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Sep 3, 2008

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Montebello, CA

Montebello City Council votes 3-2 to give city administra...

I seem to remember that one of the Bell charges revolved around exorbitant, over the top compensation packages. Should anyone get nervous?  (Wednesday May 20 | post #108)

Montebello, CA

Hill Condo Proposal 5/27 Public Hearing City Council Quie...

The time listed in on the city's calendar for the start of the meeting is 5:30 pm. The printed announcement mailed to interested parties says it starts at 6:30 pm. Who knows when it will really start?  (Tuesday May 19 | post #2)

Montebello, CA

Developer files $4 million claim against city of Montebel...

ALL the concerns you raise are from the last millennium. Some volunteers are actually concerned with the problems of the city in THIS millennium, but others appear to have an obsession for old rumors unrelated to the city's current problems. All during the time of those rumors from the last millennium, the city was on firm financial footing, so these ancient rumors can't have anything to do with the problems of the city in THIS millennium. Perhaps it would be useful for those who are volunteering to research to research the sterling activities of Ron and Tom Calderon, John Noguez, Leroy Baca, Central Basin? What ties all these people and companies together? Could it be that they have all either employed, mentored, gave money to, been supported by, and received help from.............. ........can you guess who? And ALL of those events took place in THIS millennium! As to having all the answers, yes, many volunteers believe in law, ethics, the US constitution, and the physical, economic and social good of the people of Montebello. It's not complicated, and it isn't necessary to be elected to voice these ideas.  (Thursday May 14 | post #57)

Montebello, CA

Montebello Planning Commission to consider Montebello Hil...

More money for out of town developers and out of state owners. Budget deficit, illness, unavoidable adverse impacts for all current residents, including plants and animals. Don't need it. Let the oil company make money from the oil, not from the suffering of residents.  (Friday May 1 | post #3)

Montebello, CA

Meeting at Quiet Cannon Today?

Higher education doesn't get three councilmembers from a city in serious financial trouble (according to AB 1340) to vote you more compensation than the same employees in most other surrounding cities. Something else is needed to get that. Hint: think Bell.  (Friday May 1 | post #54)

Montebello, CA

Mtb Hills Meeting on Cinco de Mayo for Oilfield Condos

Money, ignorance, or misplaced loyalty will cause many to act against the best interest of their own people. I haven't played video games in my Mom's living room since the early 1970's. Were you one of the little children who used to come to the door to ask if they could play too? Didn't I let you? If not, sorry, but no more video games since the Atari 2600. Maybe you could get one to play with on ebay?  (Friday May 1 | post #9)

Montebello, CA

Mtb Hills Meeting on Cinco de Mayo for Oilfield Condos

The official notice for the meeting just appeared on the city's website. The new meeting will be also at the Quiet Cannon, Tuesday, May 5, 6:30pm. See you there!  (Friday May 1 | post #6)

Montebello, CA

Meeting at Quiet Cannon Today?

One thing she has to take accountability for is the wording of the City Council Meeting Agenda. Preparing that agenda is the job of the City Administrator/Mana ger alone! The wording, withheld documents, etc. on the agenda are ENTIRELY her responsibility! As far as replacing her, wouldn't it be more advantageous for the city financially to get her to keep working so the third of a million $ sword of Damoclese hanging over the city doesn't fall too soon. She is competent enough that if she could be shown that it is in her interest to act in the interest of the people of Montebello, it would be good for her to continue doing a competent job, only from now on in the best interest of Montebello.  (Wednesday Apr 29 | post #48)

Montebello, CA

Montebello Hills: Decades in the Waiting

There is no salt water for a desalination plant anywhere near Montebello, except from the tears of those who weep for condos in the Hills.  (Tuesday Apr 28 | post #30)

Montebello, CA

Meeting at Quiet Cannon Today?

I'm glad you are backing Bill Molinari's position on the need to go to meetings and conventions to get things done. He has also been objecting to travel that doesn't have anything to do with getting business to Montebello, such as that being done by other councilmembers, who, unlike Bill, almost ALL take their families on these junkets. Bravo for defending Bill's position against the others! Also, when was there a 6 hour long city council meeting? Date, please?  (Tuesday Apr 28 | post #37)

Montebello, CA

Montebello City Council votes 3-2 to give city administra...

Possibly the firm of Dewey, Cheatham, and Howe?  (Monday Apr 27 | post #90)

Montebello, CA

Did Jack Hadjinian Lie?

If you look at saveourmontebelloh you will see our vision brochure, which has all the things you ask about. As the property is privately owned and the owners and city only do the absolute least public access legally plausible, the nature of the conservancy, and who is involved, is not publicly available.  (Sunday Apr 26 | post #34)

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Montebello, CA


La Merced Area, Montebello

Local Favorites:

Middle East Restaurant Grant Rea Park Golden Ox The Last Open Hills

I Belong To:

Save the Montebello Hills Task Force Montebello Community Literacy Association

When I'm Not on Topix:

I'm at work, fixing graffiti, reading, PC gaming, web surfing, reading my emails.

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I consider ALL sides of EVERY issue.

I'm Listening To:

NPR, K-Earth, 102.7, 99.9,

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The Art of War, by Sun Tzu

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Women, Conflict Simulations (Wargames), Live fire exercises, Honest government

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Possible destruction of our last undevel-oped Hills by carpetbaggers 'n scoundrels

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Google 'Save the Montebello Hills". We're #1.

I Believe In:

1. The power of an inflamed electorate to clean house when necessary, 2. USC, 3. The spiritually cleansing ability of Nature, 4. God, 5. The Constitution of US