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Jul 23, 2011

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Ripley, TN

Pain Management Doctor

I have been going to Mays and Schnapp Pain Center in Memphis on Humphreys for almost 10 years now. Recommend them highly. Dr. Mays is Haywood Mays' brother, and his background is anesthesia. Dr. Schnapp's background is neurology. I have been seeing Dr. Schnapp. Each physician will make a care plan just for each patient. And if the situation is one that cannot be managed, the patient will not be dangled along. Most know that with my degenerative discs, stroke, operations, etc, chronic pain is part of my life. Dr. Schnapp has helped me live a productive life with the ability to manage the pain I have. No magic bullet, not pain free. But it is nice to have a physician with a sense of humor that listens and works hard to try to make things better. Being a nurse also makes me grateful that while I was working, I did not deny my patients request for pain relief. Pain is so debilitating; and it is so personal and difficult to describe.  (10 hrs ago | post #7)

Ripley, TN

Proposed bill could lead to digital driver's licenses

Just so illegal aliens are not ever allowed to have one.  (Mar 28, 2015 | post #2)

Ripley, TN

How Should the US Government Respond to ISIS?

Surgical strikes.  (Mar 28, 2015 | post #3452)

Ripley, TN

The Email Address Debacle: Did Hillary Do Something Wrong?

Do the majority of birds fly? This woman is a liar, cheat, and manipulator. She has been all her life. She loves the Saul Alinski methods, even got to meet with him during college. Do you know who he revered and emulated? LUCIFER. She is a student of the devil. Do your own research.  (Mar 28, 2015 | post #261)

Ripley, TN

Rate your area walmart

It seems store #97, Ripley TN is training ground for managers. Just as soon as a really good one gets in, that one is gone, and we have to "break in" a new one. Not too long ago, saw an assistant mgr and introduced myself asking if she was new, Several floor workers were around her. No, she replied...she had been here a long time. Well, I am in this store almost every day at different times a day and never have seen you, you must be one who works in the back all the time. There was an uncomfortable pregnant pause.....the floor workers were doing their best not to snicker. No she replied, I work the floor all the time. Odd, I replied, Most customers think I am an assistant manager as I am asked to direct them to items, I pick things up off the floor and return them to their proper place, help other customers all over this store...I never have seen you before. So nice to finally meet you. There are some wonderful workers at this store. There are some who think they are doing you a favor just to glance in your direction. There are times of day when the number of checkers need to be greatly increased because standing in line for 30 or more minutes is not a good thing. There needs to be benches throughout the store for customers to have to rest. The ones who greet should have stools on which to sit as should the checkers. Inventory control is a joke. The ones who decide upon discontinuing products are not considering the popularity of those products in certain stores. Was so happy to see the return of materials and notions. But waiting for service for same is terrible. And availability of basic items is poor. All that being said, it is nice to have site to store when Ripley's store fails in so many areas.  (Mar 28, 2015 | post #24)

Ripley, TN

we need state troopers on hwy 19 west

The ones posting are correct about the speeders. It is amazing. This has been going on for 50 years. One would think that THP would make sporadic set ups without announcements and take care of all economic needs for TDOT for the year.  (Mar 28, 2015 | post #16)

Ripley, TN

Prayers for Sheila Ferrell

Found out tonight that our beloved Lynn Ferrell died a few hours ago. Many posts had been made on Facebook. He had been in the hospital and was expected to be discharged home within a day or two. Do not know what happened so suddenly. Many knew him through the school system as a teacher and as vice principal at the Elementary School. Sheila was on the School Board. He had retired last year and they had moved to middle Tennessee. Please remember Sheila and the rest of the family.  (Mar 27, 2015 | post #1)

Ripley, TN


I saw an article in the Enterprise before I left that our unemployment was down to 12 or 13 %. How is that? Last I had seen, it was still over 20%. Maybe "they" quit counting the ones that gave up looking? Maybe "they" are playing a numbers game to make Lauderdale look better? Were are the jobs that decreased the unemployment?  (Mar 27, 2015 | post #3)

Ripley, TN

the republican party

Social Security is money put in an account by a worker, usually matched by the employer. The state or federal government did not contribute to this account and it is not an entitlement or welfare. However, the federal government thinks of it as it's own cookie jar. The same goes for disability. That comes from social security. It is not welfare either. Unemployment insurance comes from the job/employment insurance program and not from the federal government---unles s one works for the federal government. Again, it is not welfare. Welfare is what the illegal aliens get off the taxpayer's back---free housing, money, healthcare, food, transportation,clo thing, schooling. Welfare is what women get child after child after child after child without making the men responsible for creating these children responsible for the care and expenses of these children. Welfare is the government thinking they know better than the parents and take action about the children's diets, health care-vaccinations. The intent of welfare was to help those in need on a short term basis until they got back on their feet. It is however in most cases a generational vocation. It would be nice for you to get some information before going off like you did. Most of this mess was created by the Democrats as it ensured dependent addicts coming back with their hands out.  (Mar 27, 2015 | post #58)

Ripley, TN

Ripley Power and Light

That $15 could be added as credit to each customer. After 2 months of bills of $600 ,could use any credit available. Plus they have now found a way to make even more by changing a whole new way of collections. the way forever was if your due date fell on a week end, you payed on Monday. Now you have to pay ahead on Friday. they should just have a person at work on Sat. and Sun if they want that money so badly. When we lived in the FL Keys, there was a great incentive to pay...If paid before the due date, a 3% discount was given. That 3% really helped out.  (Mar 26, 2015 | post #6)

Ripley, TN

Ripley's Christmas Parade.

OK, folks. Haven't seen a word here about the parade. Silence speaks volumes. If the wrecker services didn't have their rigs, the parade would have been cut in at least a third. Really sad to see it has deteriorated. Any other comments?  (Dec 5, 2014 | post #1)

Ripley, TN

Ferguson Mo.

This is worse than the 60's riots and sit ins and all the crazy disturbances going on then. When the punks block traffic, the fire department should put the high pressure hose on them and get them out of the way of traffic. When the criminals start looting and burning, they should have a tommy gun trained on them and get mowed down---would take too many times of that to stop any criminal behaviors. Beware-Barack Obama/Barry Soetoro will not allow this crisis to go without using it for his advantage.  (Dec 5, 2014 | post #106)

Ripley, TN

What's up with open lake hunting club

Dad had him for a customer and nobody believed him when he said his name. Only It was initials> I. P. West.  (Jun 27, 2014 | post #4)

Ripley, TN

Peddling at 51 & Curve/Nankipoo Rd.

the location was a dangerous one. it sat top of a hill, really a blind area. speed limit there on highway at 65. if they were in the low of the area where folks on the road had good view for some sort of distance, then the dangers would be significantly lower. farmers should have the ability to sell their goods with a land owner's permission or in the right of way if in a safe position. we may be in 2014; but some farmers make their bread and butter from selling their produce without having to pay some kind of fee to some grabber for permission to sit under some man's tin roof; or a stall where the sheep are herded...  (Jun 27, 2014 | post #12)

Ripley, TN


Ruth is top notch. She is one of the best nurses around. Also Judy King is too. Whatever may be, these to ladies are great. My last visit with my knee and back was expertly handled, no complaints.That was 17 March.  (Jun 27, 2014 | post #3)