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9 hrs ago | JD Supra

Class Certified in Homeopathic Products Case

The plaintiffs' theory of harm drove a recent decision from the Central District of California certifying a nationwide class of purchasers of ten homeopathic products.


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Taylor Swift - Shake It Off

Critics Slam 'Ice Bucket Challenge' as 'Slacktivism' and 'Stunt Philanthropy'

Should the U.S. Capitol Have a POW/MIA Memorial?

This Woman Looks Like She's Wearing Makeup. She's Not.

Mon Aug 18, 2014

Customer Interaction Solutions

Nutra Pharma Corp - 10-Q/a - Management's Discussion and Analysis of...

Introduction Our business during the second quarter of 2014 has focused upon marketing our homeopathic drugs for the treatment of pain: Nyloxin Nyloxin Extra Strength .


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The 3 Dumbest Things About Whole Foods Market

I have a love-hate relationship with Whole Foods Market . On the one hand, I love their fresh produce, their baked goods, and many other food choices there.


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Sun Aug 17, 2014

Colombo Page

Over 10,000 quack doctors in Sri Lanka, the doctor's union finds

Aug 17, Colombo: There are over 10,000 quack doctors in Sri Lanka practicing western medicine without qualifications, the trade union of government doctors Government Medical Officers' Association has found.


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Sat Aug 16, 2014


Homeopathic and Herbal Remedy Sales Reach $6.4 Billion

Despite eighty-degree temps making their first appearance across the Midwest this week, many consumers are still in the throes of cold and flu aliments.


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New Market Research Report: Regina Maria - Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare - Deals and Alliances Profile

The company provides services for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Regina's services include laboratory services, medical imaging solutions, hospital services, maternity, stem cells and pediatrics services.


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Wed Aug 13, 2014


PuraMed BioScience Completes the First Production of MigraPureA Gel

PuraMed BioScience , Inc., , a researcher, developer, and marketer of over-the-counter medicinal and healthcare products, announced today that the company has completed its first batch of its patented, sublingual MigraPure gel containing feverfew and ginger with an enhanced flavor.


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Cosmetics Design

Savvier consumers continue to drive demand for natural cosmetics

George Korres, founder of leading global natural cosmetics brand Korres, believes that the driving force for natural cosmetics is and will continue to be an increasingly knowledgeable consumer.


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Natural Holistic Health

Glossary of Definitions

Decoction an extract made by putting the parts of a healing plant into water and bringing it to a boil, then cooled and strained for medicinal use Homeopathy a system of medicine that stresses the administration of minute doses that would produce symptoms of the disease in healthy persons; it is based on the system belief that "like cures like" ... (more)


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Tue Aug 12, 2014


Itonis Pharmaceuticals Announces First Emesyl(R) Manufacturer Production Release Date

Itonis is very excited to announce that the procurement of raw materials for its first production run of Emesyl is over 90% complete according to its manufacturer, Oasis Health Products.


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Medical Daily

Homeopathic 'Ebola Cure' Blog Post Sparks Outrage As Death Toll Soars From Misinformation

Some blogger, reportedly from Norway, has taken irresponsible behavior to a frightening extreme by posting a homeopathic "cure" to Ebola that would more likely lead to a quicker, more certain death.


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Psychology Today

PTSD: Healing and Recovery Part 2

You walk into a room to get your key, a sound is heard in the distance and suddenly your heart starts racing, your breathing is rapid and terror runs through your body.


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Natural treatments for weight loss

In last week's column we investigated the most important nutritional supplements for optimal weight loss and body composition.


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Mon Aug 11, 2014

Grape fast for cancer, weight loss or detox

A grape fast for cancer , weight loss or detox is a common homeopathic method. It involves eating nothing but grapes and drinking nothing but water or grape juice for several days at a time.


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Africa: 'Cures' Offered to Date for Ebola Simply Hoaxes

Will bathing in hot water and salt save you from Ebola? Or eating kola nuts? Perhaps a homeopathic solution concocted from rattlesnake venom? These 'cures' are exploitative hoaxes.


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Sat Aug 09, 2014

The Hudson Reporter

Honey do Hudson County beekeepers have varied motivations

Antonio Quinlan didn't get into it for the honey. He got started raising bees because of his allergies.


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Fri Aug 08, 2014


Friday Fun: McAfee unveils first homeopathic antivirus software

"Our customers are increasingly demanding Anti-Virus software that has no discernible effect on the performance of their laptops and other devices" commented McAfee spokesman Mike Townes.


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Spot's Corner: Herbal remedies can help your pets

There has been a growing focus on pet health and nutrition in the pet industry. Many pet owners who have been searching for holistic and all-natural options for their pets' diets and health needs are exploring possibilities of homemade alternatives.


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Acupuncture for Overactive Bladder

This study confirms what I already know: That acupuncture is very effective for treating and curing overactive bladder.


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Thu Aug 07, 2014

Experts warn about 'cures' for autism

EXPERTS have warned about alternative medicines to treat autism, such as chelation therapy, which are "aggressively marketed" at parents looking to help their children.


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