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Jul 25, 2007


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Atlanta, GA

Why do black people hate Jews?

White supremacist guns down Jewish man and his grandson. com/suspect-kansas -shootings-faces-m urder-charges-1539 38026.html Uh, now what it you kooks and idiots were saying about black people hating Jews? "Bigots are an evil, loathsome, unlearned people, who neither knoweth nor seeketh the truth." - The Book of Dave, 2:1  (Yesterday | post #246)

Atlanta, GA

Five Reasons Why Obama Is A Good President

If you had simply taken the time to read the list of "supposed " tax hikes you would have realized it is little more than a compilation of gross exaggerations and distortions. Your brainless idiocy renders you incapable of independent thought. As a result, you are prone to stupidly embracing/acceptin g any negative information you stumble across about President Obama. Just as your equally ignorant and hate-filled pal, blightedsnot, foolishly latched onto the idiotic, patently false, story that claimed President Obama had issued more Executive Orders than any other President (923 was the number reported), you have now done the same sort of thing. This is precisely why so many topix participants regard you and your pals as a little more than laughable, uninformed, dim-witted buffoons. You, stated in the simplest terms, are an idiot.  (Monday | post #8958)

Atlanta, GA

Five Reasons Why Obama Is A Good President

Similar to the antics of your hate-mongering pal, Obseptictank. I don't recall you taking exception to those postings. Hate-mongering hypocrisy on the highest order. Oh well...  (Sunday Apr 13 | post #8953)

Atlanta, GA

Five Reasons Why Obama Is A Good President full of anger and hatred they cannot see straight, think logically or recognize/accept truthful, factual information. As I observe the raging, foaming at the mouth behavior of these individuals (you know they are) I grow more and more grateful that my mind, unlike theirs, is not a cesspool of blind, irrational hatred. Poor things...  (Friday Apr 11 | post #8946)

Atlanta, GA

Five Reasons Why Obama Is A Good President

Unemployment claims drop to lowest level in seven years. http://money.msn.c om/business-news/a rticle.aspx?feed=A P&date=2014041 0&id=17513923 Obama?  (Thursday Apr 10 | post #8943)

Atlanta, GA

Five Reasons Why Obama Is A Good President

Foreclosures drop to lowest level since 2007. http://money.msn.c om/business-news/a rticle.aspx?feed=O BR&date=201404 10&id=17512886 Obama continues to do good things for America.  (Thursday Apr 10 | post #8942)

Atlanta, GA

Five Reasons Why Obama Is A Good President

Percentage of Americans without health insurance reaches lowest level since 2008. http://www.nydaily tics/numb... Obama? Affordable Healthcare Act? I'm sure the ignorant hate-mongers here will fly into a brainless rage upon seeing this report. Poor things...  (Wednesday Apr 9 | post #8939)

Atlanta, GA

Georgia high school holds its first ever school-sanctione...

Worthless, hate-mongering racist trash, and brainless, bigoted jack*sses of the type that obviously reside in Wilcox County have always had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the modern world. In the end the backwards thinking, knuckle-dragging, sub-human brutes who want to cling to antiquated, vulgar, ignorant "traditions " always lose and end up getting pushed aside.  (Wednesday Apr 9 | post #2)

Atlanta, GA

Five Reasons Why Obama Is A Good President

Bill Clinton? I defended Bill Clinton? When? Where? ROTFLMAO!!! You've repeatedly whined like a little girl about other posters bringing up George W. Bush. Yet you want to drag Bill Clinton into a current events discussion. Your brainless, juvenile idiocy remains a constant, reliable source of entertainment. Since encountering your here I no longer need to go to the circus, as your oafish stupidity and buffoonery surpasses by a wide margin the comedic value of an entire company of circus clowns.  (Wednesday Apr 9 | post #8937)

Atlanta, GA

Five Reasons Why Obama Is A Good President

Make up your mind Silly Billy. I thought you believed I look like Obama. Every day you seem to find new and ingenious ways to make a complete *ss of yourself. Poor thing...  (Wednesday Apr 9 | post #8936)

Atlanta, GA

Five Reasons Why Obama Is A Good President

Yet another lying, hypocritical, sanctimonious, worthless politician. m/us/congressman-a pologizes-after-co mpromising-video-p osted Of course, since he's a Republican the hate-mongering kooks here will want to sweep this under the rug and immediately launch into another round of brainless attacks against President Obama. Too full of hate to see the truths right before their eyes. And they wonder why they are ridiculed, reviled and scorned every where they show their faces. Poor things...  (Tuesday Apr 8 | post #8933)

Atlanta, GA

Whites Are The Best Race In The World

You told him. You told him again. He remains oblivious. His reading comprehension skills are even worse than his writing skills. Yeah, we can safely conclude the little dunce is illiterate.  (Thursday Mar 27 | post #87)

Atlanta, GA

Students robbed by 8 or 9 black "youths" at party

I don't know if it's true, but rumor has it he got picked up on a child molestation charge and is being held under suicide watch in the county jail.  (Wednesday Mar 26 | post #8)

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