In the past decade I have lost 2 homes that were part of my rentals. For over 25 years I was in real estate now I have lost everything. Health care keeps spiking and why in the most advanced nation on earth do we still consider Health Care a luxury when other countries view it as a necessity? I live in a neighborhood with more empty houses than full. I work at the shelter and we are full. Five years ago we could offer hope to the most vulnerable in our midst. I am sick and tired of politicians getting richer and turning a deaf ear to the people's needs. Politicians take monies from corporations in which the CEO's are multi millionaires. I am sick of the future we are leaving for our children and their children. What ever happened to "alternative energy"? Both the Dems. and the Reps. are liars and cheaters and are in Wa. D.C. to line their pockets and grow powerful. Power does not wear well on anyone. Paul Ryan's wealth has grown and grown while his constituents get poorer and poorer. And now he wants to privatize our S.S. and Medicare? He certainly does not have to worry about his health care. Just pop the cork of that $300 bottle of wine Ryan. I voted for him twice, never again. I am the 99% and I am pissed off. I am a Vietnam Veteran. I know the world of need these soldiers are coming home to. No one is safe. We need to stand and make our voices be heard. The greatest grievance is to be quiet and not express yourself through our 1st amendment.