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Friday |

The Rules of the Gamine

It's difficult for me to contain the joy and delight of having SABRINA , Billy Wilder 's 1954 comedy masterpiece, in its best video rendition ever, a stunning hi-def, widescreen Blu-Ray .


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Friday | FlickrBlog

#FlickrFriday: No Way Out

Our new #FlickrFriday theme, challenges you to portrait that claustrophobic, entrapped feeling that you may get when you feel constricted in a narrow, tight space.


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Friday |

New DVDs: 'Touch of Evil,' 'Double Indemnity,' and more

One of most stylized, intense, and frantic films noir to come out of the 1950s, Touch of Evil features Welles - at his most corpulent, sweat-glazed worst - as a corrupt police captain put in charge of investigating a car bomb that kills a couple at the Mexican border.


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Thu Apr 17, 2014

The China Post

Acclaimed Taiwan artist to stage postmodern, pop art exhibition

The arrival of pop art in the mid-20th century signified a blurring of lines between so-called low culture and high culture, again calling the definition and value of art into question.


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TCM Greatest Classic Legends: Henry Fonda

Just in time for Spring cleaning, TCM is dusting off several vintage films for inclusion in its new DVD sets.


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Sunset Boulevard to Run 5/16-6/14 at Blackfriars Theatre

Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber 's smash hit Broadway musical based on the classic Billy Wilder film comes to Blackfriars this May! Sunset Blvd. follows departed star of the silent screen era and tortured soul, Norma Desmond.


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Lexington Herald-Leader

'Mad as Hell': How 'Network was art that predicted life

If you are a budding movie buff, there are certain essentials required for your education.


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Wed Apr 16, 2014

The Virginian-Pilot

Classic noir "Double Indemnity" looks great on Blu-ray and packed with extras

"IF I HAD one movie to show people to explain what noir is, it's "Double Indemnity," says Eddie Muller, author of "Dark City: The Lost World of Film Noir."


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The Oregonian

'Touch of Evil,' 'Double Indemnity' and more: Home Movies for the week of April 15

These two classic bookends of the film noir era are also two of the most revered titles in the Universal Studios library.


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New Yorker

DVD of the Week: "Kiss Me Deadly"

In the wake of the Second World War, the fear of sudden annihilation from nuclear weapons left its mark on new routines of domestic quasi-military preparedness and on art, both in subject and in tone, as in Robert Aldrich's film noir "Kiss Me Deadly," from 1955 .


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Tue Apr 15, 2014

Daily Mail

Total Recall: Monty Python comedian Terry Jones directs a radiant...

Revealed: The homeless man who lives inside Manhattan Bridge in a tiny shack he's secretly called home for the past YEAR 'I'm a white girl from America, and it happened to me': Woman who spent seven years as sex worker after being 'trafficked' by her boyfriend warns anyone can fall prey How to get THREE TIMES more juice from your lemons - and other ... (more)


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Seasons of Bette: The Letter

I like his films because the first half part of them is always hilarious messy and then deadly serious in the second half.


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Inside Bay Area

Robert Duvall's back in 'Lonesome Dove' territory

Robert Duvall first went to Texas at age 10, when he was a San Diego military brat on a visit to his mother's family.


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Coshocton Tribune

Add theseclassics toyour homelibraries

Film noir buffs, take note. This is one very special week. Two of the genre's finest examples, "Double Indemnity" and "Touch of Evil" arrive on Blu-ray.


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USA Today

New DVDs/downloads: 'Indemnity,' 'Reality Bites,' more

Release o' the week: Double Indemnity - Reality Bites - Philomena. - The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.


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Ain't It Cool News

3rd week of April 2014's PICKS & PEEKS: Welles,Wilder,Svankmajer, Mann,Jeong, Sirk,Trier & more

Hey folks, Harry here with our latest Picks & Peeks and there's some truly tremendous films in this week's columns.


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Sky News


With his cool car and James Dean attitude, older guy David is teenager Reese Witherspoon's dream boyfriend - and her father William Petersen's worst nightmare.


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Mon Apr 14, 2014

Two Film Classics Double Indemnity and Touch of Evil Out on Blu-ray Today

A pair of groundbreaking movies directed by two of the most influential filmmakers of all time, Billy Wilder and Orson Welles, come to Blu-ray for The First Time ever when Double Indemnity and Touch of Evil premiere in Limited Edition with Exclusive Collectibles including lobby cards, poster reproductions and a rare still of a never-before-seen ... (more)


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Five Robert Mitchum movies airing on TCM in two weeks

In two weeks on Apr. 28, TCM will be airing five of actor Robert Mitchum 's movies.


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Sun Apr 13, 2014

New Yorker

Border Incident

Primitive writing mars this blunt 1949 expose of the exploitation of illegal immigrants, but the hero - a Mexican immigration agent who goes undercover as a bracero - is unusual for a Hollywood picture, and Ricardo Montalban displays a simmering energy and alertness in the part.


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