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Dec 31, 2011

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Should same-sex marriage become legal?

It becomes legal now .Many people also think it is ok now .Marriage is free.  (Apr 15, 2012 | post #11676)

Small Business

About 150 people gather for small business growth talk wi...

It must be very interesting to discuss with so many people about business and also can learn much .  (Apr 15, 2012 | post #2)

Jackson, KY

Who found the $1000 egg?

WOW,who are so lucy to find this egg.  (Apr 10, 2012 | post #15)

Point Pleasant, WV

Who was the lady found dead Sunday?

It is so terribel.Sunday is a leisure time ,we should share the life well .Hope everyone can get happy weekend.  (Mar 19, 2012 | post #4)


Why should Australians fear from Muslims?

There are some muslims in many countries.Someone like it ,someone hate it.It just depends on how you think of it .  (Mar 19, 2012 | post #19163)


Why do Sikh girls enjoy swallowing sperm?

Oh My God.It seems so terrible .is It so nausea.  (Mar 16, 2012 | post #488)


Retail Earnings on Horizon: Crox and Deckers

I sell many kinds of bags ,such as shopping bag ,packaging bag ,gift bags ,non woven bag ,mesh bag ,paper bag ,plastic bag ,etc.If I can sell bags on horizon?  (Feb 27, 2012 | post #2)


Why are Australians jealous of Indians?

I don't know Australians are jealous of indians.4187  (Feb 9, 2012 | post #40)

Grandin, MO

Missouri's Prop C: Voters Set to Challenge Health Reform

Yes,vote .  (Jan 2, 2012 | post #18380)

North Carolina

Cops: Man tried to use $1 million bill at Walmart

so much money to bu little value products.  (Jan 1, 2012 | post #45)

Grandin, MO

dustin holloway

A pity one .  (Jan 1, 2012 | post #8)

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