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3 hrs ago | Room 8

being robots themselves dsav asd

They are that comfortable. They actually make your feet feel better. They do not pinch or rub on any area nike free of my foot.


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7 hrs ago | CNN

Hitchhiking robot is halfway across Canada

As far as hitchhikers go, this one looks harmless enough. He or she -- it's hard to tell -- is short and friendly, if a little fashion-challenged.


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11 hrs ago | The Fairfield Ledger

Cardinal welcomes robots in classroom

The mobile robot known as "Double" is an iPad mounted on a machine similar to a Segway, which can be controlled remotely and make its operator feel as if they are in the room.


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12 hrs ago | ComputerWorld

Train robots hands-on to dump trash with this new OS

Don't program robots -- train them. That's the stated goal of Brain Corporation, whose operating system is designed to allow robots to learn how to dump trash or open doors via hands-on training, not programming.


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16 hrs ago |

Grand Rapids middle schools students test math, science skills with underwater robots

A group of Grand Rapids Public Schools students proudly watched their math and science skills come to life as their underwater robots sauntered at the bottom of a community pool earlier this week.


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18 hrs ago | Southland Times

Forget sun, give me robot fun

ROBOT PLAY: Students and teachers on the three-day boot camp had the chance to build and play with robots.


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22 hrs ago | Ubergizmo

Jibo Robot Wants To Be Part Of Your Family

When it comes to the world of robots, we are more or less familiar with robots in an assembly line at a factory, but home robots? Those are still far away in the distant future, although the Japanese are working on developing home-friendly robots to cater to an aging population.


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Thu Jul 31, 2014


Poochi the robot dog can talk with your 3DS

You can count on Japan to perpetually push the idea of robot pets -- and some of us are okay with that .


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The Independent

Lifestyle guru Martha Stewart reveals she has flying robot ... to take photos of her farm

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Christian Science Monitor

How hummingbirds are inspiring military drones

Engineers often look to nature to design more efficient devices. The prickly heads of burdock plants gave rise to velcro, sharks' skin has inspired superfast Olympic swimsuits, and gecko feet may soon help soldiers scale walls .


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Hispanic Business

Robots and robot complete system project

Project Status: Active Project Capacity : 300 mu Project Phase: Planning Project Content: The project occupies a land of 300mu, including system R & D and production center, testing workshop, production workshop, office building etc.


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Ag Professional

Technologist believes in ag robotics take over

The agricultural industry and specifically farming will be widely using integrated robotics in the not too distant future, according to Satwant Kaur, Ph.D., the self-proclaimed "First Lady of Emerging Technologies."


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New Scientist

Robotic suit gives shipyard workers super strength

Workers building the world's biggest ships could soon don robotic exoskeletons to lug around 10-kilogram hunks of metal as if they're nothing AT A sprawling shipyard in South Korea, workers dressed in wearable robotics were hefting large hunks of metal, pipes and other objects as if they were nothing.


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Wed Jul 30, 2014

Shiny shiny

Could tiny robot propellers replace medication?

Who needs medication, or surgeries, or much of anything really when we could soon have tiny robot propellors running through our veins? It might sound like science fiction , but it's real.


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The DNA Lounge Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge

Our robot-bartender competition, The DNA Lounge Cocktail Robotics Grand Challenge , is only a month and a half away.


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Information Technology

SIGGRAPH 2014 Releases Emerging Technologies Preview

SIGGRAPH 2014, 10-14 August, has released its list of 2014 Emerging Technologies highlights to be featured at this year's conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre.


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The undersea drones revealing the ocean's secrets

The Wave Glider SV3 from Liquid Robotics. The craft's hybrid propulsion system utilizes solar panels above and wave power below.


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Express India

Tiny robots can be used to deliver medicine inside human body

Scientists have created robots that are only nanometres in length, small enough to manoeuvre inside the human body and possibly inside cells.


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National Review Online

Sherk: Welcome the Robots

Eighty years ago, John Maynard Keynes warned that society faced "a new disease" of "technological unemployment" in which the "means of economizing the use of labor [were] outrunning the pace at which we can find new uses for labor."


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Edison offers affordable and Lego-compatible robotics education

With robots set to play a more prominent role in society in the coming years, it makes sense to find fun ways to educate youngsters on the technology.


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