - John Proos

Party: Republican

Do you approve of John Proos as State Senator?

State Senator - Tonya Schuitmaker

Party: Republican

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