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Shreve, OH

#103 May 16, 2012
know the Bible wrote:
I did not make my comment from a religious viewpoint. I was merely portraying the FACT that smoking anything is bad for you. The effects of alcohol and pot on people vary from person to person. My dad gets angry when he gets drunk. When I have been drunk in the past it felt the same as when I have been high in the past. At the time I was high the first time I thought I was acting normally but a friend of mine recorded the experience and I was far from in control. I tried to make myself something to eat and nearly burned myself quite badly. I also almost fell off the balcony of a 2nd floor apartment.
People who support the legalization of marijuana will probably continue to do so no matter what happens. When you are high your reflexes and your response rate are much slower than when you are not high. This means if a kid runs out in front of you while you are driving you will not be able to react as fast as if you were not high. I didn't just pull that example out of thin air. Kids have died that way.
Smoking pot effects more than just you because you can get high from second hand smoke. So if you are smoking pot or putting it in a humidifier Willie Nelson style then everyone in the vicinity will get high, not just the one smoking. I see no problem with eating it, as it works that way too, but then you have to worry about keeping people out of your "special" food that are not of age.
To sum up, regardless of your opinion, it is dangerous to have any legal drug that can be obtained without a prescription that deters from your awareness.
Marijuana intoxication can cause distorted perceptions, impaired coordination, difficulty in thinking and problem solving, and problems with learning and memory. Research has shown that marijuana’s adverse impact on learning and memory can last for days or weeks after the acute effects of the drug wear off. As a result, someone who smokes marijuana every day may be functioning at a suboptimal intellectual level all of the time.
Do you want people driving down the road with "impaired coordination" and "difficulty in thinking?" I know I don't.
I smoke through a vaporizer all the time and there is no smell whatsoever. Where do you get your uninformed information at? Keep your piehole shut if you're totally clueless like you sound, Thumper.
As I see it

Dahlonega, GA

#104 May 20, 2012
hemp fiber is one of the strongest fibers known to man. it wold stop the deforestation of the planet. major corporations like these people that make all these pills that are killing kids wold lose millions a year. clothes can be made from it. paper, plastics that will rot away instead of staying around for thousands of years getting into are oceans and killing all the marine life that live there would stop. fuel can be made from the seed.there is a thousand and one uses for it that would help the true progression of man kind. the only reason i can see that it stays illegal is so the law makers( which are not the people) can make money from big business and big drug dealers that want it to stay that way. follow the money trail and you will find the real reason that marijuana is not legal. they don't care if people smoke their brains out. the real pollution is the narrow minds of the greed driven politicians that would rather see the planet die than lose a dollar. it is a GOD GIVEN RIGHT to use marijuana. the scriptures say i give unto you all herb bearing seed. what ever happened to freedom of religion. a man should have the right to medicate himself the best way he see fit. after all it is my body and no-one should be able to tell me how or what to put into it as long as i don't hurt anyone else. it is time to listen to the will of the people for a change.
Terry Bates

Cleveland, GA

#106 May 23, 2012
Since 2011 this chronic pain patient was cut off pain pills (6 years prescribed Morphine) from a botched operation, leaving me with no real options OTHER than pot as meds. It does not work with ALL type of pain, but it does control pain (distracts one by laughing etc). WHAT BETTER ANTIDEPRESSANT!!?? Drains a sinus infection almost instantly..

Sure beats the paints off of all the other expensive options. All adults should be allowed this medication, and/or for recreational use.

I hope Kentucky will vote to legalize. But I strongly feel the right to GROW one's own meds should be legal. We do NOT WANT the PILL companies charging taxpayers billions that could be saved by allowing patients to grow their own.
Know my bible

Lexington, KY

#107 May 25, 2012
know the Bible wrote:
It is worse for you to smoke pot than cigarettes, and the effects are similar to those of alcohol.
. R u kidding? Pot is a heck of slot more safer on the body than cigs. First of all medical marijuana has no chemicals at all in it , which is why cigs r bad for u...... And anyways if u read ur bible, u would have read about God giving us seed-bearing plants for our own good use.......anything man-made will kill u, but if it's from God u will live ur research plz..... B4 quoting
mark horsley

Morehead, KY

#108 May 31, 2012
yes. it's like beer without the wobble.The wobble is not there physically or mentally.
Mardale Tackett

Morehead, KY

#109 May 31, 2012
Marijuana is not a drug, a drug is something you gotta do to it like put baking soda in it cook it i dont know the recipe im just saying...

Since: Mar 11

Location hidden

#110 Jun 1, 2012
Mardale Tackett wrote:
Marijuana is not a drug, a drug is something you gotta do to it like put baking soda in it cook it i dont know the recipe im just saying...
you should stop "just saying" before you hurt yourself. a drug is any substance which when consumed alters normal bodily function. these substances can be natural, in the case of marijuana or pharmacological(produced through science). I believe you are referring to "crack" in your example but I'm not sure you realize that inhalation is only one method to introduce cocaine into the body. cocaine was originally ingested orally by chewing the leaves.

“the public enemy”

Since: Jun 12

Morehead, KY

#111 Jun 8, 2012
Marijuana should definately be legalized. It's a great medicine with very few negative side effects.
The Radio Star

United States

#112 Jun 8, 2012
The government needs to do a better job at convincing the American voters if they want to continue on with this failed prohibition of marijuana. They claim that the 'plant' is dangerous and deadly, yet they can't provide any proof or credible evidence to back these claims up. If you want to know the FACTS about marijuana then click on the link below.

"The truth about marijuana the government doesn't want you to know."

&fe ature=youtube_gdata_player
seth keeton

Morehead, KY

#113 Jul 12, 2012
bc its nothing bad its just something that releives your pain

San Diego, CA

#114 Jul 14, 2012
no worse than alcohol - but since illegal it has ruined so many lives
better place

San Diego, CA

#115 Jul 14, 2012
support this

San Diego, CA

#116 Jul 15, 2012
lot of arrest would be ended

Morehead, KY

#117 Sep 13, 2012
its safer than tobacco

United States

#118 Sep 13, 2012
We definitely would not have the drug problem we have now. If anything- alcohol should be illegal- more deaths, accidents, jail time, etc... With marijuana we r more calm and relaxed enjoying be lazy. Last place we want to b is n jail or causing trouble.

United States

#119 Sep 13, 2012
seth keeton wrote:
bc its nothing bad its just something that releives your pain
And u don't think pills relieve pain???

Since: Mar 11

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#120 Sep 14, 2012
I don't think marijuana should be illegal but I also don't think a nation of stoners that have little ambition or drive is necessarily the direction this nation needs to be headed. I think the medical benefits of marijuana especially for cancer patients should not be overlooked. I smoked weed for years, I liked it and possibly still would but I have a job where I have to be mentally sharp everyday or someone could be injured or killed. The high just isn't worth the potential low for me. The only real issue I see with legalization as I see it is the affect THC has on your brain. I used to think it was just more propaganda bs when I would hear that you are affected by marijuana for several days after exposure, but when I quit I noticed that I seemed to come 'out of the fog' on about the third day I started to believe it a little more.

United States

#121 Sep 14, 2012
ita all organic

Since: Mar 11

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#122 Sep 14, 2012
mich wrote:
ita all organic
so is nightshade, deathcap and rosary pea but that doesn't make it ok for consumption. just because something is "organic" or "natural" doesn't always mean it's healthy. I'm not necessrily against legalization but I do think it should be regulated, also, due to the current DUI testing methodology anyone that used would be under the influence for a month(give or take a week depending on metabolism and amount used). While I don't think a person is necessarily "impaired" for the whole month how would that determination be made? These are just a few things I have considered in this discussion, I don't think others have considering some of the comments I've read here.

Morehead, KY

#123 Sep 14, 2012
Why explain? the facts are well known. It should be 100% LEGAL to use, AND for folk to grow their own for medicine or whatever.

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