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  • Wednesday Apr 15 | via Big News 

    Pahrump man dies after March pit bull attack

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  • Wednesday Apr 15 | via KVBC-TV Las Vegas 

    Pahurmp man dies from attack by pack of pit bulls

    The Clark County coroner's office reported that Kenneth Lawrence Ford, 79, died from the attack. He was flown to UMC in critical condition.


  • Jun 14, 2009 | via 

    How Alzheimer's can amass your spiritual wealth

    "The world can take everything else away from you, even to the point of very deep, deep grief, but it cannot take away from you the love that you have felt and that you have given and that you have known, and in that you are very, very rich." My dad said it all back in August 1993, when we were all gathered for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary.