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2 hrs ago | Daily Kos

Sadly, Some Things Don't Change

In the paranoid style , as I conceive it, the feeling of persecution is central, and it is indeed systematized in grandiose theories of conspiracy.


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6 hrs ago | The Raw Story

Ron Paul-backed NV candidate vows to defund government to fight fluoride and chemtrails

A Ron Paul-endorsed candidate for county commissioner in Nevada outlined her conspiracy theory-informed vision for local governance in recently posted video.


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10 hrs ago | NewsOne

Re: Black Urban Legends, Black Conspiracy Theories, Church's Fried...

Conspiracy theories and urban legends are nothing new, and while they exist throughout all cultures, in the Black community, many of them have become legendary.


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11 hrs ago | Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

Move Over, Oswald: Salon Says Tea Party Types Killed Kennedy

Salon , published an infuriating piece on the Kennedy assassination that adds some unbelievably off-kilter context to the president's murder: It was all the fault of gun-toting right-wing proto-Tea Partiers.


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14 hrs ago | The Orlando Sentinel

Uplifting dumpsters and stinky, depressing politics

We'll get to our regular Friday Files, including items on conspiracy theories, unpopular politicians and a death-penalty debate.


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Thu Jul 24, 2014


MH17: Cold War Replay?

The downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 can serve as a wake-up call to negotiate an immediate truce in Ukraine.


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Osama bin Laden Murdered JFK Jr., Reports Shiny, Stapled Pages at 7-11

Star , a tentacle of tabloid kraken American Media, Inc. , has a special "Who Shot JFK Jr.!" issue out.


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Why Gold Attracts Conspiracy Theorists

Few things attract as many conspiracy theories and theorists as gold does. The most enduring conspiracy theory seems to be that central banks around the world are colluding to keep a lid on gold prices.


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Study finds Greeks with soft spot for conspiracy theories are more likely to hold anti-Semitic views

Anti-Semitism in Greece is more common among people who are susceptible to the lure of conspiracy theories, a new survey has shown.


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Hillary Clinton's Real Scandal Is Honduras, Not Benghazi

Without officially declaring her intention to run again, Hillary Clinton has cornered Democratic frontrunner status.


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The Washington Post

Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 has already shined a spotlight on the Russian public's somewhat, um, unique views.


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Gaming Nexus

Reading this article requires Ultraviolet Clearance, citizen.

Considering Weird Al just released an illuminati-tinged parody of "Royals", now seems as good a time as any to talk about conspiracy theories.


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Foreign Policy

How the Polish Right Is Making Political Hay Out of MH17

"This Is How Putin Kills." That was the headline emblazoned Monday across the cover of the right-wing Polish magazine wSieci .


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Wed Jul 23, 2014

Christian Science Monitor

Why South Koreans are skeptical over mysterious death of fugitive ferry owner

South Korean police ended an unprecedented manhunt Tuesday without a live suspect, but with what they said was the body of the wealthy businessman wanted for months over the Sewol ferry disaster.


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Chosun Ilbo

Conspiracy Theories Swirl Around Ferry Owner's Death

The discovery of fugitive ferry owner Yoo Byung-eon's body has sparked inevitable conspiracy theories.


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The Spokesman-Review

Believe it or not: Support for conspiracy theories

About a third of American adults believe the JFK assassination was pulled off by a conspiracy, a new survey suggests.


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Quebec Chronicle-Telegraph

New Poll Shows a Striking Drop in Popularity for JFK Conspiracy Theories

It's even more strikingly low if you compare it to other pollsters' data . Rasmussen aside, last year's surveys showed somewhere between 51 and 61 percent of the country endorsing a Kennedy conspiracy theory.


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Mystery Congressional Staffer Edits Wikipedia to Push Conspiracy Theories?

The beautiful Twitter bot @CongressEdits , which tracks Wikipedia edits made from Congressional IP addresses, unearthed someone who might be a magnificent troll, or actually crazy.


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Houston Press

Conspiracy Theory?

I am from an Arabic-speaking country. After my education is completed here, I'll be returning to my country or Kuala Lampur, the Garden City of Lights).


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Fact checking Herman Cain Show caller's claims about NAACP leadership

Nationally syndicated talk show host Herman Cain , during his Jul. 22 program, fielded a call from a listener named "Anwar" who made the contention the NAACP 's leadership was comprised, by and large, of white Jews up until the 1960s.


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