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Dec 7, 2006

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Where pretty lies perish, QC


Anywhere but Toronto

Local Favorites:

There's a hole in the bucket, dear Eliza... Dear Eliza, there's a hole in the bucket! A HOLE!

I Belong To:

A roving gang of Tom Brokaw clones, black combat veterans half your age and the "NOBODY LOSES TO DOUGLAS CLARK" protection plan.

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm waiting patiently for the FBI with hot coffee and assorted confectionery at the ready.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

Don't worry, I'll beam my posts into your brain.

I'm Listening To:

Bach/Massive Attack Mashup

Read This Book:

Favorite Things:

Synthetic telepathy neural decoding your every thought. EW! You just wished you could sniff my socks!

On My Mind:

Wondering if the IRS was using a TRS-80 as an Email server.

Blog / Website / Homepage:,

I Believe In:

Using [abusing] my super Watchtower/Major League Baseball/National Security Agency/Topix-approved forum moderator/mind-reading/thought-control powers - with FULL editing and deletion privileges - for fun, profit and to remove "incriminating" "evidence" [or the delusional ramblings of a creepy fruitcake] from the forums. And to keep ANY professional sports team from Toronto from winning a championship. Yes, I/we've got THAT much power. We built the freaking HAARP Array, by Eliza/Ralph! We use it to broadcast Kingdom Melodies and Charles Sinutko talks on a sub-aural carrier wave. And if you don't like it, I've got a big, floppy Game-of-Thrones-sized wiener to dangle in your face. [For the irredeemably stupid, all of the preceding is /sarcasm]